March 19, 2021: Battles Raging on Multiple Fronts [videos]

March 19, 2021: Battles Raging on Multiple Fronts [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture March 19, 2021

The awakened community seems to be poised on a knife-edge, as we feel events have come to a head and something is about to blow. Some are asking why isn’t the military acting? We know they most certainly have covert ops underway, but we’re expecting more overt action to change the direction of things and get President Trump back out there in the public.

We know it’s coming… but when, is the question. We’re advised to simply pay attention to the past comms from 17 and messages from President Trump and enjoy our popcorn.

Dan Scavino’s latest Tweet may suggest the calm before the storm. Previous ones hinted at impending action.

As I said, I accidentally deleted my post yesterday just before press time and didn’t have time to redo it, but I will include a few things I collected. There’s a lot to be said for creating in Word and then migrating the post to the blog. You never expect “undo” won’t work, but it didn’t. And here I am right at the console on the bridge putting the next post together. Old habits die hard.

We need to honour another one of the fallen. LT gets into this in his video below but this brave man deserves an honourable mention for exposing the Covid con in his country. President John Magufuli was going to run for office again but since he and his scientists proved the PCR test is giving false positives, he won’t get the chance. And what are the chances he would be pronounced dead on March 17??? The battle between good and evil is in our faces, folks.

The charade over Trump running for office in 2024 is not funny. We’re done with the 2024 discussion. Don’t want to hear it.

Dan Scavino’s Telegram channel featured this.

Many things happen on this planet that we don’t pay much notice, when actually the backstory is riveting. It’s a matter of connecting the dots. For example, that massive fireball seen over Alberta on February 22 was preceded by an odd storm. I can’t embed Telegram material that went into some of that, but you can see it here. Actually a LOT happened and it was probably related.

There’s this on the same day. A test? Just a test? With a “17” connected?

The conversation Gene Decode/Co Sensei had with Michael Jaco recently was fascinating. Toward the end Gene spoke of the ongoing galactic war. They don’t want to scare us with something most Humans have no basis for understanding. Is it any wonder we have a fake sky above us? Let’s face it—when most of the surface population still thinks little green men are a joke and space craft are weather balloons… we can’t go there. Yet. But it’s coming soon.

Gene Decode breaks down the DUMB situation and isolation of Antarctica before the final assault.

What will be more difficult to disclose than little green men? Pedophiles and pedovores in our midst.

Senior Anti-Marjorie Greene Republican Staffer Arrested for Running Pedophile Ring

Here’s the latest from And We Know. Always great perspective from LT who digs a little into the headlines for us for deeper meaning.

3.19.21: Democrats INDICTED/ARRESTED in record numbers! Dark to LIGHT! Pray!

We can see that Putin has been re-introduced to the world stage and it’s time to morph him into the “good guy” he is, rather than the villain the New World Order wants us to believe. First the Patriots make Biden look really bad, then they put them in the ring together, in a manner of speaking. Who will the sleepers favour? If they have any sense—Putin.

In time, most will. Meanwhile, we have this kabuki theatre playing out in social media… seeding the minds of the unsuspecting. It’s another distraction from the bigger events unfolding over our heads and beneath our feet.


Putin tried for years to take down the cabal. He wasn’t able to, and therefore passed the ball to the sword wielding President. There was a gift in the ball. Why do you think Hillary Clinton and Obama hated Putin?

Yes, there was far greater meaning to that soccer ball than we knew. We always find out the significant details much later. I stated at the time it was clear to me Trump and Vlad had a cozy little relationship and a delicious secret. The media made fun of their “bromance” because they knew it, too. The world learned over four years that those the lamestream media villify are their enemies—not ours. Putin is a brave guy who did a great job with Russia. He just couldn’t do it all. It’s going to take the Earth Alliance, working together with off-planet help to GET THIS DONE.

angry Canada goose

I clearly saw and heard the flock of Canada geese flying over my block this morning—due south—and make no mistake, they’re hissing mad. In truth, they’re fleeing the Great White Gulag, tail between their legs, heads hung low—and it’s not easy drafting in formation that way, let me tell you. They are embarrassed to wear that unmistakable uniform and there’s nothing they can do but flee to southern climes and wait it out.

When in the past have we ever been embarrassed to be Canadian? Never—but what we see in our nation now is shocking.

The fact that we are home to people who believe it’s alright to commit a crime if someone makes it easy to do so makes me see red. Where is the honour? Where are the ethics? What happened to the moral compass that has guided us well in the past and made Canadians loved and respected worldwide? Humanity has sunk so low it’s shameful.

Where do we get the idea it’s okay to commit a crime as long as you don’t get caught? How do people sleep at night? Ask the cabal. They’ve been doing it for freakin’ ever. The justification of this particular crime, however, is astonishing to me.

Canadian parliament buildings, Ottawa, Canada

Accused in $11 million COVID-19 relief fraud case pins blame on Ontario government

A former public sector worker accused of embezzling around $11 million in COVID-19 funds claimed the Ontario government was at fault for not taking steps to secure the program.

Yes, the tide is turning and criminals are exposed and prosecuted. We received a cheque this week from a law firm who brought a class action lawsuit against  the big communications company Century Link for unsavoury business practices. Our chunk was $67. I’ve been complaining about the practices and service of CL for years but was unaware of their marketing ploys with some customers. It is heartening to learn that crime doesn’t pay and the Rule of Law is coming back in fashion.

Spring will arrive around 2:30 am Pacific tomorrow morning, but we may skip summer and go directly to fall. THIS fall is merely symptomatic of a far greater problem soon to be embraced by the Patriots as the fake Joe Biden makes his exit. Fake oval office, fake interviews with the press in the Rose Garden, and fake Airforce 1 all exposed to the world who aren’t paying attention? This clone seems to be on its last legs. Three times he stumbled. Just minor—not “horrible”, I would say. No worse than the face plant Killary did.

BREAKING: Biden Suffers Horrible Fall Boarding Air Force One

I saw a terrific video on Telegram I was going to share yesterday but I don’t know if I can find it again. It was a compilation of the many familiar faces we see on the world stage every day, comparing the current version to the original. I don’t even remember who shared it but I’ll see what I can do and if I find it I’ll insert the link here. It was 8 minutes of evidence that many of the criminals we see walking around today have already been “dealt with”, as I call it.

I believe it was on the Charlie Ward Telegram channel and he said it was the video we were unable to see, but he saved it for us. I can’t find it now. Sorry. That channel posts non-stop all day and there are too many to go through.

There is this info from Gene Decode/Co Sensei however, for those who are struggling to understand cloning. His info is usually very accurate.

I have to ask… are these even Human? Who would do this? Who wants to sit and watch this crap?

This Telegram post for today is interesting. So for two months exactly the lights went out at 11 pm every night at the White House. Coincidence? We know, because the live camera always shows us what’s happening.


First day since January 19th that the lights are on past 11:00pm.

And then yesterday, the flag was at half mast. “Everything has meaning.”

In the Netherlands the “police” (not sure if they actually are) have been coming down hard on the anti-lockdown protestors. This past weekend saw protests escalate to riots, but some say it was undercover police who started it all. Surprise, surprise.

Anti-lockdown protests turned into riots in the Netherlands, prompting police to use tear gas, water cannons and dogs to disperse thousands

Police dogs & water cannons: Anti-lockdown protest meets heavy police response in The Hague (VIDEOS)

Here’s one of those undercover police who got his just desserts. Love it. Nothing hurt but his pride.

Our thoughts are with the Patriots in Holland.

I hate to say it but don’t believe we will be able to pound common sense into the minds of the brainwashed, my friends. They’re too far gone in many cases. Establishment news and authority figures are part of their Stockholm Syndrome. WE are the enemy because we threaten their paradigm; their accepted and comfy bubble of reality.

Nonetheless, we will always watch for any potential Humans who may be ready to make a breakthrough and share relevant material with them. It’s all we can do; keep chipping away at the ice block.

It does make me wonder what is on the menu that will melt it for as many as possible. Things may be heating up soon. GhostEzra on Telegram yesterday said things are “about to get spicy”. ¡Ay, caramba!

What’s coming? You know.

One more giggle.

Signing off. Time for walkies and it’s getting warm. Finally!  ~ BP

March 19, 2021: Battles Raging on Multiple Fronts [videos]

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