WE’RE WINNING: What Jimmy Kimmel Just Did Proves How Much Q is Defeating the Deep State – Jan 25 2021 – Winning, Winning, Winning ! LMAO !!!

WE’RE WINNING: What Jimmy Kimmel Just Did Proves How Much Q is Defeating the Deep State

01/24/2021 By Will Justice Leave a Comment

(Will Justice) You’re not going believe what Kimmel just did for us.

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by Will Justice, January 24th, 2021

We The Media is a group on Telegram that is a great place to stay up to date and get information on the status of our situation.

Two days ago, Jimmy Kimmel released an entire segment making fun of Q and the people who expected something spectacular to happen on the 20th. As usual, like the rest of the lamestream media, he focused on the theories about Q and avoided the Q posts themselves.

Here’s the segment.

This is actually great news.

Why devote an entire segment to this?

Because they want to use shame to cause people to reject these ideas without giving them a fair day on the court.

This in and of itself suggests they’re afraid of people taking the idea of military tribunals seriously. They’re afraid that people will take Q seriously.

The psychological operation of reawakening patriotic spirit is working. Millions of people across the world have been reinvigorated. That might be one of the biggest objectives of Q.

Kimmel’s segment and the fact it was authorized to produce it is a victory because it means they’re trying to combat the positive benefit of Q.

My theory: They know that something is about to happen and they’re trying to convince the population that the military operation is just coup. But it isn’t.

For the Q objective to work, for the people to be freed, we have to know who the enemies are and that the military is part of the solution. Hearts and minds need to be one over. The Kimmel segment proves that the people are being patriotized.

So keep up the great work digital soldiers because nothing can stop what’s coming.

 – Will Justice

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