May 20, 2021: Inching Our Way Toward a New World [videos] & – May 21, 2021: The Intensity of the War is Increasing [videos]

May 20, 2021: Inching Our Way Toward a New World [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture May 20, 2021

I think we’re running low on dilithium crystals as she’s still sluggish today at the helm. I would have shared more, but if it’s a memory/space issue with the server, I don’t want to add to the problem. Number One says in his diagnostics he only got one server error. We’ll see what happens.

Since it doesn’t sound like the Canucks will be having a great May 2-4 weekend because they can’t go camping like we used to do, maybe they’ll want to take in a chat with President Trump on Monday. Or maybe they’ll just be non-compliant and do what they want. I know folks who defied the Toronto lockdown recently and went up to Lake Simcoe with their boat. And they didn’t wear masks, either.

President Trump to Appear on Debut Episode of Dan Bongino Radio Show

We’re getting closer to the truth. Now Princess Diana is suddenly back in the news and some are calling for the Beeb to go bye-bye. We’ve got a long way to go yet before the whole truth comes out. This is reportedly Diana and her twenty-something daughter, Sarah.

Princess Diana: What is the Martin Bashir interview row all about?

We’re verrrrry close to a major event after several delays have forced the White Hats to stop short of the RV/GCR. Scott Mowry’s sources say they nearly pulled the trigger but suddenly a whole whack of new saboteurs meant they had to do another rousing round of arrests before they could go forward. I thin it was last week Charlie Ward reported there have been 4,000 arrests, and perhaps there were more in the last week. There will be no Ten Days of Darkness until after the RV/GCR go live, sources say. There’s an order of operations we must follow.

We hear that 50K troops have been earmarked for mass arrests, having been deputized as federal marshals. About to be deployed or possibly already deployed.

So… any time this month “it” could happen, so just be ready. A lot of parties are pushing very hard to get this done ASAP but we have to make sure the deep state clowns can’t get their hooks into our funds or mess up the Plan.

Scott reported that there are med-beds in Houston, TX but they will not be free. They cost $3M to operate and will not be coming to our homes as they are very complex and require two doctors and a technician to operate. It would be dangerous to put this technology in the hands of the untrained public. Perhaps a “wand”, he said. The beds will regress us in age, however.

Scott’s calls are now on a day to day basis as far as whether they go forward or not. We’re on high alert as of May 21st. There’s a good chance there will not be a Sunday call and he and the team will be going on hiatus due to NDAs and need for secrecy.

If you want to listen to the archived call which was shorter than usual with no Q&A, here are the numbers for the Wednesday call:

605-475-4957 / Access code: 8120201#, followed by the # again.

Scott McKay and Michael Jaco talk about the scuttlebutt from their perspective in this video minus David Nino Rodriques. They are discussing what they know about the massive take-down ops unfolding.

5.1 9.21 Patriot Streetfighter ROINDTABLE w/ Mike Jaco & David Nino Rodriguez Massive Takedown Ops

I had to laugh when I saw LT’s coverage yesterday of how CNN is characterizing the election audit in Phoenix. It’s not “reporting” of facts, it’s slanted commentary = propaganda. Cowboys with cell phone jammers. The language in this broadcast is despicable. “Bizarre.” “Lies.” This is opinion, not unbiased, responsible journalism and they don’t even seem to care. They’re slitting their own throats. We can’t get honest commentary out of them, only attacks. Let them bleed out. WE are the news now.

See what CNN reporter spotted at bizarre election ‘audit’

Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward Threatens Arrests In Arizona Election Audit

Canada and other northern climes may get a treat in a few weeks. Eyes to the skies. Eclipses are powerful celestial energetic events.

‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse to Appear in the Sky Next Month—Here’s What You Need to Know:


Great news: Nano Soma is appropriate for pets and even plants because it contains the blueprint for biological life on this planet. There are some testimonials on pets who added Nano Soma to their care regimen. I’ve given Mica a couple of sprays and hope in time it will resolve his apparent autoimmune condition that I believe developed after vaccines.

Richard’s US/Canada fulfillment centre is now out of stock until at least mid-June or a little later, which is 3 – 4 weeks. Richard says the next shipment will probably go quickly and recommends we order now and get in the back-order queue to ensure we get our supply in June. He has already got the ball rolling on another one after that as the demand is obviously increasing dramatically as the word gets out.

The Australian store still has a little stock, and the European store is fine, so depending on where you live, you may still be able to get product now.

In a couple of months there will hopefully be a fulfillment centre in Canada. For now, Canadians are getting stock shipped from the US and our webmaster has already received the batch ordered in his household so it’s looking good for the Canucks despite the roundabout route.

This link takes you to the Nano Soma store.

As you can see, the more you buy, the lower the price so it gets quite cost efficient. You could reduce the price even more if you split a large shipment with a friend or family member.  Entrepreneurial types will be buying in bulk and re-selling. That’s capitalism. If I was a healthcare practitioner and had a clinic or something I would probably do that.

Here is a short “professional” video on Richard’s YouTube channel about the Nano Soma research. 1 min. 10 sec.

Research Outreach introduction to the research of Dr. Palayakotai Raghavan

There is an earlier video interview with Jeffrey Daugherty and Dr. Richard Presser from March which discusses some different information about Nano Soma and has a short Q&A at the end.

In the beginning they comment on hair colour returning. Richard has been taking Nano Soma for over a year so it might take awhile but it certainly appears the body is regressing in age, which is what they have measured in Dr. Raghu, who has been using Nano Soma for about 11 years, I believe.

Richard anticipates that before long, Humanity will wonder why we ever lived in a world where disease and aging played havoc with our lives. Can you even imagine a world like that? It’s coming. 1 hr.

There are no accidents. Today I was spinning an old Chuck Mangione vinyl and suddenly the familiar strains of this song began and stopped me in my tracks because I had forgotten all about it. It’s called, “Look to the Children”, a duet by Esther Satterfield and Don Potter. It’s all about the children now.

Look to the Children – Chuck Mangione

Signing off for today. Stay positive and keep your frequency high. Thanks to the crew for all the shares.  ~ BP

May 21, 2021: The Intensity of the War is Increasing [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture 9-11 minutes

I hope you’re all leaning forward because that may be the only way I can publish a post. I need all the momentum I can get because I keep getting kicked out of the console and getting error messages. I would have done more but it’s just too slow and hard to handle so I’m letting it go as is. reported an issue with Cox at 10 Pacific last night but nothing that would account for our issues. I deleted almost a month of old posts from 2013 in case space is a problem but I don’t think it helped. I still got error messages.

The dark ones are having a hard time keeping it together, my friends. The cabal puppets are behaving in ways most unbecoming and we’re having a blast mocking them as they gyrate in a tailspin, about to crash and burn. Any respect the People may have had for them is rapidly evaporating from the heat of the fires of Hades whence these underworld creatures emerged.

We’ve seen the Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone who stole the job from Sheriff Joe Arpaio thanks to massive injections of cash from “George Soros” (he’s dead), and Country Recorder Stephen Richer both showing obvious signs of stress/fear and it’s spreading. The demonrats are cornered.

“It’s Bullsh*t!” – AZ Democrat Senator Martin Quezada Loses It – Tells TGP Reporter He Wants to Get Rid of Voter ID – Says It’s Harder for Minorities to Get a License to Vote –VIDEO

So it’s only white hetersosexual Arizonans who voted for Trump? That’s not what we saw at the rallies. We saw everyone, regardless of skin colour, ethnicity or sexual identity there and they felt the Trump administration had done wonderful things for their minority. Latinos for Trump. Gays for Trump. Women for Trump. They’re not stupid. The only minorities who will have difficulty voting are the millions of illegal aliens the Obama and Biden administrations allowed to pour into the nation and disappear. Voter ID is mandatory. The People demand it.

The trolls are also swarming the comments and trying to discredit our best sources of intel: Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Michael Jaco, and Scott Mowry. When you hear claims that it can be proven Jesus didn’t have a child with Mary Magdalene, well… that’s just absurd. Besides, we are all individuals and free to voice our opinions based on the research we’ve done.

If you can prove anything the Bible says at this point, let’s have at ‘er. I’m all ears. The only thing that can be proven is what we’re seeing with our own eyes, and prophecy does indeed seem to be fulfilling in some respects. It’s getting interesting, and yes, possibly even biblical.

We hear there is now a guy posing as Charlie Ward’s grown son who tells us Charlie is not be trusted. I haven’t wasted my time watching it because they probably dredged him up from the religious cult Charlie escaped from. Who cares? Charlies’ information has been good—and we expect disinfo from all these people because that’s the way you fight an information war. That is their role; to put out the information the Earth Alliance needs out there. Who do they ask to do that? The patriots with the biggest subscriber lists, obviously.

Scott Mowry revealed he was told some time ago that Charlie Ward and Juan O’Savin were going to put out some disinfo. Of course they are. Get over it. War is about disinformation, lies, coverups, and psychological operations. Just be savvy.

We know that throughout Trump’s time in office the Earth Alliance has been flushing out the vermin and draining the swamp. That is sometimes done by putting out disinformation and deadlines to force the enemy to react and expose themselves.

As Q put it, they let them expend all their ammunition and when they foolishly have nothing left, the White Hats have an advantage. “These people are stupid”, remember? They prove it every day—and they never learn!

That has been the case, we understand, the past couple of months when we thought it was “Go time” and then nothing happened. Each time they discovered thousands of traitors pretending to be on our side but ready to sabotage the RV/GCR. Thousands of arrests have taken place and one of these days, the Military is going to make their move. They know when it’s the right time. Failure is not an option.

I shared some decode material from a bright young man some time ago that revealed the Military is The Storm. It was disinfo to suggest that Donald Trump was The Storm. If you missed it, and you really like detailed digs, you may want to take it in.

He illustrates how the Q drops showed us they were pointing autists to The Law of War manual because the mass arrests would not be happening until later when Trump had exhausted all legal means to expose the corruption in the election and the only alternative was for the military to take control. The message wasn’t getting through, but now we understand and that is where we are now. Just waiting…


We also have an army of fakes on YouTube pretending to be the official channels of Kryon, Simon Parkes, Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay, Yellow Rose for Texas, the X22 Report, etc. and some of them sound like they are Asian (Chinese?) because of the names of the channels and the spelling errors. And of course they’re monetized so the imposters and YouTube/Google are making money from their advertisers. Don’t support them, folks. It’s thievery.

Yellow Rose for Texas has done a number of recent videos clarifying so much. It’s fabulous, mind-blowing stuff. Pennies from heaven. And an older Pattie Brassard video from the crew confirms some of it, as well.

I’d much rather explore this material than the current politics. People should be able to see now that we are not who we think, reality is not what we think, and what’s happening is not what we think. “The world is about to change” might be the understatement of the millennium. When you innerstand the monstrous lies told for thousands of years, the world certainly changes. And we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Here is another new one from “Rose”, followed by the Pattie Brassard older video with a slew of Canucks. We don’t need to worry about what is coming. It will all be automatic. Our soul will handle it. 10 min.

The Two Questions Update 5-20-21

Canadians are more likely to be aware that the Mi’kmak people settled in Eastern Canada and Karen Macdonald is a Shaman and Klanmother in this realm and beyond. She rounds out the experience with Pattie immensely by facilitating the questions and providing clarification.

When you get into topics like who Eve and Gaia are… it’s bound to get interesting. Pattie tells us it was she who gave Gene Co Sensei/Decode some of the DUMB updates he has presented. So, bottom line, Rose, Gene, Pattie, and they say Aug Tellez are edifying each other by sharing info and showing us their intel is in agreement. Pattie also tells us Trump is Antarean, which resonates with me because I believe him to be an evolved Being at the soul level; not a natural born Human.

Few will go there, but they do and they are marginalized, censored, and attacked for it. Rose has also used Gina Hill’s images of craft in a recent video so that says a lot for the incredible footage Gina has shared for a couple of years, as well. Like this one.

pattie brassard: Trump Adviser, mikmac shaman, karen macdonald: 13 White Bear Klanmother

Getting back to the incendiary situation in Arizona and the brushfires in other states, we can see a wildfire is about to engulf the nation. The tipping point is coming when the military will have to step in.

A large number of ballots appear to have been counted twice.


I hesitate to share the bad news about the vaccines. It’s so extreme. But we have a “17”, and that could speak volumes.

Canadian Man Loses Over Six Feet Of Intestine After Blood Clot Caused By COVID Vaccine

British soldiers who refuse Covid jab will be ‘educated’ & could face disciplinary action – media

It seems that insufficient numbers of “normies” have awoken so it’s only going to get more extreme, more absurd, and more in our face.

Plenty is evolving in this war as we expose the criminals and urge the People to wake up and take action to get control of their country. Our velocity has been hampered of late, we’re experiencing some anomalies with the software filtering some commenters, and my search tool is suddenly not pulling up all my images when I want to insert a meme or illustration. My choice is seriously curtailed from the vast ten year supply of images I’ve collected, but I’ll make do.

Here’s wishing the Canucks a happy May 2-4 weekend, and anyone else in a nation that still celebrates a fake queen’s birthday. There probably won’t be a lot of happy campers in the Great White Gulag this weekend.

We’re sailing in relatively calm waters at the moment, me hearties, but the winds of change are picking up and I see clouds forming in the distance. We have a Soleri wind bell and when it chimes it sounds like a ship’s bell and I think of this one, from JFK’s yacht. WWG1WGA.  ~ BP


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