RA~What Elon Musk is Hiding From Humanity? & Where is Prince Philip’s Soul? (2021) – April 12 2021

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS, I just updated my SAINT ANDREW messages about all the witchcraft vodoo that the SATANIC ILLUMINATI and OTHERS sent to me. I GOT word that the evil ones were pissed that they couldn’t KILL ME OFF through their evil DEATH spells and curses, so they decided that I should BE BLIND the rest of my life and tried to make ME BLIND TWICE in one month. THEY WERE PUTTING SPELLS and CURSES on all MY FINANCES and ROBBED ME MOST of my life. MY – SO CALLED love life, WHICH I DON’T REALLY HAVE ONE SINCE I am single, thanks to the satanic control freaks. More info on the updated post from before. DON’T laugh cause all this EVIL shit could be happening to YOU and you may not even be aware of it. I don’t wish this evil stuff on no one, the skin is almost healed over my eyes and HEAVEN wants me to see and to share what is happening for a reason, why I had so many HATERS and LIARS in my life with vicious LIES and GOSSIP all out to destroy me out of JEALOUSY and stupidity !. Hopefully MY EYES will see their downfall, these people are sick !

NO 3D complexes will incarnate again on this earth. HALLELUJAH !


RA~What Elon Musk is Hiding From Humanity? & Where is Prince Philip’s Soul? (2021)

30,556 views•Apr 12, 20213.2K38ShareSaveSAM THE ILLUSIONIST#lawofone#elonmusk#princephilip#neuralink#grays#anunnakis#galacticfederationoflight#galacticfederation#ascension#rachannelingIn this channeled session, RA, the humble messengers of Law of One tell us about the hidden agendas behind Elon Musk’s neuralink and also they tell us what agreement he made with the Grays and the Anunnakis. Further, they tell us about where is the soul of Prince Philip after death. If you want to know your past lives and your lesson for current lifetime and your soul name, email me at samtheillusionist1@gmail.com

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