Presidents Day 2021, February 15: Earth’s President || Starship Earth

Presidents Day 2021, February 15: Earth's President || Starship Earth


Presidents Day 2021, February 15: Earth’s President || Starship Earth

Monday, February 15, 2021

Presidents’ Day 2021 – February 15: Earth’s President [videos] Starship Earth: The Big Picture February 15, 2021 Happy Presidents’ Day to … Investigators Release Bombshell that Could Change the Narrative about the Capitol RiotBlue-Eyed, Brown-Eyed People || B. Patrick ThomasTrump’s January 13 Message to all Americans || Anonymous (Reader)

Presidents’ Day 2021 – February 15: Earth’s President [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture
February 15, 2021

Happy Presidents’ Day to Americans everywhere. Despite how it looks—we KNOW that Donald Trump is still the true President of the Restored Republic. The B*iden boob and friends can have the bankrupt, defunct USA INC. —the corporation the globalists used to defraud the People and divest them of their money—and subsequently destroyed.

None of the globalists’ debt belongs to the People. The Republic is free and clear and Trump is recognized by patriots worldwide as “their President”—regardless of the nation where they reside. In fact, many Europeans knew the score in America before the American People clued in and elected Trump.

Many Americans have a different view of some of the former US presidents now that we know they were [s]elected rather than elected, right? Yes, some were literally installed by the globalists to further their agenda while they pretended to honour the will of the People and a “democratic” process. Election rigging is alive and well in America, and globally, we learned.

Trump is missed, and I see remarks on social media from people saying they “need” a Trump rally. Here’s the next best thing and RSBN is on it.

Trump is missed, and I see remarks on social media from people saying they “need” a Trump rally. Here’s the next best thing and RSBN is on it.

“Citizen Trump” may be doing a little golfing, but he is not retired. Hopefully he is enjoying down time before he comes back with a vengeance to take on the satanic pedophiles who have been running the world.

Dave’s X22 Report from February 14th makes an important point about a President Trump remark in 2020. The President said we wouldn’t see him for awhile, and we incorrectly assumed he meant directly after stating that. Trump and Q do this; they tell us what will happen in advance and it’s up to us to pick up on the timing. Not only does it show us that they have a Plan, it keeps the enemy off balance and guessing. Watch Dave’s video at the link for an astute analysis of what is unfolding currently.

You may have noticed a lot of articles, headlines and chatter recently about “Trump 2024”. I’m not paying any attention because it is my belief that Trump and the Patriots will be taking action with respect to the mountains of evidence of election fraud and inaugurating Donald Trump as President again very soon…

…because if the New World Order under the guise of Joe Biden and his administration have 4 years to reverse the strides Trump made to secure America and protect the People of Earth, we can kiss our lives goodbye. I’m not attached to dates, but it has to happen soon. I know—that dreaded, four-letter word.

The US Military has all the evidence of vote rigging and fraud, they supported Donald Trump in his run for POTUS and ensured 2016 was a lawfully executed election which reflected the will of the American People. They have done a tremendous amount of leg work to bring us to this point and would not simply abandon their Plan.

In addition, Donald Trump and his family did not suffer the wrath of the satanic “elite” for years to walk away now. They also have a Plan and we will witness the glory of that brilliant schedule—which remains flexible to ensure the success of the plan and the safety of millions of people.

In my mind, there are a handful of Patriots we can rely on for the best information on a consistent basis, and I have brought you their updates and clues for some time now. If you listen to them, you have a reasonably good understanding of what is unfolding, who is in charge, and what to expect—as well as, of course—the “why”. I’m not saying they’re the ONLY reliable sources, just the best I’ve found so far. More may come forward over time.

Prime sources are:

President Trump & his family

Q Military Intelligence

Juan O’Savin

Gene Decode

Simon Parkes

Charlie Ward

This is just my personal comfort zone. There are only a handful the White Hats have chosen to bring us the information they want out—NO LEAKS—Q stated. The Q Team is very small for that reason.

Of course there are many patriots who bring us excellent news roundups and interpretations of the information provided by these people. Trump’s administration and legal teams have provided excellent information as well; Ric Grenell, Rudy Giuliani, Dan Scavino… lots of hints and subtle endorsements of the Q Intelligence Team.

I encourage you to listen to Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Conference Calls because he is an independent investigative journalist with high-level military contacts who sometimes give him information and Scott has been digging up this kind of information and educating people who want to know what is going on for about ten years—as long as I have been editor of this blog.

Scott vets his information and won’t intentionally allow “rumours” to get out unless he states it is unverified and considered rumour but interesting to note. Some inventors have also entrusted Scott and his team to assist them in getting their space-age technologies out to the public. His next call will be Wed. Feb. 17 and I will provide the details on Wednesday’s edition of this blog.

Scott shared the following music video on his Sunday night call and lyrics are important. We like “Mike and the Mechanics”, don’t we? 6 min.

There are a few people in the independent news community with military backgrounds and contacts who bring us their perspectives from information they get. It all helps, but there are many in the truther movement pretending to be patriots who are not. “Former” CIA clowns are not trusted sources IMO and the military upper echelons were infiltrated by the NWO so use caution. EVERY organization has been infected by the NWO minions. We’ve all been fooled at some point and the traitors are still revealing themselves as they are forced to “pick a side” in this battle for Planet Earth.

If you’re new, we caution you that in times of war, disinformation is a tool so we have to use our keen powers of discernment in our analyses of what we see unfolding so do not take everything literally and know that it may be purposely put out for reasons known only to the White Hats.

Juan O’Savin did an interview with Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot the other day you may wish to listen to since “Juan” is one of our top insiders and has been extremely accurate. I’ve not yet listened but every O’Savin interview is worth listening because he is very close to Trump and the Q Team and has been involved in “The Plan” for many years. He knows what happened to JFK and JFK Jr. and gets very passionate about the mission.


The circus acts in Washington and elsewhere have taken the focus off of the pedophilia/pedovoria issue but Gene did discuss the fact that the White Hats have been removing children and captives from the tunnels beneath DC.

He stated that some of the rescuers—seasoned, tough men—needed counselling after what they witnessed in those tunnels and underground complex. We heard the New York City detectives who viewed the Hillary Clinton/Huma Abedin “snuff video” did as well.

I don’t believe there are words in the English language to convey the horrors of what the satanic globalists have done to Humans but somehow the truth will come out when the Earth Alliance decides it is time.

While the military is in charge, and has the situation basically under control, it sounds like they are also dealing with imminent threats encountered and may be surprised from time to time. We heard from one source that a group of soldiers sent into a DUMB were overwhelmed by what they found (demons) and had to retreat and call for reinforcements before reentering that complex with a much larger contingent so let’s exercise support and trust for these brave people who face foes we have only experienced in our worst nightmares.

BREAKING: Cleveland Plan Dealer columnist @Brent_Larkin promoted child-grooming operation propaganda.

Since the scandal has broken, he has taken down none of his promotion of the disgusting operation and its founders, nor retracted his full endorsement

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) February 15, 2021

Many of us are weary of the delays and want the Earth Alliance to “rip off the Band-aid” so we can move forward. This holding pattern is extremely difficult for those of us who have been waiting for many years but we just have to work with the Military Action Plan timetable.

In the interim, we are educating as many as possible as to the reality of life on Earth at the hands of satanic pedophiles and pedovores. Shaun Attwood has presented countless videos on this topic.

LT’s take on things never disappoints.

2.15.21: Good things sometimes take TIME! Just getting STARTED! Pray!

It’s a constantly evolving situation and things change fast. We’re winning.

Parler CEO Says Social Media App Is Back Online, Gets New Computer Servers

Remember “John-Here-To-Help” and his revelations?

We recommend you avoid all vaccines, folks, because we don’t know which ones are targeting us for extinction. Many have died already, we hear, or experienced severe negative side-effects, short and long-term. We are not aware of a vaccine that prevents a disease. There is zero research to support that—so why get it unless you have a death wish. Almost no one has died of Covid; they died of a multitude of other things that Humans die from every single day.

Learn more here.

German parliament ratifies Agenda ID2020 and Bill Gates’ “vaccination package” for global depopulation

President Trump has been nominated for several Nobel Prizes. Will we see this in the future?

I wish everyone a pleasant President’s Day, extended weekend, or beginning to their week, regardless of where you are. Stay positive and take Trump at his word. “Promises made; promises kept.” It’s not just a slogan.

Gene decode says, “If you can’t trust the Plan, trust God.” Simon Parkes says, “Trust the Man, not the Plan.” They understand that civilians cannot always trust the agenda of the military. Do what you need to do to get through this.  ~ BP


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