GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS – HOW are YOU ALL DOING ? I know I haven’t said buggar all in the past few weeks as I have been doing some healing and some shadow work healing for the GENERATIONS of ABUSE, I and other ROYALTY of the LIGHT has endured. I am OBSERVING everything and the behaviours of souls more than ever lately. This is probably one of the hardest missions that I have ever done as there was an incredible amount of EMOTIONAL HEALING that I went through. But I am a CHAMP and a WARRIOR and the more I heal MYSELF, it also heals my TWIN-FLAME as it also heals for generations. At least that is what we were told by the galactics. The last things the REPTILIANS want is the true TWINS to get together as they become POWER COUPLES. by THOSE who are SPIRITUALLY MARRIED either in UNION or separation by being together through ROYAL BLOOD. NO ONE can STEAL someone’s crowns like these 3D KARMIC thinking idiots are threatening to STEAL the divine feminine’s and divine masculine’s CROWNS. YOU cannot STEAL another’s SACRED ETHERIC CROWNS and weasel your way into power or HEAVEN. CROWNS are EARNED by those in the HEAVENS, GOD-HEADS etc. And they also belong to any other types of beings as well.

Like the PLEIADIANS have ROYALTY lineages.


NO MORE FAKES will be allowed to sit in power positions on this PLANET ok. REAL ROYALTY has and is being installed after all the PLANETARY INVADER “FAKE ROYALS” are all removed etc. It is against the LAWS of HEAVEN to claim to be divine ROYALTY when you are not. And all you fakes and reptilians etc Clones and CLOWNS pretending to be divine royalty will be de-throned and or ARRESTED etc. For claiming to be from a LIGHT Royalty lineage.

EARN your own light crowns – no one can steal your etheric crowns, nor can they steal the physical ones are WE ARE CHANGING the GUARDS and guardianship on this planet to make it FAIR and JUST for ALL the beings here.

Just catching-up on some updates for our records for Heaven and Earth etc.

THE REPTILIANS and their have PARASITIC CLONES/ breeds/inbreds/hybrids – whatever “ARE FREAKING OUT “. And in IMMENSE FEAR” as that is WHAT they USED to FEED OFF of US, STAYING ALIVE by EATING US and PRODUCING FEAR in ALL the HUMANS. THESE EVIL ONES on the EVIL SIDE [Not the LIGHT BEING REPTILIANS who love everyone] are just PROJECTING THEIR FEARS onto themselves as that is “WHAT they are” inside. I lost some of my compassion for them WHEN THEY REFUSED to STOP KILLING US.

NO FEAR people. I have been under immense SPIRITUAL ATTACK by black majik and evil witchcraft from the HIDDEN SATANISTS and the satanic fallen angels.

WATCH-OUT LIGHT FORCES as they will do their BEST to send you EVIL energies and CURSES/SPELLS and CONFUSION and FAILURE spells etc. THEY will TRY to MAKE YOU RUIN your moments of HAPPINESS when you are at PEACE. SIT in your light pillars and return to sender if you have to. YES, they did that to me a few times and it’s NOT pretty as YOU have to PURGE your old negative thoughts and FEELINGS, INNER DEMONS some call it. But it is MORE LIKE their NEGATIVE THOUGHTS sent to ATTACK YOU. THE EVIL REPTILES etc. FED US FEAR PROGRAMMING so THEY COULD FEED on this NEGATIVE ENERGY that WE AS HUMANS etc PRODUCE when ANGRY, FRUSTRATED, PISSED-OFF etc. As I was PURGING, some more NEGATIVE THOUGHTS were thrown at me.

NEW LEVEL, NEW DEVIL, they say. And WE ALL know that these evil ONES “WANT ME DEAD” because I EXPOSED their EVILS etc. I had to – it WAS MY MISSION along with a few other HATS I had to wear.

TYPICAL REPTILIANS behaving in dark and NARCASISTIC WAYS,acting just like karmics except they are satanists and of course it’s EVERYONE else’s fault, never theirs right ? THEY will EXPERIENCE their OWN CREATIONS and they will get what is divinely coming to them by eating us, drinking our blood and eating our flesh – THE FLESH and the sacred BLOOD of the GODS etc. SAD that many lack the intelligence or capacity to HOLD LOVE and RESPECT for others believing that THEY are the GODS and WE ARE their PEONS, I know NOT and THINK NOT therefore THEY ARE NOT the TRUE ROYALTY of this PLANET, the LIGHT FAMILIES and the ‘TRUE ORDAINED ROYALTY as the true GOD/GODDESS bloodlines are.

ALL our ANCIENT ANCESTORS of the LIGHT are HERE and they want to help. Many are reversing spells and protecting you and because YOU CANT SEE THEM, you think they are NOT there. . But LIKE your ANGELS and spirit guides of the LIGHT, YOU have to ask them to come in to help you. How many spirit guides are trying so hard for you to acknowledge their presence . Invite the GOOD and BENEVOLENT GUIDES in so they can work with you, as that is WHY they are here. To protect you and HELP you along your path. I am from the house of RA and anyone with any brain cells out there knows not to mess with us from God’s dna.

I helped save an ENTIRE PLANET based on FAITH ALONE with BEINGS that I CANNOT SEE, yet I CAN HEAR them when they speak to me and sometimes I can FEEL their energies. Which is WHY I wrote years ago about TRUSTING the unseen and that there is MORE power in things that YOU cannot see. I have had many SUPERNATURAL experiences to know they exist !!!

It is NOT hard to tell who the FALSE royalty are as they STAND OUT by their DEEDS, most are EVIL DEEDS from these races and they will PAY for CRIMES against HUMANITY. THEY are FREAKING because they realized they CHOSE the WRONG SIDE. I told the EVIL ONES to SURRENDER or DIE, for almost 3 years over 6 years ago. SOME did and left the planet to testify against the REPTILIANS and DRACO’S on planet AEON about other evil races about what they were doing to us and using US as THEIR SLAVES. THEN the LIGHT FORCES, myself included raised our ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S FLAMING BLUE SWORDS of TRUTH and PEACE and AGREED to “BANISH THEM OFF OUR PLANET” and that is what is happening those that don’t surrender, will eventually be hunted down or removed, one way or another. I banished all evil races, especially these ones mentioned and then I recieved comments like I was mean and that isn’t right etc. It will save YOU !

DO YOU want to GET MICRO-CHIPPED and DIE or maybe reptilian VACCINATION and DIE, that is the AGENDA 21/2030 along with the forced GUN grabs so you have zero protection against them. OUR earth militaries KNOW all about it.

YOU KNOW NOT their EVIL WAYS if you are JUDGING US for helping to FREE YOU from such EVIL BEINGS who would RATHER KILL than CREATE.

THESE ROTTEN SELF-GRANDIZING BEINGS invaded us along with some other undesirable races over 350, 000 years ago. And have USED US and ABUSED US for centuries, KILLING OFF the TRUE ROYALTY on this PLANET. HIDING the TRUTHS from everyone and MASSIVE AMOUNTS of THEFT from the TRUE ROYALTIES as well that they STOLE as their “SPOILS of WAR” when they KILLED US and STOLE OUR WEALTH and TITLES etc.

WE WILL and SHALL be RESTORED along with our names, our bloodlines and our wealth. Humanity will SHARE in this abundance also that are staying on this planet etc. The rest of the evil and KARMIC ones, along with their covens, and suckusbus hoes will be JUDGED and placed where THEY NEED to go etc. IF you keep attacking our TWIN-FLAMES or the 144,400 you may be removed to a 3D earth planet. Damn right I called you HOES, most of the KARMICS from the DIVINE MASCULINES that are doing evil spell work, CHEAT, LIE and STEAL from the DM’S and you only want them for their wealth or their TITLES. You DON’T even want them – you just don’t want the divine feminine to have them.

GOD – THE DIVINE SEES YOU ALL and our angels are WATCHING EVERY SPELL and CURSE that you are putting on them are they will report it back to him. You keep this crap up and energy stealing as well and you are GOING TO HAVE BAD KARMA = IN THIS LIFETIME if needed.

HEAVEN BELONGS TO GOD and the ANGELS of the LIGHT and the GOD-HEAD. WATCH YOUR STEP KARMICS – YOU WILL STOP THE DESTINY, NOR THE WILL of GOD ! ANUBIS and SOBEK are READY for you if you continue to mess with the TWINS or the 144,400. DO WE UNDERSTAND each other?

Cause WE got 3D negative earth – where Hillary clinton is in power. And WE got 3D positive earth, where BYEDEN is going ? Not sure yet but we will find out. Do you really want to find out? You need a date with ANUBIS or SOBEK = YOU KARMICS ?

WE as the people WHOM LIVE on this planet RESERVE the right to BANISH those that came here UNINVITED to KILL, STEAL and destroy. IE ALL BEINGS who PLANTED BOMBS around this PLANET, by UNIVERSAL RIGHTS should be BANNISHED PERIOD. IF you desire to threaten and partake in it by planting bombs around the planet, WE DON’T WANT YOU here, and so it is.

HANG-IN there beautiful pudgy sweetcheeks – it could be a little rocky but keep praying for a smooth transition over to the right “ROYALTY” on this planet and the “TRUE ROYALS.”

TRUE REAL DIVINE MASCULINES and DIVINE FEMININES, especially those in SEPARATION are under immense SPIRITUAL WARFARE “as they don’t want us to TAKE our SEATS on this planet etc. MANY “spouses that are KARMICS” have been doing witchcraft, boodaria, voodo, santaria and COVEN attacks, to KEEP you CONFUSED, WORRIED, and under VISCIOUS ATTACK by those that are “HATERS of the LIGHT” BE very CAREFUL WHOM you SLEEP WITH and have SEX WITH as DEMONS can transfer to your SOULS through having SEX. Which is WHY many put sex-spells and curses, to keep the masculines STUCK and desiring a KARMIC instead of ROYALTY of your divine counterpart. The EVIL ones know WHO the TWIN-FLAMES are and they are doing their best to DESTROY all TWIN-FLAME relationships.

I called in my ancient ancestors of the LIGHT over 3 months ago so they could help and WITNESS what these JEALOUS ones are doing. Well lately, they have gone completely past ALL and any BOUNDARIES and were putting evil OUT CURSES to KILL and disfigure the divine masculines and feminines with death spells and curses and disfiguration spells and curses, even to our divine children ! YOU went too far and even HEAVEN sets boundaries, [like I did 8 years ago] that YOU cannot cross. EVEN the COMPANY of HEAVEN, draws the line, ENOUGH is ENOUGH !

HUMANITY that chose the EVIL SIDE will experience some of their own KARMA too, whether it is NOW or in the FUTURE. WE ASKED – YOU to CHOSE SIDES over 7 years ago. And that was the beginning of your SEALS TO THE DIVINE. Some may be shipped out to a 3D planet for more lessons

YOUR LIGHT FORCE TEAMS and MASTERS and ANGELS and ARCHANGELS and GALACTICS on your planet right now are here to EDUCATE, REMOVE NEGATIVE FORCES and will install NEW FACES and LIGHT BEINGS and HUMANS to help run this PLANET CORRECTLY and JUSTLY and this is EXACTLY what is going-on BEHIND the SCENES.

THIS is a MASSIVE JOB and many BILLIONS are here to ASCEND, to aid in ASCENSION, to WITNESS, to record, to OBSERVE, to EXPERIENCE and to GIVE AID when necessary. WE absolutely LOVE ALL of YOU and we PRAISE each and every one of you for your missions and service to others at the critical changeover of the old guards [planetary invaders] to the new guards.

So HUMANITY can really experience TRUE FREEDOM, PROSPERITY and SPIRITUAL GROWTH along with MENTORS and the release of over 6,000 PATENTS on technology and other products that you can choose to help or invest in. Some of us also HAVE OUR OWN INVENTIONS, that WE would like the finances and opportunities to bring forth to aid humanity, Mother Nature and the animals etc. WE are almost there, we know that you got sick and tired of the word soon. Seriously though we are almost there.

TRY Not to stay in the NEGATIVITY if YOU ARE PURGING etc. WE also know that this has NEVER been done this way {HUMANITY ascending with your bodies intact} And we know that WE have to be patient with ourselves and others. I too had become frustrated lately at how long things are taking. WE, the LIGHT and the MILITARIES etc, have to do things, certain ways, by the book, as you say on this planet.

WE understand that purging old thought patterns, negative memories and relationship patterns, and emotional crutches and patterns is NOT easy sometimes. But just keep pushing forward and do your “INNER SHADOW” work and PURGE all those old thoughts and patterns and out-dated beliefs of the older centuries. SOON, NOTHING will be the same, THINGS will be BETTER for you and the WEALTH scale will become more balanced just like your ENERGIES will to higher minded and LOVE, and RESPECT for ALL patterns will begin to emerge and become more prominent NOW and in our FUTURE. WELL DONE humanity, just a little more EMOTIONAL HEALING may be needed. Newly ascending souls are going through it as WE DID. And your sites will HELP with their own understanding and guidance.

MANY are so sick of being LIED TO and are HUNGRY for the TRUTHS that they have turned away and are DISGUSTED with the treasonous LIES of the MSM.

WE will leave the MSM to the MILITARY when they are ready etc. As the MILITARY are doing their parts for YOUR world wide FREEDOMS, please STAY out of their way, unless YOU are asked to partake in something to aid freedom to humanity. These are “NOT NORMAL HUMANS”, which is WHY the MILITARY is THE ONLY WAY.

Would you know what to do IF you stood beside a 1,500 lb shape-shifting reptile? And do you have one of those dissintegrater SPACE RAY GUNS ? I sure don’t !

Maybe that will make you understand WHY the MILITARY has to be involved.

Number 1, they KNOW everything and have wonderfully DOCUMENTED everything, all that INFO that WE ALL shared – ACROSS the planet, not just in your single country. That ALONE, just gathering all that INFO and figuring it out is a MASSIVE job and they could not use just ordinary computers etc as the INFORMATION is MASSIVE itself. Through the GENEUISES of the MILITARIES, the Q’s and the Q-ANONS, and the awesome ANONYMOUS posters, YOU all saved MANKIND. Something to brag about to your grandkids one day. Whether you posted one or two vids of info of thousands of posts. [I think I have about 26,000 posts on mine alone?] I also have to catch-up on some catergorizing my posts as I haven’t done alot of that since they screwed with my wordpress.com platform. EVERY PIECE of true info is a GOLDEN NUGGET to all WHETHER IT’S A COUPLE OF VIDEOS OR THOUSANDS OF POSTS it all helps all.

THANK-YOU to ALL YOU TRUTHERS out there, WE LOVE YOU so MUCH and gathering the INFO and doing your part really helps EVERYONE !

YOU ALL helped CHANGE, the HISTORY and the DIRECTION of this planet as the LIGHTWORKERS worked with the TIMELINES and the GALACTICS helped and fought MANY SPACE WARS for us to PROTECT US. And they are here to help and HUMANITY must help clean-up it’s messes as well. WE WILL have a better YEAR this year than the last one. Hallelujah ! Hallelujah! Hallelujah !

WE are BIRTHING a BRIGHT new WORLD where the LOVE SHINES on all, with new BLESSINGS and PEACE and ABUNDANCE. LET go of 3D minded, I can’t get anywhere LACK MINDED crap, I’ve been there too. Mainly because I was robbed most of my life on this planet as they wanted me dead. It is NOT the good guys stopping your ABUNDANCE it’s the evil ones. Once they are arrested or whatever, the good can come out.. YES I had to do a personal PURGE as WHAT WE PURGE also helps the COLLECTIVE PURGE their lack mentality mindset as well. MR. TRUMP already stared NESARA/GESARA and all will benefit soon.





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