The Rumor Mill News Reading Room – updates April 18 2021

I will never get the time to post all these posts but i will share some links here, wow.

From Rense: The full story about population reduction from last century to covid 19(views: 822)
IZAKOVIC — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 04:33:17 GMI: “Five Reasons to Eat More Onions”(views: 1113)
hobie — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 04:26:56 Reader: “BREAKING NEWS!! EASTERN UKRAINE EVACUATING CIVILIANS!! KIEV POSTS MAP OF BOMB SHELTER LOCATIONS!!” [15-min video (cc)](views: 1181)
hobie — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 04:19:58 Reader, link: “NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | This Is It… Make No Mistake About It – Neil Keenan – Group K, Ltd.”(views: 2762)
hobie — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 04:15:29

  • Agreed!!! *NM* (views: 256)
    CrystalRiver — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 04:44:27

COBRA INTEL – Short Message to the Surface Population & Recent Planetary Situation Update(views: 3013)
Mr.Ed — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 03:51:14 JUDY BYINGTON:… RESTORED REPUBLIC VIA A GCR REPORT AS OF SAT. 17 APRIL 2021(views: 4754)
Seawitch — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 03:47:19 NaturalNews: “Lawsuits piling in against Syngenta over paraquat weedkiller, which causes Parkinson’s Disease”(views: 409)
hobie — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 03:12:54
Mind Control: History and Applications By Professor Eric T. Karlstrom (2012)(views: 197)
CrystalRiver — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 02:41:46 James Rink – Super Soldier Talk – Kimberly L and Eric Dadmehr – Tartaria and the Great Reset – AMAZING FOOTAGE NEVER SEEN TESLA TECHNOLOGY – MUST SEE (Video)(views: 1661)
Mr.Ed — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 02:38:34

8:27 video (cc): Glenn Beck – “Bill O’Reilly: Americans now realizing DANGERS of the progressive, far left”(views: 228)
hobie — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 02:29:27 4:36 video (cc): “The One Fact that is Always Ignored when Media Discuss Police Shootings | POLITICS | Rubin Report”(views: 316)
hobie — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 02:22:26 Lawsuit Exposes COVID Jabs As Unsafe Transhumanist Gene Therapies(views: 826)
CrystalRiver — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 02:13:48

10:19 video (cc): Glenn Beck – “Dan Bongino SOUNDS OFF against latest ’STUPIDITY’ on police & guns”(views: 168)
hobie — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 02:06:43 Heilung Norupo [Official Music Video] – A return to mythical roots (5 min)(views: 195)
MrFusion — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 01:30:39

Part 5 : Worlds in Collision..Stones Suspended in the Air..The Fifty-two Year Period(views: 594)
oldmaninthedesert — Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 01:22:44 Andrew Torba: “How Big Tech’s Ministry of Truth Operates”(views: 284)
hobie — Friday, 16-Apr-2021 23:30:59 X22 Report Ep. 2454a&b – [DS] System Exposed To All, Flynn: Michigan And Arizona Audits Tactically Important (65 min in two parts)(views: 1119)
MrFusion — Friday, 16-Apr-2021 22:38:28 Listen to Hal Turner’s radio show tonight(views: 1111)
GeorgeEaton — Friday, 16-Apr-2021 22:04:46 James Corbett DEBUNKS the now INFAMOUS VACCINE-designed-to-destroy-the-GOD-GENE video allegedly filmed at a CIA meeting in 2005 [24 min video](views: 1419)
NaturalWisdom — Friday, 16-Apr-2021 21:06:43 Greencrow: BREAKING:Rocco Galati wins Legal “Round One” Plus NACI advised–and the Liberal government accepted–all Canadians participate as human lab rats re:COVID19 “vaccines”(views: 1361)
RobertS — Friday, 16-Apr-2021 19:33:06

Seawitch — Friday, 16-Apr-2021 19:23:00

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