Jupiter into Pisces – End Times or a New Beginning? – May 18 2021


Jupiter into Pisces – End Times or a New Beginning?

36,084 views•Streamed live on May 18, 2021 3.1K26ShareSaveBracha Goldsmith 361K subscribers#jupiterinpisces, #astrology, #endtimes, #israel, #palestine, #vaccinecovid, #peace, #money, #love, #mayastrology, With the heartbreaking conflict in the Middle East, with Covid far from over in many parts of the world, the vaccines, possible cyber attacks, dangers of EMF’s, 5G, GMO crops, chemtrails……the list of issues on our planet right now goes on. Jupiter just went into Pisces where it will stay until July 28th giving us a taste of its energy. What might we expect? Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, abundance, learning and expansion. Whatever it touches it magnifies. In Pisces we are deailng with issues around: compassion, love, kindness, gentleness, caring, unity, oneness, faith, trust, higher power AND confusion, disillusionment, unreality, dreamworld, betrayal, dishonesty, drugs, chemicals, gases As the last sign in the zodiac, it may feel like we are in End Days, yet, we also have an opportunity to dream and to build the kind of world we want to see. Join me to see how we can collectively move towards finding peace and goodwill to all of humanity during these powerful times. 00:00 Welcome + Introduction 04:27 Pisces 11:52 Chiron 14:36 Soul Vision 18:30 3 Strong Energies 21:17 Action 24:23 Faith + Melding 26:57 Song 29:17 Jovial + Optimistic 32:08 Well wishes Upcoming webinar with Bracha! Chiron – Astrology 101 ✨✨ https://yourastrologysigns.com/chiron… The Astrology of 2021 – 2030 https://yourastrologysigns.com/webina… Learn Astrology with Bracha! Webinars: Astrology 101 – Beginner Basics ✨✨ https://yourastrologysigns.com/webina… Thank you very much to everyone who supports Bracha’s channel! 😊 If you’d like to contribute to help Bracha continue to share free videos, please consider the following options: A small, monthly donation on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/brachagoldsmith Click the link to see the perks available if you did wish to donate every month on Patreon. 😉 A donation via PayPal: https://yourastrologysigns.com/donate/ If you would like to deepen your astrology knowledge, Bracha has books and videos available to buy: https://yourastrologysigns.com/astrol… A personal astrology or channeled reading with Bracha: https://yourastrologysigns.com/astrol… Channeled Paintings: https://yourastrologysigns.com/astrol… Order an Astrology Report – your Year Ahead, Solar Return: https://yourastrologysigns.com/reports/ Join my Free Newsletter: https://yourastrologysigns.com/newsle… FOLLOW ME: Bracha’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/brachagolds… Bracha’s Facebook https://www.facebook.com/barbaragolds… Bracha’s Twitter https://twitter.com/brachagoldsmith Thank you for liking, commenting, sharing and subscribing! http://yourastrologysigns.com

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