*** WHHHHAHOOOO ! – Now that’s MORE like it……., Huge Class Action Lawsuit Against Voter Fraud in 2020 ! & ONLY HEAVEN gets to JUDGE the LIGHT BEINGS by Saint Andrew – April 17 2021

AMAZING – way to go USA & Humanity ! When it comes to JUSTICE, I am your cheering section and your Guide ! WHHHAHOOO ! That is WHY I am here to make sure you ALL fight for human JUSTICE in your Countries and take your power back as humanity. Now if we could only get rid of evil side-show BOB, TRUDEAU clown = CANADA will have a chance for freedom too. WELL DONE as the SAINTS and MASTERS are known for saying !

If there is ONE THING that I hate the most, it’s DISHONESTY and then it’s BETRAYAL. Sometimes, the best way to do things is to GATHER EVIDENCE for a while, and then drop the TRUTH BOMB. Like I had to do against Lucifer and Lucifer’s woman – FAKE MOTHER GOD etc. Many think I baited him and it may have looked that way but I had to gather enough evidence of HER saying she gave birth to us etc and how SHE wanted to RULE over us etc. I was told to gather evidence and wait for the right time to drop the truth bomb, so I did. And then a little while after I dropped the bomb about HER not being Mother God after someone confirmed that SHE wasn’t by someone that I thought I could trust ? IF you had info that I could have used to help save HUMANITY sooner, YOU should have contacted me as I am Justice from HEAVEN for the planet, I should NOT have had to reach out to you. I also had to make sure that I was right so I had to study her a just a little bit longer before that happened. Even though I could have been wrong about her ? NO ONE threw me a manual of how to do this mission, most info comes through meditations and all my psychic downloads etc.. I personally discern by how others treat me. There is NO WAY a so-called GOD would treat me like those two did by lying and stealing my money $250.00 by NOT giving me what I paid for, which was her so-called information about WHO my twin was as they were bragging that they KNEW. People are saying to me -like – LET it go etc. I did let it go, along time ago. [But I can’t stand LIARS and THIEVES] I don’t like to be “PLAYED” and neither does HEAVEN. Many people judged me because I reached out to them and talked to them. I also reached out to the evil ones over the internet too and told them, NO WAY. When GOD tells you to DO a MISSION, you are SUPPOSED to do it, so I did because I follow the LIGHT MISSION that I was given. I do NOT judge YOU for how you DO your missions etc. Not one of you is qualified to Judge us.

“STAY in your Lanes!” Please, Just be patient and we will all know the truths. Good things are coming to all. WE have been asking you nicely to be happy and do your missions.

What I asked you to do is “NOT to JUDGE US!” By telling you about 8 times now to stay in your lanes. And I even explained it a few times before, it means don’t judge us and don’t judge others the way they do their mission. DO not “PLAY-GOD” like the psycho’s do like Isil etc. Thinking THAT YOUR JUDGEMENTS about US LIGHT-WORKER’S is above THE HOLY GOD’S JUDGEMENT’S as GOD all-ways has the last say in everything. So please, do Not judge because so many LIES have been told and you just make people confused and upset. You can discern ALL you want – just don’t play GOD acting like YOU should decide who lives and dies etc.

GOD created our SOULS, so ONLY GOD can judge us correctly. I don’t want to keep reminding you. This will be the last time I say this. I have better things to do with my time than to read crap comments on my website by those that Judge. Everything will be OK, just trust in GOD.

GOD will Judge them, just like ALL of us gets judged sooner or later by the most high, for KARMA – good or bad Karma for Good or bad deeds.

Anyway to make a long story short it is best to gather evidence and MAKE SURE that YOU are right before you drop truth. That was a scary time for me when we hear through most of the world’s video’s and movies – that Lucifer is the devil and follows the devil and is SATAN etc. I have always been afraid of evil looking, creepy things, BUT I am NOT afraid of evil, and I AM STILL ALIVE to prove it. I was afraid of BEING WRONG. So I meditated on it and prayed and picked a time-frame so I could study her just a little longer to make sure that I was right. I didn’t want to end-up in GITMO for accusing others falsely – then I am the bad one. NOR should I go to GITMO when I am COMPLETELY INNOCENT. Those that THINK that I should be in GITMO are GUILTY and INSANE period as I have committed NO WRONG whatsoever. MY GOD judges me, NOT any other soul. And YOU are playing with FIRE if you do anything bad to me. I DIDN’T COMMIT THEIR CRIMES = THEY DID so THEY are RESPONSIBLE = NOT ME !

The evil ones think that by killing ME they won’t be charged for THEIR CRIMES, how so ? And EVEN IF they succeeded and KILL ME, they would still have to be Judged by the most High GOD. THEY are responsible for themselves, just like YOU are for YOU.

My family and MYSELF HAVE suffered immensely, especially financially trying to save Humanity because WE LOVE YOU and WE wanted to SAVE all of humanity – and it broke MY HEART to think that there are beings that THOUGHT I SHOULD DIE, an innocent being, like CHRIST.

I and many others are resting after MAJOR SPIRITUAL BATTLES to help save you and your planet. THE LAST thing you want to do is upset us right now, especially after what we just went through. BECAUSE of all the LIES and LAIRS those that bore FALSE WITNESS against me people have been calling ME = the ANTI-CHRIST and that is highly insulting and absolutely impossible since I have already been “Christed” OR YOU CALL IT YOUR ASCENSION CROWN OPENING IN 2010. I HAVE HAD TO PUT UP WITH PEOPLE lying ON MY NAME BECAUSE I WAS BRAVE and did my mission, the best way I knew through downloaded info from GOD and Heaven.

Seriously wanting to send someone to GITMO because they said, LOVE yourself first ? WOW, wanting to kill us for self-love. What a crime. Wake-up, get out of the GLAMOUR spells. IF you honestly think that someone should go to GITMO for loving themselves and self love – then I GUESS ALL of HEAVEN is GUILTY because WE are ALL about the LOVE. YES so YOU HEAL your emotional bodies and don’t send out NEGATIVE ENERGIES. And so you DON’T create negative things because you haven’t healed etc. That is something a false healer would say or one that doesn’t THINK before they speak. One that lacks intelligence in the proper ascension process. EMOTIONAL SELF-HEALING is a HUGE part of your ascension process. I have been telling you for about 8 years or more, to do your own self-healing and have offered you meditation links etc. To let go of the baggage, forgive and forget and do your shadow-work and to LOVE yourselves. WE LOVE YOU no matter what you think of us, it is the way GOD created US. But we will not be mocked for spreading truths. The REASON WHY this planet is so messed up is these beings that RAN this PLANET – have no love of self or others in a proper context. Some have NO SOUL so they don’t care what they do and the others ONLY LOVE self and not others but DON’T love themselves enough to make time for wellness, by healing inner wounds and trauma’s. SERIAL KILLERS have NO LOVE of SELF OR OTHERS, FIGURE IT OUT, before you condemn. Many times I have said what these beings FEEL inside is what they do and project out onto others because they haven’t done their shadow work or self-healing. You can only do self healing by LOVING YOURSELF so YOU SEND OUT LOVE and not NEGATIVE ENERGIES.

DO some research please, before you point fingers or condemn for me wanting YOU to heal.

Self-care isn’t selfish and it’s not superficial. It’s not just about taking me-time or mani-pedis or treat-yourself days. It’s about protecting your mental health and fostering sustainability. There is no one-size-fits-all, but the research gives us a lot of clues as to what can help sustain us.

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish or Superficial | Psychology Today


HEAVEN told me that NO ONE, NOT ONE soul is to JUDGE a LIGHT-WORKER or someone from HEAVEN and I was to leave THAT job for HEAVEN so I did. ONLY GOD can judge the LIGHT-WORKER’S and ANGELS etc. Bear in mind that I DON’T have all the evidence that the MILITARY has, [so how would I know if LUCIFER was good or evil or went back to the light ?] I HAD to go on WHAT I SAW and FELT and experienced by HOW I was treated through the internet. YOU can ALL sit there and Judge me all you want – and many of you did. Put yourselves in MY SHOES for a moment. I am GLAD for what Heaven told me to do. As it was MY MISSION to do MY MISSION and I did it. Worry about YOUR MISSIONS not judging mine.

If you had to JUDGE a being LIKE LUCIFER – could YOU do it alone, without THE evidence from the MILITARY ? WOULD YOU be afraid to do that in case YOU were wrong ? Welcome to MY WORLD. How am I supposed to know what Lucifer did was good or bad, only the MILITARY and GOD are privy to that info. I had to go by what I saw on the internet.

Which is WHY I am so GLAD that HEAVEN told me THAT GOD will JUDGE the LIGHT beings and members of Heaven and I am to be “THAT MESSENGER” to remind you all of that.

Kind of a mind-blowing experience to find out about the first WAR of HEAVEN, that LUCIFER waged a WAR with Heaven by falling in love with a reptilian woman ! WOW, I guess there are a lot of things and TRUTH bombs that we still don’t know yet. What is scarier is that this could have happened to anyone of us today because beings and clones don’t walk around with good or evil written on their foreheads, nor do they say which species of being is hiding inside them. I don’t claim to know everything, even though I know more than most. But I would never want to make the mistake of judging someone that is innocent and condemning an innocent soul. That is Why GOD always has the last say over anyone. It was scary for me to even look at what the satanists do, anything to do with evil, creeps me out period. Not much needs to be said. I guess WE are in for a whole lot of surprises and interesting outcomes.

Just keep gathering your evidence so we can put those behind bars or Gitmo to THOSE that actually deserve it. KEEP on going Humanity – YOU are amazing and are doing awesome.


Huge Class Action Lawsuit Against Voter Fraud in 2020!

Posted By: Lion
Date: Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 09:22:25

—————— Anyone who can muster two brain cells together, knows by now the 2020 election was taken. Taken, not stolen. Generally speaking, when you steal something, you attempt to hide what you are doing, so the crime can be carried out without interference from opposing parties who would attempt to stop you from stealing. In 2020 however, the thieves came out in broad daylight, and said; “We don’t care what the voters wanted, or how the voters voted. We are taking this election, and putting our people in office, no matter what”. That is the insanity of what occurred in the 2020 election. Every election official, in every state, who ‘certified’ fictitious ‘results’ of the 2020 election is guilty of voter fraud. Every state Governor who allowed votes to be changed in favor of their chosen candidate, or prevented state legislators from DE-certifying an obvious fraud, is guilty of voter fraud. Every Secretary of State from any state who officially certified bogus vote tallies against the will of the people, is guilty of voter fraud. Every State Attorney General who refused to prosecute proven voter fraud in their jurisdiction, is guilty of voter fraud. Every state, local, or federal judge who refused to hear cases of proven voter fraud, or refused to look at the evidence claiming the excuse of ‘no standing’, is guilty of treason. There is solid evidence that all of the above can be irrefutably proven in a real court of law. This lawsuit is not about a specific presidential candidate winning, or losing an honest election. This lawsuit is about election integrity in America, which has been totally destroyed by lawless thugs who took power in America. If America does not have free and fair elections, we no longer have a representative republic, where power is derived from the people. Click the link below to join this most important class action lawsuit against voter fraud in America. https://t.me/JoseyWales2/1525 ( View Context ) ——————-


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