Reader Charles: “TRUMP, PEOPLES COURT IN ACTION” – Apr 11 2021


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Date: Sunday, 11-Apr-2021 04:53:54

(Thanks, C. 🙂 Reader Charles Miller writes: ==== Dear Hobie,
Please Publish Part 2, of 3, entitled Trump, People’s Court in Action. As always, we seek to push the limits of dialogues in the public forums so that the fundamental issues of our Countries founding do not get lost in the rhetoric of feeding the beast. We know where the stuff starts rolling down from.
In our understanding the People standing on our law is the Eagle flying over the hill making a deposit so that the top of the hill gets what it needs to fertilize all below. – – – TRUMP, PEOPLES COURT IN ACTION
Dear President Trump, our President,
People’s Court in Action on Call.

Part 2. Thank you for reestablishing a portal for the People to communicate with our President, Beneficiaries of all powers of government, Charles C. Miller, Andre Paul Provost Jr., Malcom Walker III, approach our Trustee Donald John Trump, with this Letter of Wishes. Beneficiaries WISH our and the majority of the American Peoples President, simply, directly, openly, on public record, execute the Law of our Bill of Rights by your own hand in your own name and deliver said execution to public servants. Then, invite the American People to join you in directly contacting our public servants. The invitation to American greatness, issued by your Inauguration promises, being reestablished is missing one critical element. The People in Direct Action with our public servants, particularly our President. Direct action with our public servants by the People is the fundamental principle creating our American adventure of the right to choose. Every Divided Loyalty public servant fears the People’s direct contact. Honest public servants support the concept of partnership between Americans for our countries best interests. The partnership should be between the People as Americans first, above political affiliations, race, gender, or the other numerous divide and conquer activities. The foundation upon which MAGA rests is very simple. In America there are no special classes, special protections or privileges contemplated nor recognized by the foundational documents constructing the States United or the United States governments. MAGA rests on Consent of Governed. The Governed placed our Trust in Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the only American, arguably ever, to have served the People by
example and truly earned our Trust. Donal Trump is the only American positioned to draw together the elements of our fundamental law, the political will of the People, have a delivery system to serve our public servant systemites and be trusted enough to lead the makeover of our country. Our WISH for our President is that Donald Trump, recognize the Trust placed in a mere man by the American People, and to a lesser part, world wide, is the leadership position not only for the States United, yet world,wide. The words of pure passion in the music, The Impossible Dream, merely approach the passion your Beneficiaries, hold in our hearts and souls for OUR CONTRY, what it truly stands for. Americans of pure heart always reach for that Unreachable Star. Leadership means above all else, being first, in front of the troops, inspiring by personal courage, providing the example setting the standards of what it means to be an American. The example of true leadership is at this point virtually a lost art, yet the more important concept, the greatest need, of and for the American People. The evidence of the last six years proves the point. The question of the moment challenges the very core of the core matrix of a small minority controlling the dialogues spreading corruption and feeding from confusions. Will Donald Trump lead the American People back to the fundamentals that make MAGA possible? The People have been and are being increasingly denied the Benefits of the right to choose; Liberty over involuntary servitude, republic form of government over socialism, honest elections over fixed outcomes, full protection of rights reserved under States Constitutions declaration of Rights over executive and judicial reconstructions, reserved control over the limits on governments spelled out in the law of the Bill of Rights over rule by fiat. Playing politics, social and media games, arguing among or with public servants, talking about wrongs, while doing nothing of value about them is the norm of a culture in process of collapse. Every one misses the fundamental point of the Citizens United finding by the United States Supreme Court recognizing the political personality of corporations. Political rights are controlled and defined by the People’s Constitutions, particularly the People’s Bill of Rights. Thus, corporate structures, those who manage and benefit from their operations are subject to the political standards of the People’s Bill of Rights. Now is the moment for Donald Trump to call to session the jury, the American People to issue judgement of the jury, to our public servants via the delivery systems which all public servants have agreed is good service, establishing public record. The fax and email are the service tools. The Court of Public Opinion called to duty by Donald Trump, who also defines the issues to be judged, providing every federal Legislator, federal judge and federal agencies Director, fax and email contact, is the ultimate tool for MAGA. The time of the compromise to special privilege is over. Engaging with those individuals and forces that seek to destroy by any and all means our American Adventure in human liberty is the only power those seeking to destroy America need to sustain their attacks. We the People and our President need simply to operate under our law the way it’s written as authorized by Constitution controlled by our Bill of Rights. Then properly apply the currently available mechanisms to properly serve our public servants. The systemites will judge themselves by their actions before the Court of Public Opinion. Ten, twenty, fifty million or more Americans applying the tools in concert as requested by our President should provide a very large public judgement. Mr. President, if you do not call the Court of Public Opinion to action, who will? More to the point, We the People have nothing to loose and everything to gain by simply applying our WILL through our law for judgement. Why would honest Americans ever cooperate with, give credence too, Consent to be Governed by tortfeasing, pettyfogging shysters grubbing for filthy lucre from foreign invaders, or cash flow from managed human capital held to involuntary servitude fraudulently positioned by Divided Loyalty public servants? The fundamentals of America’s Greatness, are our foundational principles, the defined by the People’s contracts, Constitutions, facts of public record nationally and internationally. The facts in evidence show conclusively that public servants when called upon to serve the law through duly served Demands which qualify as public records, things change in a hurry. A choice must be made and forever memorialized in the public records. Conversely, the facts of defective public service being of evidence in public records proves conclusively that Constitutional TORTS and high civil rights crimes, felonies have been committed by the systemites served. The simple fact is the People do not recognize nor have access to or understanding of how powerful direct contact to public servants is with in the system now so throughly corrupted. Beneficiaries believe and are informed that our President holds the duty to show the People how and explain why our joint actions are so powerful. The core divisions in public service operations are clearly defined and recognizable when viewed from a neutral position. Forty percent of public servants do not like the current operational standards. Forty percent serve only to take care of themselves or their families. The fear spread through lies, misdirection, manipulation of facts moved through seditious rebellion driveled out by the twenty percent are subject matter for the Court of Public Opinion. The Court of Public Opinion is now and always been the highest court in any society or culture. In order for the People’s Court to fully express its powers the American adventure in Individual Liberty instituted elections. Elections when properly operated are the judgement of the People. The judgement concerns who is to be trusted to administer the People’s authority over the governments We created. The Court of Public Opinion requires the issues to be put to judgement be framed in a manner that any American is presented with the issue to be decided in clear precise language. The second element for the Court of Public Opinion to be able to affect our country is one of leadership presenting the issues and the tools to effect judgement. New tools are required because the evidence that the past and current providers of government services, public servants from top to bottom, are clearly defective. The key element for the Court of Public Opinion to affect the current and future operations of our country is the CALL TO ACTION from individuals trusted by the Jury, the People. Leadership, particularly from the People’s Office of President, clearly defining the CALL TO ACTION, the mechanisms and delivery systems to capture public servants notice, is required now! More to the point is the attachment of personal liability to deficient divided loyalty public servants. Then the ultimate test of whether governments in our country actually work for the People is in motion. Execution of the attachments and enforcement of the judgements for defective public service defined by the Rule of law is the true test of our Republic. President Trump you have now and have had for quite some time the trust of the People, the voters, sitting as the jury in the Court of Public Opinion. Mr. Trump, the inconvenient fact is that, you are the only legitimate President of the United States of America. There is no escape from this fact. What this means in very simple terms is the duties to which you pledged yourself, on Inauguration day, January 20, 2016, still bind you to the People’s Office of President. There is no escape from the obligations. The only release from the position of President and release from the duty to lead the country is an honest election free of fraud. The only mechanism authorized to transfer powers and authorities from one individual to another in the context of the People Office of President, is a provably honest election wherein the Political Will of the People is the transfer of authority held by governments. A Trust cannot fail for want of a Trustee. The President is the Trustee over the People’s Political Will. The Constitution identifies the position of Trustee as the Office of President through the duty to serve and protect, enforce the contract, the Public Trust created by the People’s Constitution. The Oath Clause of Article VI recognizes managers positions not Trustees position to enforce the People’s Contract, our Constitution. Neither the Legislative nor the Judicial branches are identified anywhere as holding powers of a Trustee. In fact, law of the People’s Contract called the Constitution, the Legislative and Judicial branches are managers over very specific and limited portions of powers vested in governments by the People. There is no portion of either any state nor the National Constitution that recognizes nor contemplates fraudulent elections allowing illegitimate officers to operate, claim to operate, or in any manner whatsoever act in capacity for the governments created by the People beginning 1776. What this means in real simple American English Language is all these characters claiming to be legitimate representatives of the People are straight up liars, thieves, trespassers, usurpers, felons, traitors! The core question is, if these characters are not legitimate public servants WHO DO THEY WORK FOR??? Link to article defining JURISDICTIONS of the People and our public servants. Please some one assist Paul and I by pointing out and verifying by public record documents where we may have made a mistake! NOW, the question is, will Donald Trump honor not only himself, the People’s Trust operating through the Office of President or not? We now present Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes, indicating in very clear and strong terms the duty of our Trustee serving as the only duly elected President of the States United, available at the moment. Mr. Trump, please recognize you are the only duly elected President of the United States. Please recognize that the People’s Office of President is the sole exclusive Trustee holding the property of the People, our Political Will. Please recognize that the Constitution confirms the Presidents Trustee position by assigning the duty to Enforce, Executive Power, the People’s Constitution as written and controlled by the People’s Bill of Rights. Please recognize that the Chief Executive Office is the Chief Magistrate, a limited judicial office and execution office, holding full powers to issue binding findings of fact, conclusions of law, execution of the Trustees supervision powers over the People’s Public Trust Constitution, and every public servant. Mr Trump, your new communications system invites every loyal American to have a personal relationship with the People’s President. Mr. Trump, the transmission system works for delivery and receiving communications between the People and our President. Mr. Trump, over the last almost 6 years, you, through varied and numerous collections of information systems, you have gained access to a massive data base of public servants, especially undivided loyalty Americans. Mr Trump, the 100+ million Americans that have supported you in your Presidency, have looked to you the man for leadership resulting in cleaning up the terminally toxic sewer government operations have become. Mr. Trump, you have access to the data bases that contain every office and individual claiming to work for or represent government, fax number and email. Every fax number and email address employed in the administration of governments services to the People, or otherwise, are owned by the People because We paid for them. Every public servant is voluntarily subject to the law of the United States, particularly the laws governing proper service of official documents. The moment any public office or individual public servant receives a fax or email from one of the American people related to any government operation or activity whatsoever, the delivered document becomes OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORD owned by the People because We the People authorized the record keeping and paid for that service. Mr. Trump, OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORD is perfect evidence and is never deniable, whether the record is from private openly reported or public sources. President Trump, public records showing that a public servant received a notice and demand, from any American, requiring specific performance under either federal or state law, public servants oath or terms of public servant employment contract, establishes conclusive public record judgement, when the indications from record shows deficiency in compliance standards. This is an enforceable judgement by either the Chief Magistrate or judicial process. President Trump, any public servant arguing with public record facts, seeking judicial review, Fifth Amendment guaranteed right, of public record facts, admits and confesses at the very least bad faith in public service, rising to criminal negligence subject to full prosecution. Delivery of the TOOLS for the American People and honest public servants to TAKE BACK CONTROL from divided loyalty public servant actors, and their corporate sponsors, is within grasp and control of the 45th President of the United States!!! **************************************************************************

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