Archangel Michael: Healing from the Energetic Signatures of Depression – May 18 2021

Archangel Michael: Healing from the Energetic Signatures of Depression

4 minutes

Depression is an imbalance of chemicals in the brain brought on by a range of triggers including physical stress in the body, medical intervention, pregnancy, emotional trauma, mental anguish and spiritual disconnection. Many people suffer depression throughout their lives, whilst others may just have one, unrelated episode.

Clinical depression is a physical illness that can be balanced by medication and treating the mental overload that can lead to insomnia and an inability to shut down the mind. The depletion of certain chemicals and hormones in the body is a condition that many people learn to live with, however, just looking at physical causes limits the potential for a lessening of symptoms and maybe even a cure.

The base chakra is the energy centre where depression can be treated spiritually. If a person is insecure in their identity, has scarcity or survival issues, is feeling lost, alone and unworthy, depression is a likely symptom. However, the more powerful and debilitating factor that can lead a person to experience clinical depression in their physical body is an inability to stand up and be present, to feel that they belong and to create a platform for themselves to build their confidence, self-esteem and appreciation for what they have already achieved. When the basis of one’s existence is a feeling of being out of control, continuously disempowered and devalued, the potential for imbalance in every other chakra, body and area of their lives is greatly increased.

Balancing out your hormones and chemicals, or your endocrine system, is a very good start to overriding depression. However, if imbalances remain in your energy fields, work and home life, relationships or systems in your body, taking medication is only part of the answer. Looking within at any discontent, guilt, self-blame or loathing, regret, resentment or grudges, mostly against self, is a good start, particularly if the medication is not helping as much as it should.

Depression is insidious disease that many people do not understand, but it needs to be acknowledged as more than just a mental illness. So much of what is happening elsewhere in the person’s body can directly impact on a person’s ability to think rationally, to stay grounded, to function wholistically and to stay balanced physically, mentally and emotionally. Other factors to be considered are a person’s diet and gut health, whether the person is constantly in a state of dehydration through too much salt or lack of water, thyroid and endocrinal issues, insomnia and iron depletion. Wholistically though, emotional and physical trauma through abuse, an accident or relationship breakdown can impact a person’s morale so badly that depression becomes a real, physical and mental reality.

To recover fully from depression that has more energetic than physical or chemical causes and its symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and obsessive-compulsive disorder, the root cause of the condition must be found and healed. This can be achieved in many ways, but releasing all guilt, grief, resentment, anger, feelings of abandonment and trauma is essential for the person to fully heal. Asking for help is the first step. Call upon me and the masters of light to assist you to release your past and its demons and to step back into the light of life again.

I AM Archangel Michael!

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane


HEALING for BASE CHAKRA CRYSTALS are Red, like CARNELIAN and RUBY, and there are others too that work well. THE CRYSTAL BIBLE has info – so do some research and call on ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

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