“Be Careful Who you Follow” by Oilgenrl7 – 4.30.21

Apparently CHARLIE WARD, ASKED HIS GROUP FOR THEIR “ZIM CURRENCY #’S. IF you have currency, I DO REMEMBER KENT DUNN, saying do NOT give out that info. Only what currency you have and NOT HOW MUCH ETC. THIS IS WHAT I READ, SO I AM PASSING IT ON….,

I am NOT JUDGING this but I will use my discernment etc.

“Be Careful Who you Follow” by Oilgenrl7 – 4.30.21

Saturday, 1 May 2021, 0:35 394

Entry Submitted by Oilgenrl7 at 6:52 PM EDT on April 30, 2021

Just a heads up fellow Patriots. Judge Anna #3132 is something to consider. Q always says to be careful who you follow. I trust her anyday before I trust a Bush (Scherf) or Robert Steel or Charlie Ward. Wow these so-called intel peeps come from out on Nowhere to be the leaders in our community of Patriots. I don’t trust anyone that wants to get a list of my foreign currency or serial numbers, Nope, Nada Not gonna do that. Please be careful folks. They come and go !!!!

3132. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice — Blood Money 18 — Hollywood East


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