ANSWERING some of your QUESTIONS by SAINT ANDREW – FEB 27 2021 and Coronavirus: Canada secures 2M doses of CoviShield vaccine, to arrive in weeks – thanks to CRIME MINISTER JUSTINE TURDEAU

YES, KENT confirmed that the FED in USA is basicially DONE. = TRANSLATION QFS is on the way as BETTER and MORE FAIRER SYSTEM that cannot be hacked, meaning NO ONE can STEAL YOUR MONEY – ANYMORE. That will make MANY LIGHT-WORKER’S HAPPY not just HUMANITY since many of US took MAJOR FINANCIAL HITS for the TEAM so to speak ! And NOT just in this LIFETIME, but almost every lifetime, the light teams were murdered along with their FAMILIES and their GENERATIONAL WEALTH was stolen. HUMANITY has had major theft through the OLD BANKING systems as well, PRINTING money out of thin air and then STEALING tangible ITEMS through CORRUPT, one-sided BANK LOANS etc. NO ONE can screw with this new benevolent system.

I have NO IDEA about your pensions and 401 K’s etc. I am sure everything will be transferred over to the new system rather quickly. WE were told, I believe a few weeks ago to get your money out of the old banking systems, many of us did. They have and will steal every last penny from some people. That was the LAST TIME these evil scum robbed me and possibly the others.

HEAVEN LOVES HUMANITY – that is WHY they SENT US here. DO NOT BE AFRAID as you have the BEST of the BEST in the UNIVERSE here NOT just in the PHYSICAL but in the SPIRITUAL. Because this transition has FAILED 84 times, they SENT THE ASCENDED MASTERS and the ARCHANGELS and DIVINE ROYALTY. WE have DIVINE ROYALTY on and off the planet as well as DIVINE ROYALTY from other PLANETS and GALAXIES here as well for JUSTICE and ASCENSION purposes etc. SOME just came to help us clean-up the giant mess here. There is NOTHING to FEAR and they WANT “EVERYONE to STAY CALM” about everything. DO what you are supposed to do. IDLE hands are the hands of the devil so do something creative to pass the time and/or stand-up for yourselves and others – just don’t raise hell as the military won’t put up with it.

YES, the WHITE-HOUSE is DONE too. Maybe it will be made into a MUSEUM for the HEROS’ who helped save the PLANET and as a REMINDER so this never happens again. Or maybe it will used as a bird sanctuary or something or maybe both as several theories and thoughts have surfaced.

NO – it was a WEREWOLF that “TOOK ME OUT” – NOT a VAMPIRE, when I was a native Indian girl around the age of 18 to 25 ? I heard screaming so I went outside my tepee and a WEREWOLF came at me out of NOWHERE and attacked my village. THE DEMONS on the PLANET LOVE to GLORIFY WEREWOLVES and VAMPIRES and they JUST LOVE to GLORIFY the “DEATH of HUMANS” which is why I call them the DEATH CULT. SICK as it is, this is why THEY LIE about everything thinking it will change their KARMA. THEY LOVE to VAMPIRE the LIGHT ENERGIES of the LIGHT WORKER’S as they HAVE the most LIGHT ENERGIES, but they CAN’T GET to us as we have A LOT of SPIRITUAL PROTECTION from these SICK and EVIL DEMONS.



Coronavirus: Canada secures 2M doses of CoviShield vaccine, to arrive in weeks | FULL

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Crime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Friday that Canada had secured two million doses of the CoviShield vaccine in addition to the 20 million doses it will receive from AstraZeneca, which was approved earlier in the day by Health Canada. Canada secured the CoviShield doses through an agreement with Verity Pharmaceuticals and the Serum Institute of India. The PM said the first shipment of a half million doses will arrive within weeks. Trudeau said that between Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and the CoviShield vaccines Canada will receive more than 6.5 million doses before the end of March. Ten of millions of more vaccines will arrive between April and June. Officials said earlier this week that more than 240,000 doses had been injected last week, the highest weekly total in more than a month. Canada’s 10 provinces and three northern territories administer the vaccines. For more info, please go to…


2021 – IS the “YEAR of KARMA” GOOD and BAD – quoted by SAINT ANDREW

ALL I CAN SAY is this one HAPPY AQUA – THEY WILL GET what is coming to them !

According to JAMES GILLILAND from ECETI, approx. 90 % of the children STOLEN and taken into UNDERGROUND BASES in the USA, or should I SAY, the NEW REPUBLIC of AMERICA have been rescued. This makes me FEEL a little better as I have trouble sleeping KNOWING there are still precious children and adults missing and unaccounted for. Can’t say much for MY COUNTRY Canada at the moment as they are still showing traitor TRUDEAU talking BS every day, last I checked. WE have many missing children and woman MISSING and STOLEN through C.A.S. and national parks etc that also went mysteriously missing into underground bases as well.

SOME of our CANADIAN MILITARY – hopefully MOST are aware of the insane and corrupt activities of the PEDO-FREAKS and CHILD_TRAFFICKING NETWORKS run by TRUDEAU and his mother/father etc. THE MAJOR LYING SESS-POOL called – the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT INC. = CANADA INC.

BACK to USA far as I know TEXAS won’t be billed for the GREEDY UTILITY moves they were pulling on the people which just shows humanity what is left to be “TAKEN care of” FREE ENERGY will get rid of the DISGUSTING GREED POWER companies hold over humanities heads, rather than sharing. THESE are just some more of the CONTROL FREAKS – that have to RESIGN – OR ELSE !

SAINT GERMAIN is the HEAD of the FINANCING for the PLANET as that is his MISSION.

THOSE who have had and still have MAJOR MISSIONS such as SAINT GERMAIN and myself = are well PROTECTED SPIRITUALLY and so is ALL THE LIGHT-WORKER’S on this planet – NO MATTER WHAT others say – or their PERSONAL OPINIONS. YOU are HERE on MISSION because YOU are a TRUSTED MEMBER of HEAVEN and or the GALACTIC/UNIVERSAL FORCES of LIGHT. And NO SOUL – ANYWHERE – has a right to JUDGE YOU – other than MOTHER and FATHER GOD etc, as THEY ALL-WAYS have the LAST SAY – in EVERYTHING. So just get used to that idea and everything will be fine.

As for myself I am resting and healing from selfish ENERGY VAMPIRES. CAN’T wait till they are gone as I am feeling so drained. Well – what do you expect when in battle = spiritual warfare.




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