Jesus Channeling brought through 1/25/2021 – Your work is to begin to create deliberately, positively, and lovingly in every moment. Add more love.

Jesus Channeling brought through 1/25/2021

Posted by MaryB on January 26, 2021 at 11:43pm in Spirituality In General

Good day, my beloveds.  We are gathered on this most auspicious day to love you, to delight in you, to encourage you to proceed with caution as you round the corner of this curving road so quickly.  It is difficult to see what lies ahead.  But you will notice that what lies ahead….there’s a landscape of your own making.  The importance of your own creation will smack you in the face if you round the bend too quickly or will unfold to your delight if you are mindful as  you go to what is unfolding before you. This creation is of your own making.  Each one will experience it differently.  Each one will have their own reaction to every situation once they realize they are cause and not effect.  This reaction will be tempered with astonishment, wonder, love, joy, perhaps even incredulity, yet all situations are neutral. Each individual will resonate with one feeling or emotion or perhaps many that are out of accord with love even though they are the creator of their own reality. 

Each being is the creator of their own reality; however, their reaction may or may not be in accordance with this realization as they progress through one astonishing vision after another.  The visions you behold are of your own making—are within your own mind.  You are not the effect of the world you see however much it seems that way.  Once you can wrap your mind around this truth, you realize each breath, each word, each thought is creating.

You are receiving the effects of your own creation.  This concept goes against so much of what you believe to be truth in this third dimension, but it is necessary to accept this as truth before you proceed up the ladder of ascension–before the effects that you have created come at you so rapidly that you cannot think straight.

Your work is to begin to create deliberately, positively, and lovingly in every moment.  Add more love.  Add more love.  Add more love.  This creates the reaction of more love being added to you.  As you create out of love, you receive the creation of love, in love, by love, for love.  You become inundated with love.

Every creation made in love will expand and expand and reverberate throughout the universe.  This is the reaction you wish to receive.  This is the reaction you wish to be both the perpetrator and receiver of.  This is the creation process which you wish to enjoy as you rise upon the ascension ladder.

This is where we go.  This is the discipline of the mind.  This is the reason for the Course in Miracles—for you to benefit from the disciplining of your mind so that your creations can be of love.  Your creations can form the fifth dimension. With a loving heart, a loving mind, a loving soul, earth becomes a joyful, positive and loving world where each individual aspect can frolic and play with all of the other aspects without fear and trepidation.  Souls can freely and joyfully experience themselves and continue their ascension journey without interference and negativity–without the energy of negativity and limitation but with the creative process constantly reverberating throughout the planet of love and joy and peace.  

This is how we travel to the fifth dimension.  This is how we climb the ascension ladder.  This is how we experience the love of the Creator.  Let us begin this loving process as we climb this ladder.  As we experience the Oneness of humanity, know that each individual is an aspect of Creator.  Add more love.  No suspicions, no pain, no limitation will be known.  Add more love.  

You will begin to experience your reality completely differently and all it is is just a shift in your thinking, in your responding, in your creating.  As you do create your own reality, you will leave aside the way of the negative world.  You step up the ladder and those creations are not on the higher steps.  The further up the ladder you climb, the more and more joyful it becomes–the joy of living in the fifth dimension–the joy of living as a fully truthful and authentic being of Light–Accepting each one as an aspect of Creator and loving each one as an aspect of Creator.

This is our journey.  This is our aspiration.  It is very infectious to live in joy and love and is very freeing, and this meets with Soul’s desire.  This is the way of the heart.  This is heart-centered living.

I am that one you know as Jesus and I leave you with these words this day to share with your community these words of hope and love.  Adonai Views: 65

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