Financial Panic In Turkey, Erdogan Calls Citizens to Turn In Their Gold – March 30 2021

Financial Panic In Turkey, Erdogan Calls Citizens to Turn In Their Gold

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Tuesday, 30-Mar-2021 04:40:38

(Translated from Greek news media)
Amok Erdogan: He also fired the deputy governor of the central bank – Appeal to Turkish citizens: “Bring gold and foreign currency to the banks”
Erdogan’s new dramatic appeal President Recep Tayyip Erdo .an calls on Turkish citizens to support the banks as the Turkish pound continues to plummet. At the same time, in the early hours of the morning, a decree was issued for the removal of the deputy governor of the central bank after the change of its governor in the previous days. It is recalled that the country’s central bank has changed 4 governors in a period of 20 months. Erdogan’s appeal – What he asked for
Despite the fact that Turkish citizens can not cope, due to the accuracy that has occurred as a result of Erdogan’s games with interest rates and the Central Bank, which affect the value of the pound, the Turkish president, in his statements to At the end of Monday’s cabinet meeting, he called on the citizens to support the banks! The Turkish president spoke of a win-win relationship and called for the deposit of gold and foreign currency of the citizens in the bank in order, as he claimed, to benefit both them from the interest rates they will receive and the banks from the deposits to move the economy. “I reiterate my call to our citizens to bring their gold and foreign exchange to our financial institutions,” he said. “While 103 thousand new companies opened in our country last year, the number of companies that closed did not even reach 16 thousand,” he said, in an effort to convince people that everything is going well. While once again he proceeded to invoke an invisible enemy. “In our country, the perpetrators of the catastrophe started their work, from politics to the media,” he said. It is noted that given the situation prevailing in recent years regarding the country’s economy, many citizens tend to keep – especially in Eastern Turkey – gold and money at home. Source: Additional comment:
Turkey has been in direct contact with Ukraine and has promised to help them fight the war against Russia to recapture Crimea and take back the two eastern regions that claimed independence from the change of government in 2014. Also, the bombings by Russia on the Syrian border stopped the stealing of oil that the US and Turkey were dealing in for years. The slowdown of the global economy due to several factors including the pandemic, has caused the Turkish currency to lose value the past few weeks. Turkey is now scrambling to find ways to support the economy.

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