For Patriots: The Great Quantum Shift is Happening Now! – Feb 04 2021

For Patriots: The Great Quantum Shift is Happening Now!


For Patriots: The Great Quantum Shift is Happening Now!

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Operation Disclosure | By GMan757, Guest Writer February 4, 2021 For Patriots: The Great Quantum shift is Happening NOW! Friends, I am almo… Timeline War: Exopolitics and the 2nd American RevolutionWas Earth’s Secret Occult Ruler Eliminated in US-led Takedown of the Global [D]eep State?Sphere Being Alliance — Corey Goode and Dr. Michael Salla: Top 10 UFO Disclosures in the News of 2020

Operation Disclosure | By GMan757, Guest Writer

February 4, 2021

For Patriots: The Great Quantum shift is Happening NOW!

Friends, I am almost giddy with the news I am about to share. Much like Dr Charlie Ward, I have been on a journey of discovery for around 10 years. Since my retirement in October 2018, I have spent most of my free time (and then some) doing research.

Before I can convey how this relates to Patriots, and why Patriots should read on, I must first lay a bit of ground work. But, make no mistake, this is critical to understanding the current Geopolitical, and possibly even the Exopolitical landscape. You will have to read to the end to discover why the “S” in shift is lower case in the title.

Many truth seekers severely limit themselves by narrowing their area of interest to one or two topics. For instance, those in the UFO or SSP truth community may have an interest in science, yet try to marginalize those in the spiritual community. Those in the religious communities may go so far as to condemn those that do not subscribe to their be-lie-fs (yes, I plagiarized a word).

Just as all points in space and time are connected, so are all of the truths that have led to this momentous time in Human history. And, this knowledge is why the Dark Ones have struggled so hard to keep us divided.

Over the course of my journey, I have probably spent over 8,000 hours in research. All of that time was for my personal learning endeavor and enjoyment, so I never took notes. Relying solely on memory has become a challenge since I began writing and posting comments, as you may well imagine.

Besides making this site a daily stop, I read articles on Disclosure News Italy (DNI) almost daily: I have also become a crew member over at Starship Earth The Big Picture (SSE), posting frequently in comments. Patrick recently made the Starship a daily item here on OpDis.

On DNI, I have been reading Pleiades 1 Messages, Pleiadian Collective, and Schumann Resonance articles for years. More recently, I have been reading articles by Lisa Ann, Dr. Schavi M. Ali, and Lev, all of whom are schooled in the Vedic literature. Recently, I noticed a tone of increased urgency in the articles I have been reading there. On Friday, January 29, the Pleiades 1 article from that date had a line that read:

“Gaia in uninterrupted ascension”.

Also, on DNI, about a week or so ago, Lev started a series entitled “The Great Quantum Transition”. These have included some Q & A from readers. At this point in time I was fairly certain that the shift was imminent, and had written this in comments on SSE.

Then, on Monday, February 1, one of my most respected sources of spiritual information, James Gilliland of ECETI published an article on OpDis that indicated unusual urgency in regards to the upcoming Ascension Event. I hope that James does not mind that I plagiarized a word spelling, above, that he coined. He said many times that there is a LIE in any be-lie-f. .

I recommended that article a few days ago to the crew on the Starship. All of these articles combined to indicate to me that the event had begun, but I wanted one more confirmation.

I started following the work of Dr. Georgi Stankov about a few months ago. Dr. Stankov was writing with great urgency regarding the shift. He originally felt it would happen before the end of the year, 2020. However, he determined that it had been delayed by the actions of the Earth Alliance, attempting to awaken more of the population.

Now, here is where the importance to Patriots comes into play. Ever wonder why Kew repeated certain things so many times? “This is not just another 4 year election”. “Put on the full armor of God…”. “The Great Awakening”. Very few have caught on to just HOW important these things are!

Also, very few have caught on to the SCALE of this operation. Folks, we are talking about the fate of not only every Soul incarnated on the surface of this entire planet, but those of every entity of every civilization living below the surface, and in every dimension, as well. Remember that we live in a multidimensional multiverse. Where we go one we go ALL takes on an entirely new meaning in this context.

That is the real reason behind the great push to make everyone choose a side. This operation was not just about the 2020 Election or MAGA, or a Global financial reset. This is WAY WAY WAY BIGGER than that. Dr Stankov determined that the delay in the Ascension timeline has pushed into a higher and better timeline.

It was only recently that the incoming ascension waves have expanded my consciousness and intuition to the point where I have been able to connect dots on this scale. Before, I was fixated on the 3D issues we are facing now, whether real or part of a movie. As is stated in the Law of One (Ra materials), these issues are of no consequence.

I also want to make one more observation, that I subscribe to The Law of One concepts that Density is a Vibrational state of being, and a Dimension is a LOCATION in space-time. This means that we will move from 3rd Density to 4th Density, then to 5th Density. However I do not yet have any idea of the Dimension(s) where the 4D and 5D will reside.

While most truth seekers are still fixated on the 3D issues and most of those just starting to wake up be-lie-ve (did it again) Biden is POTUS, relatively few understand that we have been watching a Hollywood movie ever since the beginning of the 2020 DNC, and possibly even before. This movie is produced by Steve Mnuchin (accomplished Hollywood Producer) and Sydney Powell (also Hollywood Producer), and Written by Steve Bannon (Hollywood Screenwriter), and a host of others.

Most who understand that we are watching a movie, believe it first aired on 1/20/21. Folks, that was just when the production quality was intentionally lowered to being so bad that even a sleeper would have to acknowledge it when it is pointed out.

The White Hats in the Earth Alliance know everything. They include a lot of people far smarter than I, and include ‘friends in high places’. They have access to information not thought of by most, and that now goes back to the contents of the Library of Alexandria that was hidden beneath the Vatican prior to torching the library in a very early FF event.

Let me repeat, the White Hats know EVERYTHING! That is why they make us sweat, and to choose a side. They know that now many many more of those that awaken will be waking up on the side of Light, and be able survive and even thrive in 4D/5D.

In simplest terms it will require that we replace fear, anger, and greed, with Love for self and others, and be in services to others a bit more than to self. James Gilliland elegantly lays this out in his article, above.

So, now for the final confirmation, Dr Georgi Stankov had been silent for over a week. On Tuesday, 2/2/2021, he posted the confirmation that I was awaiting. He stated that the shift was ongoing, and described some of the details.

However, he stated that the increasing energy levels were about to reach the “threshold of a Global Phase Transition”, or a Shift with the capital “S” was something that even he could not predict how many days before it happened. The tone of the article indicated days rather than weeks or months.

After reading the article in the above link, I would recommend reading the other articles in the “Recent Articles” section on the LH side of the page. These explain a lot of this article in more detail.

Many believe we are living in a Matrix, possibly held there in sleep chambers, and living a reality controlled by a computer simulation. I commented several days ago over on the Starship that “we ARE the matrix”.

The only hardware/firmware involved is our DNA and meat suit human bodies that hosts our Consciousness (Soul). Through our collective Consciousness, we program the reality. And, through our individual Consciousness, we program our DNA for our own role in the Matrix, both at incarnation, and through every decision we make during our lifetime.

With this in mind, I say to you, prepare for the SSShift now! Do so by meditating/praying for the shift to happen with your vision for YOUR future in mind. Our collective consciousness will create the new 4D/5D Matrix, but, friends, we get to create the details — ie; our own little corner of the new Matrix.

Love and Light to all.

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