Some MEDITATIONS of INTEREST – Feb 18 2021


Extremely Powerful Guided Meditation to Manifest Your Dreams and Desires.

1,260,553 views•Jul 15, 201919K900ShareSaveRising Higher Meditation 455K subscribers Create the life you wish to have and surrender your creation to the Infinite Intelligence. Allow space for relaxation and ease while the universe takes care of it for you. EXTREMELY POWERFUL CREATION TOOL. Download or Stream any Rising Higher Meditation content to any device, iTunes, Spotify, or Amazon MP3: Search “Rising Higher Meditation” iTunes:​ Spotify:​ Amazon MP3:​ Apple:​ INSTAGRAM:…​ Support the channel ~ see our wonderful merchandise range here:​ A guided meditation to help you get clear on what you wish to create and show you how to completely release your manifestation to the Source Of All That Is, so that it may be created in a way that is perfect for you. This is an extremely powerful exercise which can be repeated for every individual dream and desire. It is incredible to watch the synchronicities and events that transpire when this meditation is used. Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, relax, and breathe deeply. Many blessings and much love from Jess Music by Rising Higher Meditation Image created by Jess Shepherd Written, spoken and produced by Jess Shepherd About The Speaker: Jess Shepherd is an amazing Energy Therapist from the Gold Coast, Australia. She is a true blessing to this world and we know you will be able to FEEL her positive energy through these recordings. If you want to learn more from Jess or get in touch, please visit email us *** How Can Guided Meditation help you? *** Guided meditations are designed to bring you into a still and peaceful space, a relaxed but aware state where you are in sync with all that you want to attract into your life. ***PLEASE do not listen to these tracks while operating machinery or driving. They are best used with headphones, and sitting or lying in a comfortable, quiet place where you will not be disturbed. We love creating guided meditations, affirmation and music so please subscribe and share if you enjoy them. If you are new to meditation we recommend you listen to a Relaxation or Beginners meditation first to get into a relaxed meditative state. Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners –​ Guided Meditation for Full Body Relaxation –​ Guided Meditation for Relaxation –​ Some other great guided affirmations, meditations and inspirational speeches: Guided Meditation for Manifestation – Visualise the NEW YOU:​ Visualise and Manifest Anything!:​ Guided Meditation Align with the Frequency of Wellness:​ How to get HAPPY Now! (Guided affirmation):​ Guided Meditation for Purpose and Potential:​ Guided Meditation for Detaching from Thinking (Assisting Relief from Anxiety, Depression and Worry):​ Flow (Guided Meditation for Letting Go):​ Feel Your Inner Being;​ Please subscribe to the channel. Your support is greatly appreciated. MANIFESTATION, CREATE, POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS, CHANGE YOUR PROGRAMMING, “I AM”, I AM AFFIRMATIONS, AFFIRMATIONS, LOVE, WELLNESS, GRATITUDE, UNIVERSAL GUIDANCE, DIVINE, REPROGRAMMING, UNLIMITED CONSCIOUSNESS, GOD, PEACE, INNER STRENGTH, WEALTH, PROSPERITY, ABUNDANCE, MONEY, MANIFESTATION, LAW OF ATTRACTION, CHANGE SUBCONSCIOUS AFFIRMATIONS, INSOMNIA,SLEEP MUSIC, SLEEP EASY, RELAXING MUSIC FOR SLEEP, AFFIRMATION FOR SUBCONSCIOUS POSITIVE PROGRAMMING, HEALING, LAW OF ATTRACTION, FOCUS, INTEND, MEDITATION, GUIDED MEDITATION, POSITIVE ENERGY, RAISING VIBRATION, RAISING FREQUENCY, MEDITATION, TRUST, INFINITE INTELLIGENCE, GUIDANCE, SUPPORT, LAW OF ATTRACTION, FRIENDLY UNIVERSE, FLOW, PRESENCE, BLESSED, ENERGY, ATTRACTING ABUNDANCE.

Abraham Hicks- General Wellbeing Meditation

3,891,678 views•Nov 23, 201414K1.2KShareSavePositively Charged 12.2K subscribers A guided meditation by Abraham Hicks, for general well being. Featuring the voice of Esther Hicks.


SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA Healing Music || Unlock your Inner Power || Hang Drum Edition

392,943 views•May 13, 20207.9K140ShareSaveMeditative Mind 3.67M subscribers

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