Judge Joe Brown goes in on Kamala being a hoe – WOW , talk about calling someone out. LMAO atlas the truths ….., June 01 2021

It’s OK TO LAUGH in HUMANITY’S FACES when they LIE, STEAL OUR MONEY act like they are VIRTUOUS until PEOPLE SEE them for WHO they really are, cabal – LOWLIFE SCAMMERS

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS – BRACE YOURSELF for an interesting week as LIGHT POUNDS our PLANET. Humanity has been under CONTROL from the evil forces for far too long. Heaven used to hear me laughing hysterically, that is when the MEME’S were coming out everywhere. I told Mother and Father God that the funniest MEMES I saw was the one with Kamala harris and her voting registration which was a meme with her legs wide open and the door for her vagina. WHO is going to pass the buck and start to downplay the cabal members

Of course it’s hard to find that MEME NOW. HUMANITY in every Country has HAD ENOUGH of these FAKE LEADERS walking around as if they are BETTER than everyone because they GOT “ELECTED”, oops SELF-ELECTED through the MAGIC YONI ! LYING to HUMANITY yet HUMANITY that is asleep thinks they are so GREAT…, REALLY ? As so many LIE through their teeth !

BAVARIAN = BARBARIAN ILLUMINATI = BANKSTER SELECTED HOES with an attitude ! They swarming all over CANADA too, as IF they are better, PAYING OFF everyone TO LIE for them.

POLITICS will change to PEOPLE with some INTEGRITY {REAL HUMANS} who DO not HIDE BEHIND masks of FALSITY and LIES spreading THEIR LEGS to get votes, disgusting as that is.

Kamala Harris VP Meme

PROVING ONCE again, that only THOSE with INTEGRITY should be running for office.

Judge Joe Brown goes in on Kamala being a hoe #judgejoebrown #kamalaharris #kwamebrown

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‘She F***ed Her Way to the Top!’ – Judge Joe Brown Goes Off on Joe Biden AND Kamala Harris in Spicy Rant (4 min VIDEO)

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Date: Tuesday, 1-Jun-2021 13:44:06

Warning, Warning.. Language… https://www.youtube.com/embed/3Q9b2JqO_40
https://youtu.be/3Q9b2JqO_40 FrankieDiamonds TV
Judge Joe Brown reflects on his 40 year career & airs out his truth Judge Joe Brown joined former NBA player Kwame Brown this weekend in a YouTube livestream. Judge Brown went
off on
Joe B
iden f

or his decades of racism and past remarks denigrating black children. The Judge also took a shot at Kamala Harris with both barrels blazing. Judge Brown said he was there when Joe Biden made his racist segregationist speech.

Image result for kamala harris memes with her legs wide open



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