BENJAMIN FULFORD UPDATE…. Middle East Power Struggle Tip of the Iceberg – March 01 2021

March 1, 2021

Middle East Power Struggle Tip of the Iceberg

By Benjamin FulfordWeekly Reports112 Comments

The U.S. administration learned an important lesson in real politics last week when it tried to get justice for murdered Jamal Khashoggi.  What became obvious is that Western power is essentially a mendacracy or liarcracy; rule by liars.  That means that if you believe the reality as described by the corporate media, you understand next to nothing.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) deserved to be publicly blamed for the brutal murder of Washington Post columnist Khashoggi as outlined by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence report blaming MBS for the murder.

This was followed by National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan opening the door to new possible sanctions against Saudi financial entities.

However, when the U.S. tried to put sanctions on MBS and state its administration would only deal with King Salman, it confronted the reality that both men were long dead and their body doubles now took orders from the Zionists.

MBS tortured and murdered many of his closest relatives in order to extort money from them; that is why he was killed in 2018.  King Salman died of old age before that.  Saudi Arabia then became a full-fledged Israeli/Zionist colony.

So, in response the Mossad linked site Debka issued the following threat:

“In a final break with Washington, Riyadh [i.e. Saudi Arabia] may even go so far as to go forward and develop its own nuclear weapons program, drawing on help from Pakistan and imported Chinese ballistic missiles for their delivery…

The Biden White House’s first steps in the Middle East already signal the breakup of the pro-American axis fashioned for the region by Trump, which hinged on a set of military and diplomatic pacts binding Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel.”

Then Israel used its own warplanes painted to look like American warplanes to attack Iranian positions in Syria.  Israel followed this by bombing one of its own ships and blaming this on “Iranian retaliation.”

To further underline the point, the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh was attacked on February 27thwith missiles launched by unknown (i.e. Mossad) assailants.  This prompted the U.S. Embassy in Saudi Arabia to issue this warning:

“The U.S. Embassy in Riyadh urges all U.S. citizens to take immediate precautions and stay alert in case of additional attacks.  Actions to take if you hear a loud…”

Then, just as this report was about to go live, Mossad sent us the following message:

“There are highly classified negotiations taking place now between…

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Leland Roth

Leland Roth (@hubani) 1 minute ago

Less we fergit our murderous instincts towards these pedophiles & worst…

Articles on Adrenochrome (The drug that is the genesis for much of the child trafficking) 00


dajo (@dajo) 16 minutes ago

Yes, very interesting. 00

Petite Étoile

Petite Étoile (@petite-etoile) 50 minutes ago

I don’t understand why you say Pachamama is a demon anti-god.
Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous peoples of the Andes. She is also known as the earth/time mother. In Inca mythology…

I really think yo’ve mitaken her name with someone else completely different. 20


lucybeann (@lucybeann) 1 hour ago

Jim Stone

I have confirmed the Perseverence images are fake.

Interesting……… 20


wolfintimber (@wolfintimber) 1 hour ago

Ex-French president Sarkozy sentenced to year in prison for corruption, plus 2 years suspended

progress absolutely-the political level cabalists now begin to do some cage time……fluffy flashy puffballs from hell enter the cold steel concrete draconian caging systems – see how those mofos like it……hahahahaha……
ps-we lightforces offer much better accomadations for those convicted of felony type crimes normally of course – than the dark forces dungeons and torture chambers and other horrors from hell called prisons on earth….. 10


rays (@rays) Reply to  wolfintimber 39 minutes ago

If you click the link there is a short blue sky youtube vid of a saucer type UFO filmed @ 35,000 feet by an airline pilot in Karachi, Pakastan. that’s there as well.
You know I glom on to that stuff wolfintimber, lol! Last edited 37 minutes ago by rays 10


wolfintimber (@wolfintimber) 1 hour ago

comment image



wolfintimber (@wolfintimber) 2 hours ago


we used to be humans here on earth were we not….now that were not anymore apparently-maybe we could have a memorial ceremony at least for humanistic affording days gone by….if we prove to our beloved(not) masters to be obediant enough slaves they may allow us to celebrate once a while …..or maybe our not so beloved criminally insane heavily corrupted of light rulers are being annihilated at all levels in this profound moment of shift…..hahahahaha….. 00


wolfintimber (@wolfintimber) 2 hours ago

comment image



wolfintimber (@wolfintimber) 2 hours ago

comment image



wolfintimber (@wolfintimber) 2 hours ago

from this article-quote—–A couple were spotted taking no chances against coronavirus as they did their big shop in Waitrose in full hazmat suits. The unidentified shoppers sported goggles and gloves while dressed head-to-toe in the protective suits in Hull. They were seen browsing in the canned goods aisle and appeared to be shopping to a list, and came prepared with several bags for life. —–unquote….. ———————————————————————————————————– breaking news – smart unbrainwashed(not) people filling up their shopping carts with canned foods-as canned foods are the best and most healthy foods available-sucking back canned foods at the dinner table in hazmat type… Read more » 10


wolfintimber (@wolfintimber) 2 hours ago

from this article-quote—–Hiroyuki Matsuoka at Jichi Medical University in Japan thinks it may be possible to turn mosquitoes that normally transmit disease into “flying syringes,” so that when they bite humans they deliver vaccines.—–unquote…..


breaking news – the death cult openly expresses desires to have the earth surface population injected via flying mosquitos with their cocktails of poisons from the cesspools of hell… bad baal continues to pay grants to any interested and capable of assisting with the death cults massive in the open ongoing crimes against humanity…..someday this war is going to be over….. 20

Leland Roth

Leland Roth (@hubani) Reply to  wolfintimber 27 minutes ago

Here’s a 9 minute horror flick from Dust just for u wolfy🦟 00


wolfintimber (@wolfintimber) 2 hours ago

from this article-quote—–The winning grants offer a bewildering array of ideas from a bewildering array of researchers. Hiroyuki Matsuoka of Jichi Medical University in Japan wants to turn mosquitoes into flying syringes to deliver vaccines rather than illness.—–unquote…..


these people really are sick mofos…..hahahahaha….. 20


wolfintimber (@wolfintimber) 2 hours ago

comment image


jon reddish

jon reddish (@jonny-boy) Reply to  wolfintimber 2 hours ago

both hermaphroditic weirdos, found each other!!! so gross. 10


rays (@rays) Reply to  wolfintimber 34 minutes ago

Mommy make those scary people go away ! 10


vermithrax1 (@vermithrax1) 3 hours ago

comment image




?resize=758%2C500&ssl=1 20

Marilyn Grammatico

Marilyn Grammatico (@afgmjgyahoo-com) 4 hours ago

My cousins grew up in Springfield Oregon where that crazy kid murdered his parent who were teachers years ago. 2 blocks away knew everyone. Now upset about a father murdering his son-same town they are upset; can’t blame them. With them right after it happened 1st time. Terrible for kids. We need ours gun but why are kids able to get them? Many black kids really bad situation from what I see on court tv and crime shows. 00


Rhonda (@getem) 4 hours ago

I noticed that Sam Mugzzi has details of the Nuremberg trial Lawyers are preparing for which Ben sited in his report above. Hope it doesn’t go on for years though and the perpetrators are brought to justice very quickly.

I can’t cut and paste from her site, so just scroll through the interesting stuff she has loaded to her page to find the above info.

Rhonda 40


Rhonda (@getem) Reply to  Rhonda 2 hours ago

Actually there is a link for the above article. Usually her site doesn’t include links I can access. However Sam has much more on her site re this topic.

Rhonda Last edited 2 hours ago by Rhonda 10

Tubbs Ventura

Tubbs Ventura (@broncos128) 4 hours ago

Wouldn’t the families of these alleged computer graphic characters notice one less person at the dinner table? Forgive me, but I need real evidence not allegations. 20


ra (@ra) 5 hours ago

Yawn… 0-1

Robert James

Robert James (@bob) 5 hours ago

Whew, an artificial intelligence! I had noticed a trend to much more online control. Hopefully, it can be tracked down, identified, and expunged soon. So much for cryptocurrency! 10


Wolfram (@wolfram) 6 hours ago

Why is Ben allergic to hi-res images? 0-1


intruth (@bdelcotto) 6 hours ago

Spookd Blog Retweeted
Feb 27

A child’s worksheet showing they earn ‘mask breaks’ at school/daycare?!! 40

Robert James

Robert James (@bob) Reply to  intruth 5 hours ago

Ugh. How tragic for the children. 10


intruth (@bdelcotto) 7 hours ago

English Gentleman #NoToVaccinePassports 

In the trade, this known as a middle finger @BorisJohnson

No masks or social distancing in GB on 2/27. Way to fight tyranny. 40

Leland Roth

Leland Roth (@hubani) 7 hours ago

From another BF subscriber ~ our legendary British autistic buddy Martin Geddes: [​ How “The Bidan (sic) Show” is saving America (and the world) This article is not intended for dangerous morons. If you are a dangerous moron who believes that colour revolutions and communist insurrections cannot be attempted in America, please stop reading now. This article will only distress and annoy you, and that would be unkind to yourself. Thank you. ° ° ° OK, now we’ve insulted the dangerous moron audience segment and driven them away, that leaves the rest of us — who can have an adult… Read more » 110

Stuart Allen

Stuart Allen (@jiquon) Reply to  Leland Roth 6 hours ago

If you view the US Debt Clock you will see the Dollar to Crypto ratio is now about 11 to one, down from about 19 or 20 to one a few weeks ago. 30

Leland Roth

Leland Roth (@hubani) Reply to  Stuart Allen 5 hours ago

From Zionist apologist Thomas Wictor, but a T supporter galore several weeks back now highlighted in ~~~~~ (We) Are The NewsMAGA • MEGA • WWG1WGA • Home • About • Archives 66Back to Mar 1, 2021 • Back to 8kun /qrb/ thread #66Previous:Added additional baking instructions to the baking section of the dough per anon requestPost 43149 5 hours ago • View on 8kun NOTABLES >>43133, >>43135, >>43134 Planefag Report >>43141 >>>/qresearch/12977354 Excellent thread on Thomas Wictor’s theory concerning the military acting against domestic enemies You don’t need a quodverum account to view the thread and comments at the link below. Thomas Thread For @NSP You wrote: “The thing I can’t… Read more » 20

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