MAY 6 to June 10th 2021

HEART PALPITATIONS, what I did years ago was to breathe in and out slowly counting to 3, breathe in count to 3 breathe out count to 3, repeat. If you feel that you need to call a doctor, like you are having a heart attack, then by all means do call a doctor.


Why JUNE Will be SURPRISING & Big Energy Waves| UFO Sightings of Past Days (2021)

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Schumann Resonance 🌟🌟🌟 May 27 2021

POP, POP, POP, POP, POOF=GONE ? BYE-BYE old ARCHONS the darkness ???

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Hello beautiful Souls, We are in a very intense time energetically! We just moved through an eight hour wave of Light, are in the middle of a geomagnetic storm AND we’re in the potent energy of the Total Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon in Sagittarius.😳 This Lunar Eclipse is transforming and deeply releases what no longer serves you on so many levels. This deep release can be ideas and beliefs that you had about yourself, society, income, the list goes on and on… To help those that are in need of releasing, clearing and healing, the Shaman Collective have come through with a multiple voice Sound Healing through drumming. This Shaman Collective has had previous lifetimes throughout the centuries on Earth in many different regions of our planet. These Shaman’s are now in the higher realms assisting those that are in need. Please note this may not be for everyone but know this Shaman Collective have come through to help humanity during this Eclipse energy with the highest of heart intentions to help you release, clear and heal.

Schumann Resonance 3000Hz+ 💥💥💥

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Universal Love 💞 Channeled Message

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Schumann Resonance 🌟🌟🌟 May 27 2021

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MAY FULL SUPER MOON & LUNAR ECLIPSE 🌙🌘🌙 : Channeled Message and Sound Healing Ceremony

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Energy Update 🌟✨🌟 & Sunlight Meditation☀️☀️☀️

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Schumann Resonance 🌟🌟🌟Update…14,000Hz 😳😮🤩

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ECLIPSE ASCENSION PORTAL JUST OPENED!! May 26 – June 10, 2021 + June 2021

Energy Update – EARTH1111

1,267 views•May 27, 2021 1972ShareSaveEARTH1111 2.07K subscribers ECLIPSE ASCENSION PORTAL JUST OPENED!!! May 26 – June 10, 2021 – HUGE TIMELINE JUMPS!!! EARTH1111 + JUNE 2021 Energy update. energy update ascension symptoms spiritual awakening schumann resonance energy forecast ascension energies fifth dimension ascension 2021 lee harris 5th dimension full moon eclipse portal 2021 eclipse ascension portal may energies 5d shift ascension update june 2021 energies june 2021 june energy update energy update june 2021 june 2021 energy forecast 5d ascension 5d consciousness new earth eckhart tolle phil good lorie ladd sadhguru latest ascension updates on EARTH 1111. EARTH1111 is your hub for all things SPIRITUAL Awakening, ASCENSION, 5D new EARTH + BEYOND!!! ALL SOCIAL LINKS HERE —– ——— SUBSCRIBE to EARTH1111 YouTube channel: ——— FOLLOW on INSTAGRAM ——— JOIN me on FACEBOOK ————– WEIRD 5D ASCENSION TOPICS 🙂 ————– ~~~ ASCENSION, when will it STOP??? ~~~ 11:11, 1111, 111, 11 meaning… Synchronistic REPEATED NUMBER PATTERNS explained: ~~~ 3D EARTH vs 5D EARTH TIMELINE SPLIT… true or false? ~~~ 555 ASCENSION PORTAL is OPEN!!! May 5-31, 2021 ~~~ Mid-MAY 2021 ASCENSION ENERGY UPDATE ~~~ I’m AWAKE, now WHAT? Moving from being AWAKENED to Spiritual ASCENSION + BEYOND! ~~~ Are you seeing FRACTALS, spirals, GEOMETRY, vortices, GRIDS, haze, flashes of light? ~~~ Psychic ATTACK explained… what are REPTILIANS, lizard people, entities, dark aliens? ~~~ Worried you will be left behind on 3D EARTH? WATCH THIS!!! ~~~ 3 WAVES of OLD SOULS here to SAVE THE WORLD…. ARE YOU ONE??? ~~~ We just JUMPED TIMELINES!! Did you FEEL it? HUGE TIMELINE COLLAPSE!!! ~~~ 5D EARTH Caught on Video! SPIRITUAL ASCENSION & The SUN: ————– ASCENSION SYMPTOMS & HEALTH: —————- ~~~ SPIRITUAL ASCENSION CRISIS ~~~ ASCENSION & HEALTH ISSUES…. why is your body declining??? ~~~ ASCENSION SYMPTOMS 2021…. LIGHTBODY UPGRADE underway NOW!!! ~~~ NEW 5D ASCENSION SYMPTOMS 2020 – Are you feeling these BODY CHANGES?: ~~~ ASCENSION SYMPTOMS not feeling better??? ~~~ SIGNS of a SPIRITUAL DEATH & REBIRTH ~~~ CAN’T SLEEP? WAKING UP BETWEEN 3 and 5 AM? NIGHTMARES? ASCENSION SYMPTOMS – SLEEP issues ————— SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: ————— ~~~ Alone on the SPIRITUAL PATH? Feeling Lonely after AWAKENING? ~~~ The DARK SIDE OF SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL: ~~~ DARKNESS IS UNREALIZED POTENTIAL – Heal the SHADOW SELF to get back dormant GIFTS, ABILITIES TALENTS ~~~ 15 MAGICAL SIGNS you shifted into a HIGHER DIMENSION! ~~~ How to find your LIFE PURPOSE & Soul Mission: ~~~ 14 WAYS to cleanse out NEGATIVE ENERGY from your aura, Body & LIFE!!! ~~~ WHY DOES LIFE SUCK FOR SPIRITUAL PEOPLE?: ~~~ ASCENSION & Relationships 101 (PART ONE): ~~~ SEX & RELATIONSHIPS after Spiritual AWAKENING (PART TWO): ~~~ How to INSTANTLY SHIFT YOUR FREQUENCY & ASCEND FAST: ~~~ UNDERSTANDING THE UPS AND DOWNS OF SPIRITUAL ASCENSION: ————— KNOWING & SEEKING!!! —————- ~~~ BIGGER than any consprcy theory!!! The SECRET you have not heard before!!! ~~~ Did the LIGHT WIN OR LOSE? Is 5D ascension of Planet earth doomed? ~~~ 200 YEAR RESET – The great DECEMBER 21, 2020 EVENT!!! ——————– OTHER RECOMMENDED VIDEOS ———————— ~~~ SHED YOUR OLD LIFE + move into the NEW!!! ~~~ ~~~ KUNDALINI AWAKENING DEPRESSION – DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL: ~~~ Is the UNIVERSE AGAINST YOU? WHY IS THE UNIVERSE MAD AT US?:

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