Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn and the Quantum Shift Show – Feb 03 2021

Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn and the Quantum Shift Show

10,266 views•Feb 3, 202181127ShareSaveSam Mugzzi 20K subscribers

10,266 views•Feb 3, 202181127ShareSaveSam Mugzzi 20K subscribers The Western Medicine piece from the show is from: “One Man Who Took Down America.” Its right here on YT. There is a lot of information about the stockmarket here on YT. Its time to learn about the market world because you know what is going to happen to certain businesses. Good time to buddy up with someone who knows the stock world and learn from them. Natural Medicine, in order to get 100 percent of homeostasis and wellness, you have to do the whole body. Everything is connected and works like a symphony. To think that you can take one pill and solve the problem of one organ, is just crazy talk. To think you can take one shot to protect from a spooky something or other, that is crazy thinking. God gave you an immune system. Don’t be afraid to use it. As we move through these times, its important to remember to use logical thinking, good critical analysis, and sharp reasoning skills. As we come out of the 3D world, you guys can stand to make a little bit of money. Sorry, I got a little to passionate on the show but its our time! Look at what you have learned. Look at the market. Do you know their symbols? Its their downfall. You have it all. Now benefit and make your fortune. Just do it wisely and get a mentor or coach. Maybe you help them, and they help you. It is a win, win situation. Keep an eye on your commodities. Things are going to be moving here. Not the paper, the real live supply that we have in our hands. There is a reason for it. If you can get a Reddit ap on your phone, you will learn a lot. Just remember, during the times of Noha, he also tried to warn people. He wanted to help people and told them to get to safety. They did not listen and thought he was crazy. When the floods came, people grasped on the outside of the boat but it was too late. Sound familiar? This is where we are now. Dates to remember: February 13, 14, 15. Banks March 3, 4, and 5. Republic News I don’t like to give out dates, but this is what I was given so I give to you. The first one is for the change over on banking. The second one is the new administration. The truth is being revealed. Hold tight and focus on your individual matrix. As far as the investigation reports and findings, you will see all of that on Tribunal TV. Thanks to POTUS and a lot of friends, they are prepared for this. Impeachment is another trap. You cannot impeach a civilian. However, the office of the “Past” president can and when they do, this will set a legal precedence for the White Hats to go after all the past phony Presidents. They are going to lose it all. The stockmarket struggle has to do with the take down of global elites. Keep an eye on this area of intel. I have more intel on site. Go there, its in the video. Stay Safe and as Always, LEARN! I do care about all of you and so does many others, and this is why we do the show. Make the most of what we have to give. Its for your new world. Dr. Sam Mugzzi

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