3/22/21 Patriots Are Still in Control: Arrests, Resignations, and Evidence of the Silent War

3/22/21 Patriots Are Still in Control: Arrests, Resignations, and Evidence of the Silent War

03/22/2021 By Ryan Delarme Leave a Comment

(Ryan DeLarme) Are there big things happening behind the scenes? This is the list of arrests, resignations, and evidence for the week of March 21st, 2021.

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by Ryan DeLarme, March 22nd, 2021

Are the Patriots still in control? A lot of people think so, despite the Biden administration and the draconian policies emerging therefrom. The belief is that part of what we’re seeing now is a kind of theater designed to deceive the deep state into thinking they have power and in the process, help activate patriots by highlighting the corruption and tyranny within the government and the socialist actors and organizations across the planet. 

In our weekly “Patriots are Still in Control” column, we go over evidence supporting the idea that the oft alleged Military Intelligence operation to save the republic and end Deep-State sponsored human trafficking is still underway. Information provided comes via the telegram group “Q-tip” with our own context provided.

The reports below are verified, as they come from mainstream news services. Whether or not this is proof of a deep state takedown is speculation. In situations where we are able, we’ll provide commentary or insights linking an event to the theory that patriots are in control and removing deep state assets.

Please use discernment and offer any insights you have in the comments.

Be sure to watch the video with the same theme, where we cover these events.

First, we have Meliza-Haradinaj-Stublla stepping down as foreign minister of Kosovo amid voter fraud allegations. Sound familiar?

The allegations of vote-rigging were reported last Sunday by the Insajderi website, which claimed that her husband, Dardan Stublla, bribed election commissioners to help her win a seat at the Kosovo Assembly at parliamentary elections last month.

With the situations here in the US and in Myanmar growing in the public consciousness, we may start seeing more instances of voter fraud popping up around the globe. Could this be part of the patriot’s plan?

Next, we have Goldman Sachs Chief Lawyer Karen Seymour, who sent Martha Stewart to prison as a prosecutor and then went on to help Goldman executives stay out of trouble, is exiting the bank. She marks the second departure from Goldman’s top decision-making group. The firm announced asset management co-head Eric Lane’s exit at the beginning of March, just months after receiving a promotion. And it has already been dealing with the departure of its consumer-bank head, all these departures occurring suddenly in the last month.

Seymour is set to be replaced by Former Obama White House counsel Kathy Ruemmler.

We also have Vice President of Zimbabwe; Kembo Mohadi resigning amid sex scandal allegations.

And then of course we have perhaps the biggest news of the week in NBA star Lebron James announcing he will be ‘out indefinitely’ after spraining his ankle.

This one is causing a lot of side-eye glances, and rightfully so. Why on earth would the world’s most popular basketball player step out indefinitely over a sprained ankle, especially after playing on the said ankle after the fact. Now before we go all-in on some conspiracy angle it is important to look at the counter-arguments here.

As far as playing on the sprained ankle, some claim that the swelling could take up to a couple of hours to really kick the pain into high gear, fair enough.

As far as suspiciously stepping down at this particularly odd time period where we see celebrities and politicians behaving strangely and secretively, those coming to Lebron’s defense claim that he is “out indefinitely on injured reserve. Not out of the NBA.”

James’ Twitter seems to confirm this. https://platform.twitter.com/embed/Tweet.html?creatorScreenName=sitsshow&dnt=true&embedId=twitter-widget-0&frame=false&hideCard=false&hideThread=false&id=1373424404923785218&lang=en&origin=https%3A%2F%2Fstillnessinthestorm.com%2F2021%2F03%2F3-22-21-patriots-are-still-in-control-arrests-resignations-and-evidence-of-the-silent-war%2F&siteScreenName=sitsshow&theme=light&widgetsVersion=889aa01%3A1612811843556&width=500px

However, with James being seemingly cozy with the Sports Industrial Complex arm of the deep-state and a poster boy for BLM and Democrat propaganda, the internet bots and speculators went to down drumming up speculation and photo-ops to make theorists look insane. Despite this, his connections cannot be overlooked.

Obviously, this IMG could have been a total goof. Kids do the darndest things, right?

The screen capture below resembles Pizzagate material. Is it just a random coincidence?

To reiterate, this is all internet speculation, neither proven nor disproven. Relegate it to your “for consideration” pile and not “absolute truth”.

We have some arrests in the news to cover, and despite the ruling class decree that all voter fraud is a lie, we are seeing 24 More individuals charged in the ongoing North Carolina voter-fraud probe, including nearly 20 illegal aliens who voted in the National Election.

Those charged are listed as being from Mexico and several Central American countries, as well as from France, Yemen, Iraq and Nigeria, and other countries.

More than 15 others face charges of falsely claiming U.S. citizenship to register to vote. Indictments against several defendants were unsealed Friday, Stemming from the 2018 election. Where have we heard about sealed indictments in the past?

The following story is a clear example of a patriot deep state takedown operation, the ongoing saga of the military’s effort in Myanmar.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation employees were arrested. Hillary Clinton, working with the Podesta Group, traveled to Mynamar in 2015. Justin produced an excellent breakdown of the situation in the following video, links to all articles and references are in the video description.

Leon Black, who was an associate of Jeffrey Epstein, quits Apollo following the Epstein investment scandal.

Here are busts and arrests related to child porn.

Here are some more headlines indicating the patriots are still fighting the Deep-State human trafficking networks.

A man kidnapped a two girls, 12 and 17, and was arrested during a traffic stop in Connecticut. The girls were hospitalized for evaluations.

A child court judge, and Ex-CEO of Drag Queen Story Hour group, was charged with child porn.


Now you might be saying to yourself, “these arrests don’t necessarily mean that the Patriots are in charge”, and that is fair. But given that these numbers coincide with the huge spike in awareness and action during the Trump presidency and the fact that the Deep-State likely wouldn’t be arresting their own, it certainly is worth considering that there are individuals in law enforcement and the judicial system keeping the fight alive at the very least.

Just because Trump isn’t in the Whitehouse doesn’t mean the movement has stopped. It exists and continues on within each and every patriotic American willing to step up and do the right thing.

And just because Trump is not officially in the Whitehouse, doesn’t detract from the fact that he appears to be running a very successful counter- presidency, which we will be covering more extensively in this week’s Where’s the Hope newsletter. So stay tuned folks, and keep fighting the good fight!

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