ANUBIS from Egyptian Civilizations – March 29 2021

THAT’S THE GOD of LIFE = after LIFE GOD and WORKS with QUEEN ANNE RA. THIS is EXACTLY “WHY” I TELL YOU , NOT to JUDGE, THE LIGHT BEINGS and for those that ACTUALLY WORK for the GOD. THE CABAL ARE master deceiver’s AND THAT IS why MANY OF US originals CAME BACK TO HELP heaven AND humanity ETC. AND OTHER SPECIES THAT THE evil ONES ATTACK AND ENSLAVE ETC.Many videos have come out lately by the DARK FORCES who love to LIE and deceive others NOT understanding the truth about the EGYPTIANS AND THEIR CONNECTION to GOD and the UNIVERSE etc. They are ETERNAL LIFE GODS etc and OTHER GOOD THINGS. I have a copy of “the EGYPTIAN BOOK of the DEAD, which explains EGYPTIAN GODS of the ETERNAL LIFE process called ascension. I would have called it = THE EGYPTIAN BOOK of ETERNAL LIFE, Ascension is the passage. Light beings do NOT INSULT other LIGHT BEINGS or BEINGS that it is NOT OUR RIGHT to JUDGE as WE always = TRUST HEAVEN AND the light, as GOD SEES ALL!

I went to EGYPT “spiritually” quite a few times, Sat in the THRONE chair in the CHAMBERS, which is spiritually situated since I started MY ASCENSION in 2010. EGYPTIANS are one of the oldest of the CREATOR GODS etc. ANCIENT benevolent GODS and KNOWN MASTERS etc. EXIST – mainly in HIGHER DIMENSIONS, many of US came back DOWN here to EARTH to help you to fight against the EVIL FORCES of DARKNESS and your ASCENSION etc.. LOOK, I believe in peace and absolute TRUTH when it comes to those that wanted us all dead, these evil and nasty and soul-less beings. Shocking as it is, it is THE TRUTH. YOU have probably NOTICED by now the immense amount of TREASONOUS ACTIVITY coming from the GOVERNMENTS as the WORLD wakes-up to WITNESS with us, the madness of team evil.

ANUBIS from Egyptian Civilizations

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