Tech Billionaires Are Buying Up Space – WHY IT AFFECTS YOU! – FEB 28 2021 & CONTROL FREAKS – needs some lessons !

A few have complained that I am not posting a lot. MAYBE YOU got some IDEAS on how to STOP THE LYING IDIOTS from killing my SIGNAL and sending my computer KILL SHOTS ?

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS – IT has been HELL trying to post the last few months. Sometimes I will sit for 9 to 12 hours straight just to get a moment for my post to go through to get it published. Many times I make a post and it says published, then I check again and it gets put in DRAFT. Sometimes lately my published post gets REMOVED completely and magically VANISHES. You think I am NOT pissed over the time it take to get one darn POST to go through when they hire A-HOLES to sit there all friggin day and night – just to HARRASS the LIGHT WORKER’S from posting.

Never mind have to DO “SPIRITUAL WARFARE” on top of that action ! The BLACK MAJIK freaks are starting to GET SOME DAMN KARMA and their attacks seems to be slowing down. Now if they would just STOP coming at us with their NEGATIVE CRAP – LYING on my NAME.
I AM “SAINT ANDREW” and I AM LOVED on this PLANET, in HEAVEN and ELSEWHERE. And all those JEALOUS IDIOTS that tried to DESTROY ME or my name will GET what is coming to them NOT by ME as I don’t get revenge ever.

THE UNIVERSE will get you back for WHAT YOU PUT OUT will come BOOMER-RANGING back to you. So mind your thoughts and NEGATIVE INTENTIONS or “LEARN the HARD WAY” ok.

MY ANCESTORS and the ANGELS also BATTLE to protect MY SOUL daily ! THOSE who have and will come against ME – will have to go through – ALL of them to get to me !

Those that have tried and will TRY to BLAME ME, SHAME ME, DRAIN ME, DEFAME ME, FRAME ME or TRICK ME or GAIN from ME or have caused me PAIN – will be stopped ! Get with the program. What YOU put “OUT into the UNIVERSE” will come back to you by the natural LAWS of the UNIVERSE. SINCE I AM -BRAVE AQUA – I was chosen to guide you THE MILITARY – into the AQUARIAN AGE !

GOD gave you 24 hours a dayWHAT do YOU give back to GOD ?

I do NOT have to PROVE – WHO I AM to ANYONE.

THE BLUE RAYS = are THE WILL of GOD = THE WILL of HEAVEN etc. House of RA !

I tried to post this a couple of days ago but it didn’t go through. BIG TECH has to go ! As you know I have had trouble posting the last few months, it won’t make a difference as THE CABAL will STILL get what is coming to them. SLOWING down and messing with my posts won’t make it better for them in any way. “THEY” should be more concerned with “MAKING it RIGHT” to THEIR CREATOR. But NOT the CABAL – they are TOO BUSY TRYING to STILL CONTROL EVERYTHING. WON’T it be NICE To wake-up one morning SOON and SEE all these CONTROL FREAKS = GO AWAY ! MICROSOFT, GOOGLE and YOUTUBE = are CONTROL FREAKS figure THEY HAVE the RIGHT to CONTROL – ALL OUR INFO, as they have been doing it FOREVER. THEY never accounted for the DAY – HUMANITY comes after THEM !

Rather than complaining understand that I sit here EVERY DAY waiting patiently – like the SWEETHEART – I AM – just to post the UPDATES for you, yes I am AWARE that I am behind a little and haven’t done my catergorizing, as I usually get knocked off the internet constantly as annoying as that is. Instead of complaining – send me a link and a title and I will gladly post it when I get the chance. Let me remind you I have zero dollars to hire anyone to help me and I DO this for FREE whilst I am under SATANIC attack. The good news the attacks are slowing DOWN – must be coming down for their EVIL SATANIC WITCH-CRAFT they have been doing UNFAIRLY to myself and other LIGHT BEINGS.

IF I was EVIL – I would NOT be under attack by the EVIL ONES as every time I push the PUBLISH button, they make sure that I have to – repeat it again just to get it out to you. Translation = they screw with me WHEN I AM MY WEBSITE and harass ME when I try to publish. I am NOT getting $3,000 to 5,000 a month – giving you INTEL like some sites get – I GET NOTHING, for my trouble. HOOK a sister up and send me a link so I can catch-up from this disgusting CONTROL FREAKS at as it just took me an hour and a half and signing on and re-posting 3 times to make this one post. SOON the EVIL ONES will be gone.

Tech Billionaires Are Buying Up Space – WHY IT AFFECTS YOU!

387,029 views•Feb 28, 202126K418ShareSaveRussell Brand 2.87M subscribers Billionaires wealth has grown by a trillion dollars in the pandemic, and as the majority of the ideas about tomorrow are now conceived by a tiny minority of ultra-wealthy individuals and private-sector companies – are tech billionaires colonising our future? Elites are taking over! Our only hope is to form our own. To learn more join my cartel here​ and get weekly bulletins too incendiary for anything but your private inbox. *not a euphemism

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