SAINT ANDREW = PUTTING the PIECES TOGETHER – THE ORIGINAL CHOSEN ONES – THE TRUTH – WHO exactly WERE/ARE the CHOSEN ONES = Sagittarius โ™๏ธ – Amun RA Bloodline Stand Up ( 12 Tribes Of Judah ๐Ÿน Mic Drop๐ŸŽค ) – APRIL 14 2021 – Updated

I ACKNOWLEDGE ALL INFO TO GET A WIDER PERSPECTIVE FROM ALL VIEWS. NO ONE IS RACIST HERE OR WILL EVER BE, THAT IS FOR THE SATANIST ONES ETC. I AM GETTING really TIRED OF A COUPLE OF so-called INFO PEOPLE CLAIMING THAT I AM evil WHEN I AM not AND TWISTING THE truth ACTING AS if THEY know EVERYTHING, IT HAPPENS A LOT ON THIS PLANET. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO COMMENT or DONATE for THE 30 YEARS PLUS RESEARCH THAT I HAVE DONE. LET ME TELL YOU THIS, MY PARENTS raised ME, yet I was SPIRITUALLY RAISED by HEAVEN and the ANGELS of the LIGHT for this Mission. IF people are constantly telling YOU that THEY are the ONLY legitimate source of INFO, question their motives. MANY souls KNOW a lot of things, and MANY STEAL my info and others to make money YET give ME NO CREDIT or DONATIONS and GOD – sees everything even The liars and the thieves. NO I DO NOT NEED ANY 3D DEGREES to PROVE MY DIVINE STATUS in HEAVEN ! If your a kind loving soul doing your MISSION and can’t understand WHY NO ONE is DONATING or CALLING YOU EVIL and SENDING YOU HATE etc. = Jealousy & Black Majik

NOR do I need anymore lies/negative crap from people too lazy to research themselves. I am healing over tonnes of BLACK MAJIK done by the evil ones. They put confusion spells on me for years about MY twin. Then they put money spells on me so NO ONE would DONATE. They put HATE spells on me so people would reject me and call me EVIL when I clearly am NOT !. I had VODOO done to me many times last month I was sent 2 BLINDNESS SPELLS, which only resulted in me rubbing all the skin off my eyes and making my eyes swollen. TWICE in month and it looked horrible, I had to stay home, that is how bad it looked. Now MY ancestors of LIGHT Protected me from becoming completely BLIND but I did get a taste of it to PROVE to me what they did. Probably the same idiots that kept sending DEATH SPELLS. And I found out that the ELITE ILLUMINATI EVIL ONES and some others kept sending me DEATH SPELLS and were really PISSED-OFF that I am PROTECTED and STILL ALIVE. Dumb asses, I have memories of TEACHING SPIRITUAL WARFARE in the spiritual realm and in my dreams. Playing with Fire !

IF you are getting attacked by vodoo or SATANIC stuff, ask your guides to PROTECT YOU and to somehow let you know. I did, anyway, last month vodoo spikes were driven through my hands and I felt instant pain and then they put spikes through my wrists. Insane pain and then it instantly vanished. Then a couple of weeks ago these satanic FREAKS did voddo spells with sticking a spike or a pole through both my nipples and up the vagina a couple of times, these PEOPLE, are SICK ! You have NO idea, and sometimes I can hear EVIL thoughts being sent to me etc. DUMB asses got to gather in groups to FIGHT THE LIGHT with their evil crap. I have NEVER wished EVIL on ANYONE, I just wish they WOULD LEAVE me ALONE and go get a damn life and create you own damn energy, friggin energy vampires from hell.


IF you don’t LIKE my swearing, RE-READ = I WAS MURDERED ALONG WITH my family and they LIED AND stole OUR WEALTH in every lifetime. I have TO SAY = HOW EVIL is THAT ! I AM IN A human body and I am human. I am A PURE SOUL = NOT AN EVIL ONE = DO NOT JUDGE ME or ACCUSE ME because YOU DON’T AGREE. GOOD THINGS are COMING FOR US SOON !

KEEP in mind that I had to watch SEVERAL videos for hours to back-up some hidden truths. SHE also mentioned that NOT only DID – the REPTILIANS BETRAY RA [GOD] but also some Pleiadians also BETRAYED RA – And that I researched in another video of info she channeled.

Do you remember a video I posted years about the EGYPTIAN TREASURES they found hidden somewhere in like some flat and weird like colored mountains found in the USA that had all these treasures in it? YOUR going to LOVE THIS. THINK about this …, It is REAL POSSIBLE that some PYRAMIDS and egyptian stuff could have been hidden here from before the continents split or maybe stolen egyptian treasures ? There was the STORY about the planet being broken-up into continents. Some say it happened over the ages yet I also heard that it could be that RA or GOD whatever you call the HOLY CREATOR – SPLIT them up because BABYLON was taken down. If I remember the story correctly, it goes that they built a tower to try to enter Heaven or something like that. DON’T you find that interesting that we find out that there is a giant-assed DOME that live inside of like the MOVIE = the TRUMAN show. I find it interesting how they built a tower up to get to Heaven, wonder IF they knew or could climb up to the dome to ENTER HEAVEN without an INVITATION – so to speak. SO GOD changed all the languages so they could NOT get along to build or continue building this massive “Stairway to HEAVEN” idea.

You will soon “SEE – what happened then is still affecting us now, RIGHT NOW” we are dealing with some = leftover’s of this dilema or parts of it from the first WAR in HEAVEN ? Another reason WHY we came back was to clean-up this mess, FUTURE PROVES PAST alright !

THANK-YOU LARASHA = Fascinating HISTORY, yeah, OURS NOT the REPTILIANS. Ok. SO RA was the first SAGITTARIUS sign and the GOD of HEAVEN.

Here there is some INTERESTING INFO and in case anyone erases it. DID – HITLER kill the “FAKE JEWS” IF TRUE, then wonder IF those “FAKE JEWS” were the ONES saying THEY were the CHOSEN ONES ?. YES, RASHA talks about THE CHOSEN ones. SHE is the one that said, IF you have a CARTOUCHE’ then YOU are a REAL chosen one in a different video . SHE talks about JESUS being HORUS and LUCIFER etc.. The CHRISTIANS how they were FOOLED along with the BROWN races. SHE also discusses that THE NATIVE INDIANS are connected to the RA bloodline also, as we were told that they may be originated from the ATLANTEANS ?, RASHA says she is connected to RA. The NATIVE INDIANS one of the FIRST ones of GOD, RA’S bloodlines, were the CHEROKEE, then the APACHE’, later combined called the Blackfoot. SHE talks about NATIVE INDIANS and some of their past history as well.

GERONIMO was the only one that had REAL SUPERNATURAL powers. The SATANIC/BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI used/uses GEROMINO’S skull for evil Rituals That was the last incarnation of RA = GOD.

Remember the ALIMO, was really remember GERONIMO !

LOOK HUMANITY, I DON’T claim to KNOW everything like SOME people do that make videos for money. I ask you to do your own research as I SHARE – what I have found-out with YOU.


These MOTHERFUCKERS [the lying evil history buffs & our so-called GOVERNMENTS] have some serious EXPLAINING to DO to the ENTIRE human race. MOST people THINK that HITLER was a MONSTER, EVERYONE in EVERY culture was TAUGHT this. BUT were they TAUGHT that the “FAKE JEWS” were the EVIL ONES? Just saying. I WANT the TRUTH on this PLANET- JUST as MUCH as LARASHA does ! And she is speaking it so far, explains a lot.

So WHO was HITLER REALLY WIPING OUT ? ? ME THINKS – IT WAS THE LYING REPTILIANS on the EVIL SIDE, who was claiming to be THE CHOSEN RACES [FAKE JEWS]? Or was it HITLER SACRIFICING HUMANS to Molech ? There are so many theories and stories, GOD knows and perhaps the MILITARY would know more as the “have it all” apparently, that’s awesome.

ALL I WANT is THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. I am NOT judging what LUCIFER did, that is what GOD does best. He corrects – GOD CORRECTS ! But the BIBLE never told us about REPTILIAN HYBRIDS, my how convenient of the “ROMAN” CATHOLICS of old. And they threw the Christians to THE LIONS. I remember that and they STILL BRAG about it. Older WORLD proof of HATRED of CHRISTED ONES and or GOD like souls. PROBABLY the reptilians or someone else that hates the lineage of GOD. There are real JEWS that I am sure are wonderful beings same with the christians too and the same for all races, but this war is called the Holy spiritual WAR between good and evil and I hope it finally ends soon. If you realize that some of these reptilian races are pure evil that were here and others are of the light, so let us NOT HATE on anyone. Leave the rest for the MILITARIES as they are well informed by now about the reptilians as they have had to train and educate themselves really amazingly well doing a wonderful job for all. The reptilians infested every nation, religion, culture and race – eons ago. WHATEVER HAPPENS = TEAM EVIL IS LEAVING !

TODAY we will explore some of these TRUTHS together with some videos

LOOK don’t get upset people, I already DID that for you. BUT this TRUTH connects so many DOTS as to WHY all the deaths from HITLER. WHAT I want to KNOW is, DID HITLER set out TO WIPE OUT the REPTILIANS and the TRUTH was TWISTED to PROMOTE these “FAKE JEWS?”

These EVIL REPTILIANS invaded EVERY COUNTRY eons ago and they were hiding in the background RULING over everyone with immense CRUELTY and DISDAIN. THEY HAVE SECRETLY RULED US BEHIND THE SCENES with other species AND HID IT FOR CENTURIES

BEING NEFERTITI, I am WHITE in this LIFE-TIME and I have a background of BEING a NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN where I was also MURDERED, except murdered differently, like I was when I was alive at the TIME WHEN I was QUEEN NEFERTITI – the last five minutes of my life, which I then found out through MY intensive RESEARCH in THIS LIFETIME that I was MURDERED and maybe even – cloned after BY THE REPTILIANS ! I believe I was an American native woman because my SPIRIT GUIDE is native American. One day I will ask her if I can say who she is. It SEEMS like they LIED a hell of a LOT to ALL the HUMAN RACES the TRUTH about WHO the ORIGINAL CHOSEN ONES ARE. NOT the rewritten stuff in THE BIBLES. THE JEWISH MAFIA that OWNED/OWNS all our NEWS in the WEST they – ALL-WAYS bragging and make movies in the WEST and claim themselves that these certain JEWS are the “CHOSEN RACES.” Sounds like something a REPTILIAN HYBRID would say and do……. ?

SOON it will make “MORE SENSE” as time goes by. DAMNED LYING DEMONIC evil beings that TOOK over our planet – NEED to ALL go to GITMO asap !

WITHOUT RA there would BE NO LIGHT. RA keeps the whole thing together in the whole entire UNIVERSE. Better do your homework, all you – naysayers.

I am glad that when the GALACTICS came in and spent about 8 days or so with me and helped with my activation process, ascension process, they showed me the last 5 minutes of some of my previous lifetimes, and I have had a lot of those too. I was shown the last five minutes of being a native Indian woman and QUEEN NEFERTITI, but I have zero recall of being SAINT ANDREW but they kept calling me that when I asked them WHO I AM. I was told 5 times that I am SAINT ANDREW. Now I share my story to PROVE to HUMANITY and the MILITARY just how much THEY LIED to the HUMAN RACES, hid truths and OUR TRUE divine HISTORY etc.

SHE mentioned before in another video that LUCIFER fell in love with a REPTILIAN woman and it started the FIRST WAR in HEAVEN. Now that – TRUTH is out for us to research about.

SHE is the only one so far to say that so far, is that in the BIBLE ? Of course not !! Now you know WHY – we had this massive MALEVOLENT REPTILIAN PROBLEM on TERRA CHRISTA, this PLANET is NOT = GAIA is MARS so get over it and change your websites – whatever !

THE first WAR in HEAVEN was having “SEX with another SPECIES” that says a whole hell of lot. Rather than the BIBLICAL story that says LUCIFER was kicked out of HEAVEN = HYBRID RACES are against GOD. Or at least they were way back then ? And NOW WE KNOW the TRUTH !

Isn’t it INTERESTING that the ROMAN CATHOLICS of OLD, left out the part out of THE BIBLE = about THE REPTILIANS whom we are fighting TODAY. Look at lying REPTILIAN, EVIL SLIME-BAG TRUDEAU, NEED I say more…., thinks he’s above THE HOLY GRAILS = he is NOT !!!!

BUT I guess some OTHER races wanted “OUR LIGHT” and HUMANS had sex with them? The MORAL I guess is BE CAREFUL who YOU have SEX WITH, gee, thanks for telling us NOW !!!

GLAD I have been CELEBATE for almost 9 years. We got to find our true bloodlines = FOR REAL ! At least I ain’t SLEEPING with the ENEMY ! Yeah, I know too much info for you ……..LOL !

RA told LUCIFER that the REPTILIANS would BETRAY HIM, and they did. YES they did and that was from another video that she did. They Did BETRAY LUCIFER – again and again !

NOW this paints a “WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY” of some REAL DIVINE ROYALTY stuff here.


Watch the other video I watched yesterday below, “THE REPTILIAN HYBRIDS” = NOW wanted to RULE over US and be OUR GODS = NO F**KING WAY ! These REPTILIAN HYBRIDS want to be OUR GODS? The ONLY ONE[S] THAT IS my god, IS RA the REAL GOD from HEAVEN who created me/us from the HOLY BLOOD GRAIL line. I don’t GIVE a crap what the “OTHERS” are saying as they are missing some info pieces AS I AM the REAL deal from the GRAIL RACES doing such an AWESOME job so far and related to GOD and LOVED dearly just like YOU are ! PERSONALLY I DON’T AGREE NOR DO I CONSENT WITH ANY reptilian OR LOW VIBING RACE WITHOUT A SOUL RULING ME or OVER ME or ANYTHING LIKE THAT PERIOD !


I also researched another video, from someone else that said the TRIBES or “GRAIL LINES” were also connected to certain “ZODIAC SIGNS.” Like everyone knows or we were told that CHRIST was a PISCES, the fish. Just throwing that out there – as that is fascinating as well. Like I am SAINT ANDREW and being a AQUARIUS, does that mean that I rule or that I have a REAL STAR that I am one or am I from a real star ? Interesting.

You will find your life very interesting when you have been awake and aware for awhile. Some are in for a fascinating awakening of who YOU are for sure ! Happy learning at least we have a good start though before everyone demands to know everything – so we are prepared now !

Sagittarius โ™๏ธ – Amun Ra Bloodline Stand Up ( 12 Tribes Of Judah ๐Ÿน Mic Drop๐ŸŽค )

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