Your Sunday Digest for February 21, 2021: The Next Countdown [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

What’s happening on our planet—and why

Your Sunday Digest for February 21, 2021: The Next Countdown [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture February 21, 2021

Life on Earth is never dull and the war news is getting “interesting” again after a lull. It seems we are always looking forward to a deadline of some sort. Counting down… holding our collective breath… hoping, wishing, praying…

Simon Parkes, by posting this interrogative almost confirms it, doesn’t he? Maybe?

Could the Quantum Financial System have been activated?

As we know, the Earth Alliance does not announce their plans or timing to the deep state. Actions are confirmed after the fact, so… take it for what you will.

This also raises a few eyebrows… and questions in my mind. A catastrophe averted?

UPDATED: United Airlines Jet Engine EXPLODES, VIDEO & PICS

In catching up with the crew’s comments I learned that in addition to Texas and a couple of southeastern states, Oregon residents have also been without power and services for about a week. It’s unacceptable. Possibly intentional? The cabal certainly put California through the wringer so we know they can and do terrorize us this way.

Here in rural Oregon some of us have been without power for nearly a week and now we are told it will be another week before it can be restored. No phones or internet either. Finally got some weak cell phone service back a couple of hours ago but could be temporary. I am wondering if this (and Texas) could be a test for more widespread planned outages.

Alex Jones has a rather sensational report today about multiple assassination attempts on Trump and his family. Does it have anything to do with the “delay” or is this purely speculation? Video at the link below.

December Assassination Attempt Against Trump…

There have been attempts on Trump’s life for over four years. Was this a new onslaught to prevent his inauguration? Possibly. I have always wondered in the back of my mind if Q’s bravado and assurances that Trump is “100% insulated” and that they will be successful in restoring the Republic, saving Humanity, exposing the pedophiles and pedovores and in bringing our Golden Age is outward confidence for our benefit to alleviate fear. Is there a possibility the mission could fail. Not much, I don’t think.

It also causes me to ponder Juan O’Savin’s remarks that Divine Intervention is coming because The People can’t do this alone. I’ve never felt we could do it alone because we are up against forces few of us are equipped to deal with. Most of us don’t live in the real world, but the one shown us by the controllers for hundreds of years, at least.

[By the by… I wonder how Juan’s gathering of insiders is going this weekend.]

Efforts to take down the cabal and push us forward and outside the cabal’s system of control were thwarted in the past—and punished, I might add—so that the thrust for freedom was abandoned for a very long time. We’re not being dramatic or using trite phrases lightly when we say, “failure is not an option”.

Simon Parkes has said that the cabal will find the weapons they have used against us will no longer function—or something to that effect. We have to get the advantage somehow. Numbers don’t do it when most of the people are asleep.

The “senseless” acts of violence have escalated in the past week or so, and continue. We know what it’s about. The New World Order/Democrats are determined to take Americans’ guns away and they will keep pushing these events toward that end with their programmed automatons; weaponized Humans, probably. If they are not Human, I doubt the authorities would tell us.

Armed Good Samaritans Stop Shooting Spree That Left 3 Dead

The current deep state censorship is straight out of 1984 and now on steroids. When the People’s representatives are stifled, “Archie Bunker” is living large.

YouTube Takes Down Video of Testimony Given During Ohio House Session

You can hear Dave’s latest X22 Report and update on the latest developments here.

These morons never learn. Here we go again—trying to uncover crimes that don’t exist. I’m sick of these cretins and their shit-show sham investigations. Put them all in Gitmo or on the moon or wherever the hell the mobsters go when they’re arrested and let’s get on with our Ascension.

Manhattan DA Subpoenas Tax Agency in Criminal Probe Into Trump Organization: Report

The New Mexico governor is flagrantly sticking it to the People. Was it this tequila—at $260/bottle?

BUSTED! New Mexico Governor Grisham Using Taxpayer Money to Buy Groceries, Tequila and Whiskey

Isn’t it just like them to profit from Humanity’s pain? In Canada they raised the price of gasoline every long weekend in the summer so the People put their heads together and local Toronto radio stations would announce where the cheapest gas was so travellers didn’t get hosed.

Senator seeks probe of natural gas price spikes during storm

This will only take one minute. Q wasn’t kidding when they said, “these people are stupid”. (Some more than others.)

The truth always come out immediately following a terrorist event. Then it’s covered up and edited.

[You can see the multitude of posts from Q with those truthful words at this link.]

In case you missed it…

George Bush Admits Explosives Used at the World Trade Center on 9/11

If the following legislation goes through, I’m screwed unless there is massive change to the US healthcare system and the financial situation on this planet—and soon. The mandates to secure healthcare and/or the penalties for not complying with federal guidelines can put a huge financial burden on people who have not worked in America long enough to qualify for Medicare/Medicaid and who are not US citizens, even here on a green card.

They say they want immigrants who are a benefit to the nation but they also say, “Buy American, hire American” and I was unable to secure significant employment in the USA so when I hear this, I am concerned for my immediate future.

But over on Capitol Hill, Grothman wants lawmakers to take it a step further and bar all noncitizens from getting so much as a penny from any federal programs.

Loyal Trump Republican moves to cut off all noncitizens from government assistance programs

I am hoping that healthcare reform as a result of the release of suppressed health-related technologies will free us from the “insurance” system where profit, not wellness is at the core, to a user-based system where we are perhaps paying a small, reasonable fee for maintenance and prevention rather than expensive crisis management and repair.

Paying for something you’re not using makes no sense to me, and penalizing people for not joining plans they don’t use isn’t fair. If we have access to med-beds that regrow limbs, eliminate disease, and reverse aging—generally returning the Human body to a healthy, balanced, more youthful state, we don’t need a system like the current one at all. “Drugs” will be a poison of the past and natural, holistic healthcare will return.

Let’s hope it happens very soon. We know the fair distribution of vast quantities of wealth and resources the global “elite” have stolen from the People of this planet will ensure no one wants for anything. To hold onto the current system is hurting a lot of people and the policy-makers and government representatives are living high off the hog while the People suffer.

Many are optimistic, and I saw a comment on social media from someone who recommended we not pay our taxes early; which suggests they expect NESARA/GESARA to be enacted before the end of April 2021.

In the mean time, Humanity must continue to get up off their knees and guard their health and freedoms.

Eyes on Oz this weekend: there were multiple organized Covid/vaccine protests in a number of cities.

That’s not all Australia is up in arms about.

I don’t believe it’s overstepping logic and reason to say that the fate of Humanity hangs on the ability of Donald Trump to return as leader of America. Here’s Scott Mowry’s summation.

  • From Scott’s email update this morning…
  • “Thus far, all of the safeguards which have been put into place to protect America’s elections have failed including: the U.S. voting/election system; numerous regional voting centers; the Governors of at least seven swing states (and possibly more); the Electoral College; the U.S. Senate; Vice-President Mike Pence; and the United States Supreme Court on one lawsuit already brought by the state of Texas.
  • If the SCOTUS does not — or will not — act to protect the integrity of the 2020 Presidential Election, then we can assume the Patriots have run out of all legal means to remedy the clear and obvious fraud which enabled Joe B-i-d-a-n to steal his way to winning the November election. And those rulings are not expected from the Supreme Court until this coming week.
  • Therefore, within the parameters of the U.S. Constitution and the Insurrection Act of 1807, it will fall to the U.S. Military to defend the Constitution and the nation from the massive amount of interference and beyond by numerous foreign countries in the the 2020 Election, and beyond.
  • Then perhaps, the Patriots will FINALLY be ready to act by formally implementing the restoration of the original, Constitutional Republic of America, and holding a new election under the terms of the G.E.S.A.R.A. law, as well as, President Trump’s Executive Orders from both September 12, 2018 and November 2, 2020.

  • However, there are now only a mere twelve days until March 4, 2021, which has been the date of previous Presidential Inaugurations before Franklin D. Roosevelt moved it to January 20, as well as, the rumored date Donald Trump is to be nominated for his second term.
  • Nonetheless, even if the Patriots do not meet the date of March 4, it is expected Donald Trump will win a new Presidential election under the Restored Constitutional Republic and will be inaugurated sometime during the month of March 2021. God willing!!

To listen to Scott’s Miracles Intel Conference Call tonight at 6 pm Pacific/9 EST or to the archived call, use the numbers below. Listenership has exceeded the minimum for many weeks now so you may need to use the backup number if you are unable to join the conference or get ejected at any point.

Our conference call line is: 

Dial-in number (US): (712) 770-4598 Access code: 767664#

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Online meeting ID: scottm6975
Join the online meeting:

Replay Number: 712-770-5402 Access code:  767664# / followed by # again

Backup Number: 425-535-9162

If you encounter any issues with our Miracles Intel Calls please reach out to Free Conference Call Technical Support: (844) 844-1322

Legally, lawfully, constitutionally, and safely… somehow, some day, some way it will all come together.

Some people are content to be dutiful little automatons and trust any authority thrust at them. They have lessons to learn.

In closing, I’d like to tell a story so I’m going to share an excellent video that made the rounds many years ago. I’m sure you get the allegory. The “old math” is tried and true if you “think logically”.

The Tiny Dot

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks, and I hope you will take to heart the words of Lin Wood from Telegram as shared by LT at And We Know in his video yesterday.

Yes, it’s a war, and yes it’s sometimes tense and painful and frustrating and even a little scary, but we must remain light-hearted and inject laughter into our lives. Balance in all things.

I find this hysterical; a cabal wet dream—like they’ll be around to see it.

Fauci needs to wear a mask or two all the time to save the sleeves of his jackets.  ~ BP


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August 2, 2013

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June 13, 2015

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7 thoughts on “Your Sunday Digest for February 21, 2021: The Next Countdown [videos]”

  1. Gina says: I just watched United News Network and must say it was horrifying…….It looks like we have been had in a very big way…….these people work with the guardian of the Trust of global Assets and surely know what is going on.
    It looks like we need to let go of the “trust the plan’ in a hurry…….
    As I said, please don’t shoot the messenger……This is freaking me out
    Please see for Yourself Reply
  2. Jeanette says: These people are stupid think the public doesn’t look through it now, thanQ
    President Trump for waking them to what these parasites have in mind…only
    to fill their pockets and tyrannize the people. “A new bill introduced by House Democrats called “For the People Act of 2021” will ensure Democrats can count ballots for days and days after an election until they have enough votes to win.”
    I am sure the President will deal with him as he does with all that stabbed his
    back. Turning his back on Nikki Haley. He knows all about Graham “Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly” 😉 maybe sends him away with fake information
    for the DS. Reply
  3. Rose Phelps says: I found alot of background on the jet engine explosion and it is disturbing. They were saying there was an Ausie team investigating Afghan war crimes on the plane. It also talks about a possible chemical attack false flag being set up in Syria . Another article linked to the plane Reply
    1. Starship Earth: The Big Picture says: Geez… thanks, Rose. There are no accidents. Reply
  4. Rowdy Possum says: AgentA1🇨🇦
    Feb 21 2021
    North Bay Ont. crown
    Feb 21 2021
    The Atrocities Going on In OUR Canada Are Horrifying!!!
    They Have Been Going On For WAY Longer THan Most Think!!
    ~”Organized System of Abduction, Exploitation, Torture and Murder of Large Numbers of Women and Children in BC. Operated and Protected by RCMP, Vancouver Police Dept. the Judiciary and BC Gov and Fed Gov, Including the Canadian Military!”
    ~”This system is Highly FUNDED and Linked to Hell’s Angels, Hong Kong Triad and mobsters from Canada and USA”
    This SYSTEM is INTERNATIONAL in Scope!
    Vancouver is 👉ONE SPOKE in the Wheel of Pedofilia.
    Reading the info here Helps Explain the Magnitude of THEIR REACH!!!
    Check Out this page….
    It Went Around a while ago….
    And with Canada….
    LOTS Goes Right Back to the Hog Farm!!!
    Right Under Our Noses!!!
    The More You Know….
    H/T A1
    Club of Rome uses
    👉Spoke and wheel imagery
    Summer 2020 I saw
    Enironment Canada issued
    an unnatural image
    of clouds in straight lines
    radiating from a central source
    – wheel and spokes (a mockery)
    Green movement is cover
    to launder cash…and traffick kids Reply
  5. Truman the dog says:  We can confirm that Batman’s Batplane did not join the flyover. However, we can neither confirm nor deny if Wonder Women’s invisible jet joined in
    Friend and I saw a plane disapper
    Watched it approach then suddenly
    wink out… fack check true
    Bad Blood ~ Taylor Swift S.W.I.F.T.
    Video threat to Russia
    for dumping the Central Bank
    🌫️1:45 cloaking tech flaunted🌫️ Reply
  6. Elysium says: Michael Jaco with Carrie Kohan
    Project Camelot
    Interview two with Carrie Kohan
    Paranormal experiences and contact
    After returning from Heaven, Kohan became one of those rare gems who has made a difference for millions of children on this planet! She applied what she was taught in the ‘White Void’ and soon became a National Child Advocate. Reply

BRIEF—respectful, supportive comments relevant to the post welcome…

Your Sunday Digest for February 21, 2021: The Next Countdown [videos]

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