Beach Broadcast: Air Force One? DEFCON 1 for Silver? April 19 2021

Beach Broadcast: Air Force One? DEFCON 1 for Silver?

March 19, 2021 752

AF1? Defcon 1 for Silver?

March 18, 2021






This drop in ratings is before the Airport contracts expire.  Imagine their ratings when those contracts expire and we will no longer have forced fake news while traveling!  

CNN Lost it’s Airport Contract!  

Now Creepy CGI Joe updates:

Hologram Joe with very poor editing!  Geez…Sammy does a better job than these guys.  And who is the masked person running away from Joe?  Weird!  Fake reporters, CGI Joe…Green screens?  Then this one (below)..Joe’s top of his head goes missing!  What in tarnation?

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Richard Citizen Journalist posts live videos of DC…great channel to see what is actually happening in public view.

[End of Squirrel News]



This is an excellent dig!!!


This is a discussion in WallStreetBetsElite:

WE MAY NOT EVER SEE THE THINGS HAPPENING – Yet we’ll at some point, know it has all happened and the children and you can begin to flourish and fly out of our cocoons like the Beautiful Butterflies that you are:

This entire President Trump movement is about saving the Children of the World and helping Humanity throughout the world!

WE’RE STILL STANDING LOUD AND PROUD!  President Trump and the White Hats are getting our Children back, our Countries around the world Back, our Freedom back!  It takes time!!!  Miraculously, it is happening all within 4.5 years!  

If you still have the doubting family members, simply pray.  Pray that God will give you the strength and patience and pray for them and their understanding.  They will be in disbelief because the information to come is to wake them up!  But pray that God will help you through this.  It isn’t easy because liberals still make fun of us and call us names and yet when the flood gates of truth comes out and Joe keeps destroying our country, they have no other choice but to wake up and wake up quickly!  

This is all about saving the helpless, voiceless children, this is so worth the wait. 


Someone responded to Sammy delay and stated something quite remarkable:

Thank you so much sir, for that just brought tears to me and so touched my heart!  For me…it’s a reminder of all of us together!  We’ve all cried, prayed, smiled, laughed and did the Sammy dance together, right?  Sometimes, all of those emotions and the dancing at the same time!  

Some come home from work feeling incredibly exhausted and take the time to listen to our show…just to get moments of hope and joy back in your heart!  They may read a few comments and feel completely refreshed and ready to take on a new day.   

We’re all family!!!  We all needed each other for I know I needed all of you!  The ugliness of the world is so overwhelming and the affects it brought to innocent lives, your lives…is all because of the corrupt and evil people that tried to control us and take away the any beauty we can experience.  

We didn’t know a squirrel would make us all smile with joy…no matter what we go through!  But Sammy started because we all had our Squirrel moments and he is almost one year old!!! 

Do know, Sammy and I love you all!!  

We’ll keep our prayers going, faith Stronger and Know our Lord has got this!  With these operations happening now, please pray for our White Hats, Military and President Trump…It’s just now a matter of time!  With everything happening at Mar-A-Lago, we know our Bossman is getting many things in place.  When and How is up to their plan.  

Soon we’ll all have our freedom!  Here is a song that brings back memories when our parents or grandparents listened to music like this! 


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