777 HONOR your MILITARY – SEEN and UNSEEN – May 31 2021 – UPDATED – TURDEAU ROBS Veterans but gives FREELY to PSYCHOTIC TERRORISTS. I said years ago TRUDEAU is NOT “MENTALLY FIT” to LEAD OUR COUNTRY, he is still NOT !

The VETERAN’S took “The TURD” to COURT for ripping off VETERANS PENSIONS, but secretly pays out 10.5 million to a ISLAMIC TERRORIST guy for killing a USA ARMY Sargeant guy…., SKIP to videos below for update. STILL think trudeau cares about you ?

WE NEED HUMANITY to stop thinking all Government needs to be PATERNAL. not in Heaven

In HEAVEN there are TWIN FLAMES that run a lot of stuff, and there are WOMEN in POWER

EVERY COUNTRY should HONOR their MILITARY that fights THE GOOD FIGHT for the BENEFIT of others. Sometimes OUR world MILITARIES get ABUSED by Crooked DIRTY and EVIL POLITICIANS, Bureaucrats, The WEALTHY SATANISTS to protect poppy field’s for cocaine, or illegal gun running, even HUMAN/SEX trafficking and when found out becomes a SHOCK to the SYSTEM. Especially when MILITARY does NOT get HONORED by their GOVERNMENTS and there are HOMELESS VETERANS everywhere because the SYSTEM many times uses them and abuses them. You will NOT experience this with the NEW system that HONORS all SOULS, especially the MILITARIES because THEY protect the INNOCENT and those that NEED protection. It is VERY HONORABLE to HONOR your MILITARY. Sometimes the MILITARY makes mistakes, we all do, WE are HUMAN.

When MILITARY PERSONAL DIE [PASS-OVER} to the next dimension, they are HONORED as the HERO’S that THEY ARE and rightfully so. Whether YOU arrive back on your home planet, If you are an earth volunteer or in Heaven, YOU are ALWAYS welcomed and honored for YOUR MISSIONS. You are welcomed back with LOVING ARMS and happy hearts. You SEE the PHYSICAL EARTH MILITARY gets honored and rewarded both in the PHYSICAL and then in the SPIRITUAL.

Those who have done there JOBS well will get honored and asked to help with the new system. The MILITARY will do BACKGROUND checks on ANYONE who will represent your countries to be elected as speakers etc. Same with anyone that is SELF-chosen as QUEENS and KINGS etc.

Let me tell you about SOLDIERS that are UNSEEN and never get honored, YOUR SPIRITUAL GUIDES who FIGHT OFF EVIL beings from attacking us everyday. MINE are working overtime right now because someone decided it would be funny, or some kind of payback to LEAVE the country that has DIVINE JUSTICE for your planet, the LAST to be rescued, = CANADA

DO you have any idea how that messes up CANADA even more and adds extra risk to USA by giving TRUDEAU more time to attack the LIGHT-WORKERS HERE. CANADA has had enough !

I am 58 years old, and CANADA always supported the USA as long as I have been alive, UNTIL TRUDEAU. I caught STEPHEN HARPER shape-shifting a few times as a REPTILIAN and posted it on the INTERNET. I had NO CHOICE but to throw JUSTINE TRUDEAU in there because JUSTIN was actually HUMAN at that time. I CAUGHT BARACK OBAMA SHAPESHIFTING MANY TIMES, EVEN HIS GUARDS WERE SHAPE-SHIFTING. America picked TRUMP, everyone of the ELITE cabal knew TRUMP through his wealth. I offered to clean-out CANADA many times but stated that I will NOT go in there WITH THE REPTILIANS. One because they WOULD KILL ME, the first chance that I got, and 2 because NO ONE had an idea who the heck I was and never heard of me, well at least by MY REAL NAME being SAINT ANDREW. The cabal killed TRUDEAU in 2015 and stuck a reptilian brain worm inside him so he is A CLONE, clone # 5 I think, But I wasn’t told that they killed him to around 2018/9 Anyway to make a LONG STORY SHORT, I am rather disgusted that way things turned out, due to the FACT that I am FEMALE and people were NOT listening to ME as a GUARDIAN for YOUR PLANET. I could by rights have a FEW GENERALS arrested for TREASON for letting us SUFFER an extra couple of years over here because YOU DENIED MY DIVINE AUTHORITY and RANK, which is above earth as a MEMBER of HEAVEN. I offered many times to clean-out Canada IF you arrested TRUDEAU and was ignored. DID you consider ME below YOU in AUTHORITY ? Just wondering or , NO place for a woman ? Maybe I do NOT have the physical stamina that I once had, BUT I HAD the SPIRITUAL WISDOM and GODLY DIVINE INTELLIGENCE to help you. YOU will be communicating regulary with THOSE from the HOUSE of RA, NOT just the Pleiadians or Andromedans of the LIGHT etc. That is the new way.

You are doing such an awesome JOB that it is hard to be mad at you. It is also really hard to find it in my heart to arrest you for treason. I will request this last time that you arrest Trudeau immediately or ASAP as I may not be so kind about it. YOU placed me in extreme danger by NOT listening to me and ignoring me which gave me a lot more extra spiritual warfare attacks.

IN the FUTURE the MILITARY will report to ASCENDED MASTERS, they are from all different races and TRIBES. FOR NOW the “HOUSE of RA” will contacting the MILITARY until they are ready.

For those of YOU going on to be GOD’S when YOU reach 6D

THE MILITARY is SUPPOSED to SERVE and PROTECT the HIGHEST VIBING SPIRITUAL MEMBERS and WHO might they be ?. WHEN the TIME COMES that YOU are YOUR OWN GOD and YOU CREATE your own planet, who will run it and what are the highest positions. Christ like being, or IF a CHRISTED BEING is NOT available a HIGH RANKING GOD/LIKE BEING will be on one side of you and who is on the other ? A divine JUSTICE BEING like myself. Never make the mistake of thinking that THE MASTERS, we are just citizens, WE are beyond that and that is NOT ego, If you want your own planet these are things you must think about. HOW will you set it up. WHY is this important now? You will SEE in the changes coming of how things change and WHO reports to WHO and WHY etc. BEING CHRISTED is also a TITLE like being KNIGHTED etc. And then there is Christ.

Many have equated war to a CHESS GAME, which I loved to play as a child. I qualified for MENSA at 12 years old I decided to keep it to myself as it caused some jealousy in my family and FELT that the Government would only abuse me so I kept it hidden. I also LOVED the backgammon game. Does anyone know how to usually WIN the game of Backgammon ? MOVE and COVER, MOVE and COVER, MOVE and COVER. That is how I always won.

I was impressed how all the MILITARY cleaned out the bases and then made-sure the WHITE-HATS had control of them after. It reminded me of backgammon, very impressive. I do NOT know what happened as we heard that a light force Military turned on you, that must have been heart-wrenching. I hope to hear more about the TRUTH of that as that must have been horrible to experience. I am called BOOTS on the GROUND LIGHT FORCES fro a reason and I have NO clue what is GOING-ON in space right now ? As my messages are downloaded into my being as that is how HEAVEN communicates with me sometimes amongst other ways. What I would have DONE different is YOU SHOULD have LISTENED to me as It would have been easier IF you did. YOU did NOT think that I needed acknowledgement OR protection as IF below you in rank. I asked many times for a Canadian Military to come forth and give me a report, and was IGNORED. That will land you in MAJOR trouble if YOU continue. WHOM do you think YOU will be reporting to in the FUTURE ? It will BE CHRIST, the DISCIPLES and who ever else is chosen etc. However HEAVEN has it laid out, is HOW it will work out.

YOU MILITARY MEN and US LIGHT-WORKER’S have ALL BEEN through HELL, at least we are still alive. YET you must arrest Trudeau immediately or HEAVEN might charge someone for TREASON for IGNORING a DIVINE PLANETARY GUARDIAN BEING, I should have been protected when I asked for his arrest over 7 years ago, freeing 209 countries before you get to FREE JUSTICE is HIGH TREASON to say the least considering WHO I AM, not just a citizen that is ignored period

There is an OLDER MILITARY , the oldest Military actually that rarely gets credit, One being your own personal GUARDIAN ANGELS who keep YOU alive and SAFE 24/7. WE all have one, They tell me that our GUARDIAN ANGELS/SPIRIT GUIDES are usually your BEST FRIENDS and FAMILY members from the other side. THE LOVE YOU so MUCH that they VOLUNTEER to keep you safe.

You are on a LEARNING planet, I can’t get too mad at you, but IF you do not listen to me then I have NO idea what will happen TO continue to DISOBEY HEAVEN’S DIVINE AUTHORITY of JUSTICE for your planet from the COMPANY of HEAVEN.

WE are the OLDEST SPIRITUAL WARFARE MILITARY that has NO special DAY of MEMORY, Nor do we have a place to gather, to mourn or an Earth Marker that we even exist, THE INVISIBLE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR and LIGHT-WARRIORS and LIGHT-WORKER’S etc.needs a CELEBRATION DAY and another DAY for all the SPIRIT GUIDES to celebrate that KEEPS us all alive. For the BILLIONS of BEINGS that are Invisible to the public. WE need a PATRIOT WARRIOR DAY as well.

I was upset that I reached out to the Canadian Military many times for an update and a report for the PSYCHO – JUSTIN TRUDEAU and his arrest for the freedom of CANADA and was ignored as IF I don’t exist. I FIRED JUSTIN TRUDEAU many, many times, his mother and father were/are running a child/sex/ trafficking business, for ADRENOCHROME, Trudeau clone # 4 tried to KILL trump on airforce 2, murdered single mothers who witness Trudeau taking children, something like that ask the USA CIA, DEATH ATTEMPTS on SAINT ANDREW of HEAVEN, STEALING FUNDS off of HUMANITY and GIVING OUR MONEY TO PSYCHOPATH TERRORISTS, ABSOLUTE TREASON.

Over 800 different PAY schedule, which the GREEDY reptilians got the MOST money, I could go on destroying CANADA the NATIVE PEOPLE”S and other races BORN here.

And JOE BIDEN cheated with ELECTION FRAUD, so did TRUDEAU, dominion voting scam. He was given 100 million dollars personal money by the CABAL to DESTROY CANADA from the inside

Trudeau questioned by veterans on pensions, Omar Kahdr

511,820 views•Feb 1, 2018 5.3K664ShareSaveCTV News 670K subscribers


Trudeau gives terrorist $10.5 million

3,883 views•Jul 10, 2017 20718ShareSaveAndrew Scheer 8.8K subscribers

Canadians are shocked by Justin Trudeau’s decision to give a $10.5 million secret payout to the terrorist who killed US Army Sergeant Christopher Speer in Afghanistan.

NOW TREASONOUS TRUDEAU made a video yesterday offering to pay for residential schools to dig up the children;s bones to hide evidence . THIS heartless SMUCK has the compassion of a BRICK. He wants the NATIVE DNA to make more HUMAN CLONES like him

HE is NOT helping the NATIVE COMMUNITY, he is doing it to cover up crimes and get the DNA from those bones, HELLO CANADA WAKE UP already AND CALL HIM out for ARREST & TREASON. DO NOT CALL the CRISIS LINE as they want to remove witnesses, use your heads.

Sask. First Nations leaders, premier call for federal government to examine residential school sites

1,915 views•Premiered 7 hours ago 1981ShareSaveCBCSaskatchewan 8.31K subscribers Warning: This story contains details some readers may find disturbing. A national Indian Residential School

Crisis Line has been set up to provide support for former students and those affected. People can access emotional and crisis referral services by calling the 24-hour national crisis line: 1-866-925-4419



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