Accusations of Abuse and Tampering with a Corpse: What Happened to “Mother God”? – MAY 20 2021

306,708 views•May 20, 2021


Accusations of Abuse and Tampering with a Corpse: What Happened to “Mother God”?

306,708 views•May 20, 2021 5.6K215ShareSaveDr. Phil 5.92M subscribers Accusations of Abuse and Tampering with a Corpse: What Happened to “Mother God”? Eight months after Dr. Phil’s exclusive interview with the leader of the religious group, “Love Has Won,” Amy Carlson, also known as “Mother God,” was discovered dead inside a Colorado home. Carlson’s body was discovered in the small town of Moffat, Colorado on April 28, 2021, wrapped in a sleeping bag adorned with Christmas lights and glitter makeup around her eyes, which were allegedly missing. Seven apparent members of “Love Has Won” were arrested on charges of abuse of a corpse and child abuse. Rick Alan Ross, CEO of Cult Education Institute and cult expert, weighs in on the fallout from her death and the future of “Love Has Won.” #DrPhil#Season19 (19411)

Cult Leader, Abuser or Goddess? Meet ‘Mother God’ | False Gods

41,454 views•Apr 10, 2021 78450ShareSaveVICE Asia 927K subscribers “She only lets us sleep four hours, we have to wake up at 5AM.” Amy Carlson leads a group called Love Has Won. The web-savvy New Age outfit uses daily livestreams to recruit followers from around the world to join their house in Colorado. While her followers believe she is a divine being, the group is facing accusations that it is a cult. Former members are alleging stories of abuse, fraud and brainwashing. We hear from members and former members of the group to try and get to the bottom of it. Watch more stuff like this:

Is It Legal to Mummify Your Cult Leader?

410,853 views•May 21, 2021 41K203ShareSaveCaitlin Doughty – Ask A Mortician 1.54M subscribers Love may have won…just don’t serve her meatballs. CW: Depictions of animal abuse, alcohol abuse, and verbal abuse (footage via Love Has Won).

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