THE 4TH WAVE – MARCH 22 2021 = Insiders from all over the world tell the same, people with a secret service background and medical professionals who take their oath seriously and literally, they all tell  WITHOUT exception: THIS VAXXINATION IS DANGEROUS!

The 4th Wave

March 22, 2021 582

Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 22, 2021

Dear Readers,

I wanted to share this article also in English for you.

Dear fellow human beings,

please now note: THIS IS NOT AN EXERCISE! This is serious!

Insiders from all over the world tell the same, people with a secret service background and medical professionals who take their oath seriously and literally, they all tell  WITHOUT exception: THIS VAXXINATION IS DANGEROUS!

(by Thomas A. Anderson)

  • Not only that, unlike all other previous vaxxines, these vaxxines have by no means been extensively and lengthily tested;
  • Not only is this vaxxine actually no longer the theoretical meaning and definition of the word “vaxxine”, as it manipulates human DNA directly;
  • Not only that because of work-related sometimes enormous pressure is exerted, sometimes with threats of job loss, so people are directly put under financial pressure so that they accept a vaxxination;
  • Not only that the measures against “C0r0na” sometimes have a considerably more deadly effect than “C0r0na” itself;
  • Not only that “C0r0na” has been used as a collective term for “flu” diseases in medical books for a hundred years (look it up !!),
  • Not only are survey results and alleged incidence statistics falsified to allow this farce to continue;
  • Not only that you can already find out behind closed doors with undertakers that the funeral costs are partially or completely covered by the state if only “C0r0na” is entered as the cause of death,
  • Not only that week after week the Punch and Judy Theater in Berlin tries to make people believe that they are arguing in serious negotiations about how long which measures should apply again and again and no longer, which has been legally stipulated since October 2020, that the C0r0na measures will apply until June 2021;
  • Not only that the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut is said to have kept secret information, which Israeli doctors already explained months ago in some videos: The vaxxinations switch off the TYPE II white blood cells, what for what with any new infection with any new wave of infections will also almost inevitably lead to death .;
  • Not only that BILLIONS of tax money is embezzled and wasted here;
  • Not only that THOUSANDS of restaurant operators, retailers and many other businesses SYSTEMATICALLY and apparently WITH FULL INTENTION (or alternatively under the most serious gross negligence or alternatively through proven inability due to insufficient intelligence) by politics and finance, or WERE RUINED,

NO, in addition to all this smear theater, it is slowly becoming clear to anyone who gets an overview:


The vaxxination has started! MILLIONS ARE ALREADY VAXXINATED.

So if the vaxxination actually switches off the type II white blood cells, and as a result the person vaxxinated will die with any next wave of infection – and rather quickly, which an experiment with ferrets on the island of Riems in Northern Germany at the Friedrich Loeffler Institute , a rather secret institute for biological warfare, dangerous viruses and much more,  showed: death in 2 days! – then we face an unprecedented future, against which the Spanish flu still looks like a children’s birthday party.

Should it come to these death rates and times, we will presumably, starting from autumn 2021, with daily increasing numbers, at the beginning with about 20,000, then within a few weeks 60,000 deaths, EVERY DAY alone in Germany. Fort he U.S.A. i assume you can expect easily 150.000 deaths per day if not much more.

This wave will then be sold to us by the politicians as the “fourth wave”.

“You see, we warned you. C0r0na is fatal”, they will say, and many thousands more will be vaxxinated in panic after all. They will then die again in the “fifth wave”.

“Take the measures seriously, we have to protect everyone from everyone. A vaxxination must come, we need security!”  That will be the tenor of the politicians.

An organization close to the military / weapons industry has a forecast of population development online for years (!):

Germany: MINUS 65 million ( from 85million) = 20 million in 2025 (!!!!)

USA minus 70% = popluation in 2025 (!!!!) = 99 millions ONLY

W T …!!!


If you have legitimate doubts about the public display: STAND UP!


It’s about your life, about the life of your parents, some of whom are injected against their will in old people’s homes, it’s about the survival of western peoples in general! THIS IS NOT AN EXERCISE! The fatal shot for many has already been set.

USE ANY peaceful means of protest you can get. Find out about the legal situation of the “government” and the “state”. Realize what madness we live in.

Are you worried that you don’t have the time for something like this? Then the next time you drive to the office, you might think about your priorities. The job is in danger? To work you first need a life!

The fourth wave will be INCREDIBLY big and deadly to millions. And no matter what happens from now on, whether the Great Reset is coming, the Global Currency Reset or just the compulsory vaxxination – even if we stop the vaxxinations tomorrow, the following applies: If the vaxxination has the effect described above, MILLIONS will die.

Because any help is too late for them.

Please make sure that people around you wait and see instead of fighting over a vaxxination appointment. Let people know, even if you might be looked at in a weird way!

Be careful, ask questions, and show where you see the contradictions.

And for all who want to know more about the history of this Planet, the Secret Space programs and more…

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