Ivo Of Vega: Your Rights vs. Your Privileges in this Matrix Society – APRIL 26 2021



Ivo Of Vega: Your Rights vs. Your Privileges in this Matrix Society

Posted by amparo alvarez on April 25, 2021 at 11:15pm 5-7 minutes

by Sharon Stewart


Sharon:  They ( the Deep State) create the problems and then tout the so-called solutions. They’re not solutions. They’re band aids.  Not only have they modified our rights with conditions to turn them into privileges, but they have and continue to, talk it up to the public as the next best thing that we should be thrilled about.

The fact is, our right to choose for ourselves has been so manipulated that many are incapable of independent choice anymore. So they are not acting out of free will. In events such as we have now, people have relied upon the governments to tell them what to do, and so in fact, there should be governments in charge who make healthy decisions for people who don’t know how to decide for themselves. But we don’t have that.

Good health is not a privilege – it’s our right! When people start to understand this and demand this be rectified, we’ll be getting somewhere finally. Our health system isn’t flawed out of ignorance – it’s flawed by design. We could be doing a lot better for ourselves collectively.

People keep letting their governments, their medical systems, their banking systems off,  making excuses for them. Why?

Ivo: Very good, my love. You see clearly. You see the genocide. You do not dismiss it as something that happens as a result of other occurrences. You realize this mass genocide can be stopped if in fact somebody bothered to do so.

Me: What I can’t figure out is, if all this is supposed to be a pantomime acted out for people to understand the world they’ve been living in, why are toxic vaxx’s allowed to continue to roll out that people are dying of. That’s not pantomime. That’s the real deal.

Ivo: Correct. It is not entirely pantomime. There are aspects of this that are being played out for the sakes of those who are to understand. There are other aspects that cannot be stopped at the moment and one is the roll-out of the inoculations. There are so many dark agendas being played out now upon earth that to claim that they are all arrested right now is folly.

Me: Yet there are people making these claims. And I think they’re doing so so people will stop worrying and fearing. Why can’t the v agenda be stopped, Ivo?

Ivo: They have more up their sleeves, my love. If they cannot roll it out, then they have threatened to destroy the world in other ways. And we believe they have the means to do so.

Me: Aha.

Ivo: Also, the v agenda at this stage is one that people can choose if they wish to have it or not. It is a precursor to roll-out of the med beds by the Alliance. One leads to the next.

Me: Like we needed to experience this in order to try to heal people? Aren’t enough of us sick without having to undergo this viral agenda?

Ivo: Yes, there are. It is all to play out though.

Me: I’m getting that there’s to be some kind of huge impact or something. World threatened by a vee and med beds come to save the day.

Ivo: My love, the impact that something has is so important as a wake up factor for many people.

If the vee agenda was not allowed to roll out, they would simply implement one of their other agenda’s such as releasing deadly toxins into the world’s waterways, releasing nuclear waste, or starving the people of earth as they shut down stores. This, in fact, would be the preferred method for the Light. At least you have a choice at this point to take the remedy or not.

Me: So many people can’t exercise independent thought so it’s not really a matter of having a choice anymore, is it?

Ivo: You have the choice of who you wish to listen to.

Me: And the brainwashing prohibits that because in the case of my sister, for example, she thinks I’m a raving lunatic for saying what I do. That’s mind control.

Ivo: I realize this, my love, but this is the easiest path through this for the collective.

Me: Wow. Okay. Doesn’t say much for the state we’re in collectively, does it?

Ivo: Yes, it is that bad.   You must realize they have complete control of your world. And in taking it back, we have had to intervene in their processes. They have so many processes, it has been a large amount of work to work towards your freedom. And yet it is happening.

Me: Yes, like RBC bank collapsing. Never thought I’d live to see the day a Canadian bank would collapse.

Ivo: And yet it is happening.

What is more, so many of you report that it is the children, the innocent ones, that are being saved first. This is correct. The DUMBs are being cleared and children used in the pedo rings are being rescued. There is new activity in the States, of course, because of the large influx of people from South and Central America. Many of these are child traffickers with victims, being brought into the States. So for now, the adults are taking the agenda outright so that the children can be focused on.

Me: Ah. With the assumption that adults are capable of independent thought.

Ivo: With the knowledge that many are not and would choose not to change their previous “normal.” And you see this in many: they want their “normal” returned to them, believing that if they comply right now it will be.

Me: I see, yes.

Ivo: Those who have no choice are being rescued first. Then the focus will turn to help all others.

Me: Thanks Ivo.

Ivo: I understand this is not easy for anyone, but this pestilence must be eradicated from your planet.


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