(Reader: Sabre) Arizona Patriots Kick Ass – May 02 2021

(Reader: Sabre) Arizona Patriots Kick Ass

3-4 minutes

Reader Post | By Sabre

From Jim Stones site: After combing through and looking at the white wash, and deciphering lies, here is what happened in Arizona:

Approximately 50 highly militant anti Islam protesters showed up, and well over 1,000 people who were against them showed up walking around with peace signs and other literature and basically wrecked the whole thing.

Now, after this protest majorly failed to bring the wrong people, AND because there were too many witnesses to do a false flag, the “organizer” of the event is putting on a final show by “selling his house, moving, and hiding” after “receiving threats” because THAT IS ALL THEY WERE ABLE TO GET OUT OF THIS.

So much for the ISIS threats, ISIS did not show because ISIS is afraid of witnesses who will point out it’s all just a gaggle of Jews trying to incite hatred, Jews who then run the Jewish media to amplify and spew the Jewish lie about the Islamic threat, a “threat” anyone with an IQ more than that of a turnip would know never manifested itself on American soil FROM Islam, but has been done in the name of Islam by that same gaggle of Jews and an actively participating Jewish media.

As a final laugh, Bob Scheiffer of CBS is out whining about how “We don’t know where people get their news” the day after! Nice comment on the heels of such a failure!

We won this one, and it was more than a win, it was a total toilet flush smack down body slam pole vault over a deception elephant full of lies, WE KICKED ASS.


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