Beach Broadcast: Pennies from Heaven, AZ Audit, “We Got What We’re Looking for” – May 05 2021

Beach Broadcast: Pennies from Heaven, AZ Audit, “We Got What We’re Looking for”

4-5 minutes

Source: Beach Broadcast | By Santa Surfing

May 4, 2021

Pennies from Heaven! AZ Audit- “We got what we’re looking for”






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Wait Luntz is a staunch Democrat Lobbyist!!!  McCarthy is just another push over politician!  

President Trump, I will be happy to work for your Team!!!  I will work like heck, fight like heck because I am mad as heck!!!


The cause of increase in new Construction Real Estate has gone up is due to a shortage of lumber…or wait…was that just an excuse?  Zerohedge reports otherwise:

Is this another desperate bankers’s scam?  Finance new construction homes at premium prices? Remember, the Big Banksters love your Debt!  

Conceptually, in this scenario, the price of lumber goes up because of a huge demand, then why hasn’t this happened with Silver?  Is this the big banksters’ prized jewel that they don’t want you to own!

What happens when the Silver Shenanigans is exposed?  What happens when it is revealed that there is a shortage of silver and it drives the price up?  What happens to the lil guys?  

While we are looking one way…there is something happening the other way!

Did someone say Copper??  Please set Stock Alert with

What else is going Timber???  

Video Clip of how the population changed to a higher amount within less than 24 hours!

Check out this lil Gem…And check out Josh Barnett Twitter Feed (for those that are suspended from Twitter, simply login to your suspended account, you can lurk but not reply, RT, etc.)

So, is this Arizona Audit actually a Search Warrant viewed as an Audit?   What other states will get exposed because of what the GOP “Found”.  This audit is that they are looking for something specific and obviously found it! Makes me wonder…did they find one thing in AZ that has a domino affect to all other states?

Thank you Chubsy and Richard for your help and support!  

Good Friends are hard to find!!!  

We truly need each other more than ever!

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