(Reader: Hawke) World War Z Alert by the CDC – Mar 03 2021

(Reader: Hawke) World War Z Alert by the CDC

March 3, 2021 66

Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings.

Now maybe I watch way too many movies but Juan 107 does say (like many others) “We are watching a movie”… Now in regards to the movie World War Z or even Resident Evil or some other ‘B’ Movie Zombie flick… The thing that is giving me goosebumps is that the CDC actually has a Zombie Preparedness page with actual information regarding a Zombie Apocalypse.

Nope, I am not joking: https://www.cdc.gov/cpr/zombie/

Now, one would be thinking… Yes, I’m sure the CDC are joking & this is some ‘scare tactic / fear creation’ stunt but stop a minute & think… Is this really possible???

Well “Yes” given that parts of the global population has been injected with a Luciferianism Nanotech operating system. That the mRNA protein creation & sequencing is disrupted then replaced to create a walking, talking disease factory. Not forgetting the DNA chromosome ‘8’ which has been identified as a person’s ‘Religious’ God Particle’ has been nullified. That the additional genetic ingredients including the metals will react with the 5G carrier wave means that it is very, very likely….

I am sorry if I sound rather nuts but Why else are the D|S wanting to reach a power scale tipping point with the ‘Lethal Injection’ is so they have numbers that out way the good, those that don’t vaccinate, those that believe in their faith, religion etc… This is why as those who have fallen into the trap of the D|S are controllable & they have the upper hand. Why else are there studies taking place globally regarding the Lethal Injection – Why are they running up to 2025 in some cases. They even know that toxic respiratory droplets are being created due to the body breaking down which gives the perfect delivery system – Airborne (Remember The Transporter 2 movie & this will be the population killer they have been after….

Why else is COVID-19 really an acronym for Certificate oVaccination ID19 with A=1 & I=19 (Artificial Intelligence).

Still think it’s a joke….

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