SAINT ANDREW update- April 10 2021- STOP LYING and SAYING that I AM EVIL when I am NOT, I am sick of it ! YOU want to DESTROY ME, “THE LIGHT, THE GOOD ONE,” then you better dig 2 graves, you’ll need one for YOURSELVES !

Still recording for HUMANITY and HEAVEN, what a ride, were battling EVIL when we are AWAKE and asleep IN BED ! That is WHY we are CALLED LIGHT WARRIORS YO ! What is with that vaccine passport = got to be the deepstate, CABAL BS ?, I posted something ABOUT IT someone saw, now that’s just plain “RIDICULOUSNESS on steroids !” What a way to FORCE PEOPLE to VACCINATE themselves against their OWN FREE WILL.

THERE will be covens and principalities coming down, and some have already come down and some have been stopped. SPIRITUAL JAIL and real JAIL is coming for many spiritual abusers etc..

MASSIVE spiritual WARFARE is happening and has been forever, it seems like it winded down and then sped back up somehow and winded down again. Today seems QUIET at the moment, but the day ain’t over yet ….., STAY VIGILANT as the EVIL ONES, many want to “WIN at all COSTSas long as you know that. EVEN the witches of DARKNESS are overworking yet SO are OUR ANCESTORS of the LIGHT – they are KICKING their SATANIC asses = WORD !

THE UNIVERSE has GOT THIS, the ANCESTOR’S of THE LIGHT have got this and those that WANT to WIN at all COSTS – all their SPELL’S and CURSES are BACK-FIRING. FUNNY THING IS THEY ARE blaming us AND we DON’T do ANYTHING as WE KNOW to “STAY in our OWN LANES and WE watch the UNIVERSAL LAWS boomerang ALL those EVILS sent to US and the KARMA coming from GOD and OUR ANCESTOR’S and ANGELS of the LIGHT as our JUSTICE ! DO NO HARM, SHEILD’S UP meaning your MIRROR in your PILLARS of LIGHT is YOUR PROTECTION. Although our SPIRITUAL FAMILY also WARS with, beside us, they WAR and for us to PROTECT US as well. The PILLAR of LIGHT with MIRRORS facing outwards is for our divine – extra protection etc. The info is on the side of this website. YOU can add or create a different WAY to protect yourselves, but that is what I use. WE mirror what evils are done and thrown at us, and it goes right back to WHO did it. Our Ancestors of the LIGHT and HEAVEN is working OVER-TIME on on divine JUSTICE for all of us that NEED it !

THE PILLAR of LIGHT = This is SUPPOSED to give US extra protection TEACH the EVIL ONES to STOP throwing evil at us, but some are just plain daft and whatever they do or TRY to do to US , the LIGHT, it returns to them by UNIVERSAL law. The SECRET is DON’T THROW EVIL out and it won’t come back to you – as we mind our business and do our missions etc. You can also encase your PILLAR of LIGHT with ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S BLUE ray or the VIOLET ray etc.

Special THANK-YOU to MY SPIRITUAL TEAM[S] keeping ME alive = THANK-YOU, I LOVE YOU too. Divine Justice for HUMANITY is evident with all the arrests and resignations etc. WE the LIGHT are in BATTLE all DAY and NIGHT and we the LIGHT are seeing evidence of DIVINE JUSTICE for the 144,400 ANGELS, ARCHANGEL’S, SAINTS and MASTERS or AS WE ARE otherwise called in the old days by humanity = the ancient GODS and GODDESSES of the LIGHT or the ancient builder races etc. WE THE LIGHT are finally getting some of our DIVINE JUSTICE as well AS it is WELL-DESERVED and SERVED!

The evil ones, they were told to STOP playing GOD ! MANY DID NOT LISTEN, AS I HAVE TOLD THEM AS A MESSENGER TO STOP, some – STILL DID NOT LISTEN. JUSTICE for the LIGHT WORKER’S IS lifetimes overdue as we had enemies that followed us through our Life times here on Earth etc. The EVIL ONES have to STOP trying to KILL US and DESTROY US etc. BUT want to “PLAY GOD” and decide WHO of the LIGHT FORCES should be punished etc.

EARTH MILITARIES, be very CAREFUL of any more SURRENDERS. IF anyone wants to SURRENDER again, NEVER do it underground, above ground only and in a place that is NOT going to get you ambushed. PRAY to GOD and ASK the GALACTIC LIGHT FORCES IF they can somehow back you up and YOUR ANCESTOR’S of THE LIGHT. DO NOT be afraid to ASK the LIGHT for HELP, ANY HELP or for any surrenders you might be unsure about. Condolences for those HERO’S that stood up and fought for what is GOOD and RIGHTEOUS for ALL humanity and NOT FOR the BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI and their cohorts of SATAN !


“FREE” Human controlling RFID CHIPS get yours here, FOR FREE !!!! I “THINK” – “NOT !”= NO NEVER – EVER please [THINK while you can human] “YOU = GOD’S SPIRIT” verses “SATAN” and his TWISTED, and albeit somewhat – DEMENTED version of the afterlife or ETERNAL LIFE = called WE CONTROL YOU and YOUR thoughts = transhumanism docile-like bot, programmed with NO PROPER HUMAN LOVE vibrations or THOUGHTS of your own……….,


CAN YOU SAY GOOGLE “TRANS-HUMANISM” anyone ? half-human and half-programmed ROBOT, wow and they push this SHIT – as an ETERNAL LIFE alternative, that is messed !


STOP LYING and SAYING that I AM EVIL when I am NOT, I am sick of it ! YOU want to DESTROY ME, THE LIGHT, THE GOOD ONE, then you better dig 2 graves, you’ll need one for YOURSELVES !



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