STILL JUDGING the LIGHT-WORKER’S and LIGHT-WARRIORS? Let me SHARE what will happen – IF you continue…….., By SAINT ANDREW – FEB 14 2021

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS. How are handling the ENERGIES ? I hope you are navigating through it. JUST keep on pushing through the ENERGIES and the TESTS.

SPIRITUAL TESTS – MORE ? What are they now. LET’S just SAY – ALL those that TRIED to ‘throw TRUMP under the BUS’ and MYSELF and others that “WORK for HEAVEN” will be JUDGED by HEAVEN using the ANCESTORS of the LIGHT and SPIRIT GUIDES of THE LIGHT. YOU have BEEN warned NOT to JUDGE US. YET some of man/woman kind THINK they have a right to CONDEMN US and “PLAY GOD” – without THE CREATOR by JUDGING US = ALL THE LIGHT WORKER’S and WARRIORS = UNFAIRLY !

YOU do NOT KNOW WHAT GREAT WORKS MANY have DONE in this life and other lifetimes in SERVICE to THE CREATOR.


If YOU are UNHAPPY or FEEL a NEED to JUDGE a “TRUE LIGHT BEING” let us KNOW now – HOW YOU FEEL because “OBVIOUSLY YOU NEED MORE SPIRITUAL LESSONS. Now would be the TIME to “SPEAK-OUT” NOW so WE can pick you up – and remove YOU to a 3D planet for MORE LESSONS because YOU feel a RIGHT to PLAY GOD and JUDGE others.

I gather INFO and SHARE IT, EDUCATE HUMANITY and take RECORDS for HEAVEN. I was ALSO REQUIRED to wear MANY HATS as that was/is MY spiritual MISSION.


I am here to GUIDE YOU along with the ASCENDED MASTERS, ARCH-ANGELS, ANGELS and the COMPANY of HEAVEN. BACK to THE LIGHT and the CORRECT ways of doing things. And crapping on the GOOD GUYS – does NOT get you brownie points – it makes HEAVEN very upset, that YOU feel the right to condemn “TRUSTED, WISE and DIVINE BEINGS” who stepped down the dimensions to aid you through the ascension process guide you back and educate you. As it is MY JOB and MISSION to do so.

I/WE came here to SAVE the PLANET and EVOLVE. To show HUMANITY the WAY forward – NOT so you can JUDGE US but so YOU can grow spiritually and EVOLVE into GODS and GODDESSES in training until YOU get there and until WE go back up the dimensions that we came from. Many say the ASCENDED MASTERS are from 12D and up. So WHY would HEAVEN let anyone of a 3D or negative EGO mind – JUDGE an ASCENDED MASTER etc.

I usually IGNORE HATERS but stating that I and others LIKE ME – “should go to GITMO” because I suggested and many in the SPIRITUAL communities – INFORMED YOU ALL – to LOVE YOURSELVES FIRST. YOU all need your heads examined because I am NOT the PROBLEM = YOU ARE. IF you DON’T UNDERSTAND that WHAT YOU ARE INSIDE – YOU PROJECT OUT into THE UNIVERSE then YOU obviously are “NOT GETTING IT!” It’s ALL about THE LOVE because THAT is WHAT HEAVEN is that IS WHAT the LIGHTWORKER’S ARE = PURE DIVINE LOVE. WE LOVE the CREATOR, WE SING SONGS and PRAISE the CREATOR as WE ARE LOVE and LOVE is ALL we KNOW and send-out.

IF you still FEEL and NEED to JUDGE others, especially those TRUE SOULS of the LIGHT. I am sorry but it is OBVIOUS that YOU STILL have some issues to work on. Don’t project YOUR HATRED onto everyone else and poison their minds with your immaturity and nonsense. What YOU FEEL inside =YOU PROJECT out into the UNIVERSE.

THE UNIVERSE and HEAVEN live and strive ON LOVE and LIGHT ENERGY from the CREATOR and the COMPANY of HEAVEN.

WE were CHOSEN by THE CREATOR and WE VOLUNTEERED to come here because WE knew that WE COULD do it this time and that is WHY I am here with an AMAZING TEAM and WE made it this time. Once all the arrests are done, the real FUN begins ! WE, many of US here from HEAVEN are the OLDEST and WISEST and some of the FIRST BEINGS ever created.

ANYONE else “FEEL” a need to JUDGE US? = BRING it ON – your JUDGEMENT is NIGH !

LET HEAVEN know now, so WE KNOW – who we will “NOT” be working with.

Those that DON’T LOVE themselves – SEND OUT NEGATIVE HATEFUL ENERGY and those that DON’T LOVE OTHERS send out NEGATIVE HATEFUL ENERGY. May still NEED some lessons. IF you DON’T LOVE yourselves FIRST how can you – SEND that LOVE OUT .

THOSE TRUE BEINGS of LIGHT – SENDS LOVE OUT – “JUST by BEING YOU!” and so YOU can NAVIGATE properly in 5D because everything is based on LOVE in the HIGHER DIMENSIONS which is WHY we PUSH the IMPORTANCE of LOVE. When you pass-over, cross over, change dimensions when your EARTHLY body says times-up or whatever – ALL you take with you – IS THE LOVE in your HEARTS. IF you have no LOVE for SELF and OTHERS then you have missed the POINT. AS LOVE is the MOST POWERFUL ENERGY in HEAVEN and the UNIVERSE.

LOVING YOURSELVES FIRST as is quoted. Mainly because WE ARE PURE DIVINE LOVE and JUST BEING on this PLANET and doing nothing STILL puts out PURE ENERGY of GOD’S LOVE ENERGY into THE HEAVEN’S and the UNIVERSE. STOP trying to condemn ME and or others THAT HEAVEN chose to be BE HERE to save YOU GUYS!

WE are NOT the BAD GUYS – so stop the crap and continue LOVING and LEARNING the right way to behave in a HIGHER VIBRATING PLANET. HATERS send HATE ENERGY out because THEY HATE so MUCH that THEY PROJECT it into the UNIVERSE.

AGAIN this WHY WE WANT you TO LOVE YOURSELVES FIRST as an ENERGY for you to project out. STOP twisting it and trying to JUSTIFY your crappy attitudes and negative comments. STOP wasting MY TIME and others, constantly explaining this to YOU. YOU seem to forget, I can hear people’s THOUGHTS and the negative shade and feelings they throw at me because I am a HIGH PRIESTESS of the LIGHT of HEAVEN, and have had and still have many other TITLES.

The SPIRITUAL PATH is getting to KNOW yourselves inside and out and changing things that NO LONGER SERVES YOU. And get rid of old baggage, forgive and grow and drop those crappy attitudes as they will STOP YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH. EVERY time you complain and whine and TRASH a TRUE LOVE/LIGHTHOUSE – LIGHT-WORKER or LIGHT-WARRIOR you lower yourselves SPIRITUALLY because it is NOT your place to do so. NOR do you know each soul or what each soul has done, how many they saved and helped etc. It is NOT your place, NOR YOUR RIGHT to JUDGE any “SOUL of THE LIGHT!” It is seen as an DISGRACE to HEAVEN to THINK that YOU have that right because YOU DON’T – never ever because YOU will all-ways get it wrong because YOU DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING or WHAT most LIGHT BEINGS go through to SAVE and HELP others. IF you are judging US = THE PURE ONES – then YOU still have some major issues to work on.

GOD stated about 8 years ago that ANY SOUL that TRIES to “TAKE US OUT” or sends another to do so – IS INSTANT DEATH because HEAVEN got tired of EVIL SOULS that want us PURE BEINGS dead and the evil ones were KILLING the LIGHT-WORKERS. You might want to THINK about that before you TRY to condemn the PURE BEINGS. I have DONE NOTHING WRONG, NOR said anything WRONG. IF you have taken something the WRONG way or just nit-picking trying to make us look bad you got some issues and need some more lessons as it couldn’t be MORE OBVIOUS.

HEAVEN protects me and STANDS by ME because I am extremely HONEST and I do THE WILL of GOD which is MY MISSION and EDUCATING YOU – so YOU get it right this time etc. THAT is WHY I AM JUSTICE and that is WHY I AM HERE to HELP HUMANITY.

Next time YOU feel a NEED to JUDGE – one of US, LOOK in the MIRROR because that is WHAT WE DO, as MIRRORS back to you – of what it is that is INSIDE YOU still need to work on. Work on THOSE ISSUES and try to FIGURE OUT – WHY you HATE so much – and WHY you feel a right to JUDGE US. When clearly WE are NOT the PROBLEM or the ISSUE, you ARE. MOTHER and FATHER GOD our CREATORS is the ONLY ONES that are allowed to JUDGE the company of HEAVEN.

YES, WE have the wonderful EARTH MILITARY who are JUDGING the EVIL ONES. Those that INVADED our PLANET so HUMANITY can stand-up for themselves and FEEL a sense of JUSTICE. That this PLANET has not seen for thousands upon thousands of years. This gives MANKIND a feeling of JUSTICE and that JUSTICE is SERVED. That is HUMANITY’S right, but the MILITARY has to be the ones to carry it out because most of these beings are NOT HUMAN and are PURE EVIL. But that DOES NOT mean that they get to JUDGE the COMPANY of HEAVEN. Just those that invaded because THEY ARE THE MILITARY and serve to PROTECT HUMANITY and this PLANET – NOT the EVIL ONES who invaded US.

As I explained many years ago, WE also have GALACTIC and UNIVERSAL BEINGS here that have been JUDGING and HELPING US to round-up and REMOVE all those of the CABAL etc. AS they have a right to as THEY INVADED their PLANETS and killed BILLIONS blowing-up their PLANETS. THESE EVIL BEINGS are NOT only a DANGER to US but to themselves also as THEY ARE NOT ONLY PSYCHOTIC but WANT US ALL DEAD because WE are NOT CRAZY like they are obviously. Is it LOVING to want TO KILL EVERYONE with a HITLER like SPIRIT because WE are KIND and they HATE the GOOD GUYS. NO! never ever.

OUR EARTH MILITARY could use some PRAYERS every day as they ARREST these planetary invaders to PROTECT HUMANITY and DIVINE BEINGS of the LIGHT and this planet. ALL the EARTH’S MILITARY will have a sense of REAL TRUE JUSTICE when this is DONE. And they will rest well knowing that THEY DID THEIR PART to make it SAFER for the BEINGS here.

THEY don’t NEED to JUDGE US as it is NOT their place to either, NOR is it yours. That is what HEAVEN is for – HEAVEN and MOTHER and FATHER GOD have the final say in all things. THEY know WHO each of US – TRULY ARE and WHO and WHAT we have given and will give.


BE LOVING and KIND , like I taught you many years ago as that is how to make it through. NEXT time YOU feel a need to JUDGE others. LOOK inside your souls and see what is left to clear-out. Maybe you STILL have ISSUES – such as JEALOUSY or HATRED?

WHEN I said JUDGE yourselves, I meant just that – rather than SEEING other people’s problems or problems YOU think others have. LOOK at yourselves because “HOW YOU FEEL” is what your are injecting and projecting into THE COLLECTIVE. YOU can’t ASCEND if you are picking others apart because YOU don’t agree with them or don’t like them etc. Do NOT be DUMB and burn your BRIDGES with the PURE light beings.

WHAT is it that YOU yourself can do to make the WORLD a better place?

LOVE, LOVE and MORE LOVE. LEARNING to LOVE YOURSELVES when others condemn YOU who don’t KNOW the REAL YOU. LOVE OTHERS as well as that IS the GOLDEN RULE. TREAT PEOPLE the way YOU want to be TREATED. You want to be TREATED nicely then BE NICE.

The way forward is “BEING HONEST” with yourselves, brutally honest with WHAT you NEED to let go of, WHO and WHY to continue cleaning out the baggage and trash that is holding you back. STOP looking at other people’s plates and clean-up your own plates, IE, messes and messy behaviours.

THE HIGHER DIMENSIONS operate ON LOVE so PUT LOVE in the RIGHT context. LOVE YOURSELVES and LOVE OTHERS – it’s really NOT that difficult as it is natural FOR US the LIGHT to do as THAT is WHAT we are MADE of = LOVE and LIGHTS created by THE CREATOR.

LET me and the COMPANY of HEAVEN, NOT have to mention this again it pisses them off. MY LOYALTY to HEAVEN is NOT the QUESTION or the PROBLEM, NOR is my LOYALTY to HUMANITY. NOTHING irks HEAVEN more than to LIE and condemn a true loving being.

GOD told me that those that KILL and CONTROL will be REMOVED, whether they LIKE it or NOT. And that is written down on the side notes of this website. [IF the evil ones haven’t messed with it as they like to do sometimes. YES sometimes things are messed with on MY website by the cabal.] YOU have witnessed how they attack the DIGITAL WARRIORS teams by removing their stuff etc and by posting things that we would never say or post etc. I remember 4 times that the cabal removed the fact that I posted that MARIJUANA take the “MK ULTRA” souls out of MIND-CONTROL as it is a NATURAL and LIGHT HEALING PLANT from the PLEAIDES and the cabal removed it and I had to add it again. Every now and then I catch something like a video that has mysteriously dissappeared into thin air – LIKE an EVIL CABAL MAJIK trick

By the way JENNY HATCH videos, most them were removed along with AGENT MARGARITAVILLE and the HIGH COMMAND when I went to his site showed RUSSIAN PORN, which is what they did to Timothy holmseth’s website last time I checked. DO NOT WORRY all you BEAUTIFUL BEINGS of the LIGHT for YOU have done NOTHING WRONG. Stay strong. GOD KNOWS WHO each and where EVERY LOYAL BEING stands and your hearts. ONLY an EVIL or JEALOUS BEING would suggest that YOU go to GITMO when YOU ARE INNOCENT and PURE LOVE !

Also those that have STOLEN WEALTH from all others constantly like THE BANKSTERS and CENTRAL banks etc. And you all KNOW this that the KILLERS, and TAKERS from HELL will be removed. NOT only do THEY KILL but they LIE through their TEETH, STEAL and BLAME others for what THEY have done to HUMANITY. MYSELF and/or NO other PURE LIGHT BEING will be “NOT” GOING to GITMO but NICE TRY – oh JEALOUS ONES. STAY in your LANES and deal with working on yourselves spiritually – NOT by judging US unfairly like many have. As THEY – MANKIND or any KIND is NOT ALLOWED to JUDGE GOD’S TEAMS.

NOW we KNOW who OUR enemies are and so does GOD!

THANK-YOU for PLAYING and showing us WHO you really are. Angels & Ancestors are on it !

NAMASTE’ again.

DON’T WORRY PURE LIGHT BEINGS – YOU have DONE NOTHING WRONG. JUST LIKE ME, they want YOU DEAD because YOU ARE PURE and they hate everything that is GOOD and PURE. NO ONE is ALLOWED to touch you or HEAVEN will be all over them.

I LOVE YOU PURE LIGHT TEAMS and HUMANITY. I ALL-WAYS have and I ALL-WAYS will NO matter what type of BS they throw at us in ignorance and lack of knowledge and foresight. GOD LOVES YOU and HEAVEN LOVES YOU and that is what matters the MOST. As we LOVE YOU – YOU will BE PROTECTED from the EVIL ones coming out of the wood-works and/or the last second, to STEAL and CONFUSE and ABUSE! STAY STRONG and KIND and LET the “HATER’S HATE” as it will be easier TO SPOT THEM to REMOVE them, right ! IF they continue acting like idiots then that will be their demise and they have NO one to blame but themselves. As long as YOU are doing right and fighting the good fight YOU have absolutely NOTHING to FEAR !



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