G7 SATANIC PEDOVORE FREAKSHOW “taints” beautiful PROJECT EDEN IN THE uk. Turdeau GETS Maxime Bernier arrested whilst he runs away to the UK – JUNE 12 2021

G7 SATANIC PEDOVORE FREAKSHOW “taints” beautiful PROJECT EDEN. SUCH A beautifUL PLACE TO BE DISTURBED BY BABY-KILLERS and BABY EATERS. I REPORTED about the RED CARPET these FREAKS usually use for their Satan tv awards, meant to REPRESENT the BLOOD of our children. THESE are some of the BIGGEST LIARS MASS-MURDERERS and SCUMBAGS. if any of these BASTURDS had a SOUL, I’d FIGHT THEM in the SPIRITUAL REALMS ! So they had a BLUE CARPET event instead and had a bunch of FREAKS in RED parade around, sic PEDO PSYSCOPATHS!

THEN they harrass the GOOD GUY whilst PEDoVORE FREAK reptilian CLONE boy is away from home. If I was the MILITARY in CANADA , MY BOOT would be on TRUDEAU’s ugly pedo FACE

CBC/Radio-Canada is a Canadian public broadcast service. Wikipedia

Trudeau makes 1st pandemic trip abroad to G7 summit in U.K.

23,364 views•Jun 10, 2021 213613ShareSaveCBC News: The National 1.13M subscribers Justin Trudeau took his first diplomatic trip abroad since the pandemic set in, landing in Britain for next week’s G7 summit. Pressure is building on Canada to donate more vaccines to poorer countries.



Posted By: jensingr
Date: Saturday, 12-Jun-2021 16:04:42

Whatever this is, they aren’t hiding behind closed doors anymore…. https://www.youtube.com/embed/TFUCiavFtf0


Greencrow: Canada’s Bernier warned not to campaign. Faces $100,000 fine & more jail time PLUS: Blackrock, Worlds Largest Asset Manager, Is Buying Every Single Family House-(Images)

Posted By: RobertS
Date: Saturday, 12-Jun-2021 19:19:47

The following essay report from http://greencrowasthecrowflies.blogspot.com/2021/06/canadas-bernier-warned-not-to-campaign.html
Saturday, June 12, 2021
UPDATED: Canada’s Bernier warned not to campaign. Faces $100,000 fine & more jail time PLUS: Blackrock, Worlds Largest Asset Manager, Is Buying Every Single Family House They Can Find UPDATED: June 12, 2021 BREAKING! Important update to the Magnetofection has just been received…sent to me by regular commenter S75p. Here it is:
UK Doctor Warns Humanity about Magnetofection https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/Drtmagneticvaxhypothesis-1:c
“Attempted Mass Genocide” MagnetGate Hypothesis From A Medical Doctor (bitchute.com)
Greencrow notes: While I was watching this video…suddenly the sound changed [slowed] dramatically, making listening to the Doctor impossible. She is saying some very shocking things about the magnetofection in the vaccines. Does anyone have another version of this video to share??? Thanks to Dennis, we have another version, this time on BitChute. “Attempted Mass Genocide” MagnetGate Hypothesis From A Medical Doctor (bitchute.com)( https://www.bitchute.com/video/06Mo3Ja9azdv/ ) Thanks! NOTE: This version also has a lot of glitches for a BitChute video. This material is, as FreakedOut says: “RIGHT OVER THE TARGET!” So watch this video before it disappears entirely.
So now I have finally been able to watch and listen to the entire video. It is indeed a blockbuster! Anyone who continues to assert that the “vaccinations” must continue in spite of the questions this Doctor is asking…is a collaborator in the Genocide program. And we all know the fate of collaborators during WWII or any war, for that matter. Collaborators are the worst of the worst of our enemies…because they hide amongst us and attack from within.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/e9DIo3fRUqU https://youtu.be/e9DIo3fRUqU
Canada’s Maxime Bernier arrested – warned not to campaign. Faces $100,000 fine & more jail time
Good morning readers. Yes. Yesterday was truly an historical day on the CovID HOAX front. We discovered to our absolute shock and horror that the so-called “vaccines” contain a substance [“Magnetofection”] that causes the cells of its victims to become magnetized. It would seem, however, that this is not happening to ALL the vaccine suckers–just those who receive certain “lots” of the PfiZer and ModeRNA “vaccines”. Since my developmentally disabled brother Paul, who lives in a staffed residential resource in a Vancouver suburb received the PfiZer vaccine last March. When I visit him tomorrow I am planning on testing his left arm with one of my car keys to see if it has become magnetized.So I was in a bit of a state of shock all day yesterday…coming yet again to terms with just how evil these PerpZ are and feeling like I am living in the middle of a Sci-fi horror movie without end. Fellow blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker tried to snap me out of it late yesterday by reminding me that another breaking news story had hit the fan here in Canada–the arrest of People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier. I voted for Max in the last federal (s)election in 2018. He is, IMO, the only real, independent political leader in Canada currently and I plan to vote for him again in the next selection should there ever be another one. As I reported a few weeks ago now, the Entire Canadian Parliament with the exception of only one MP, Alberta’s Derek Sloan, voted to shelf democratic elections “Until the Plandemic is Over”. We all know, of course, that the Plandemic is never going to end…so that was the de facto end of democracy in Canada. So, when NTS asked for my comments on the arrest of Maxime Bernier…this is what I said to him:”I will report on it tomorrow. Today I’m still in shock over the magnetofection news. Just watched Max Igan and according to the link on his latest video:Max Igan’s Latest Video is another Blockbuster http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=235829 Psycovidism | The TruthseekerPfiZer also has the magnetofection shit in it. I thought it was just ModeRNA.

This is Genocide in motion. Yes, Maxime Bernier was arrested today, likely to distract the Sentients from the Niagara Falls of Truth coming out about the deadly vaxxines.

IMO, they are making a huge mistake in arresting him. It will ensure that, should there ever be another selection in Canada [currently there a high level of doubt that will ever take place] Bernier will be elected…unless they fraud every single vote in the country.

This is why, of course, there will likely never be another election in Canada without a revolution in every city in the country.”***************Greencrow continues: So that’s how I feel about the arrest, yesterday, of People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier. The CovID HOAX is the gift that keeps on giving…it can even be used to silence and sideline political opposition, in contravention to all the fundamental principles of democracy. As the commenter in the video at the top of this post concludes…Democracy is now dead in Canada. But, the Lil Turd Jr. is doing just fine with his masking BS over in the UK. Prancing around in costume is what the turd does best. Note…folks…how his wife seems not to have gone along for the production. There’s a long-standing rumour that they’re secretly separated,…no doubt a result of her having finally woken up to the fact that her children are at risk from the Bullshitter Turd’s caper.Back to the Vaxx news explosion of yesterday. I received an interesting comment from regular commenter S75p to the “magnetofection” news:S75p: “re; post vax magnetizm. I with my engineering background would remain a bit skeptical despite very convincing video evidence. To my knowledge, such phenomena is unheard of. To make magnetic coupling, a biological body would have to be heavily saturated with magnetic particles–to a level that it would resulted in likely increased unnatural body weight, chemical composition and soon death. There also would be some indication of person’s poor health condition. However, in our current world, the evil sciences are poking into dark regions of knowledge and one needs to be open-minded and consider anything and always expect dirty trick from them.” Greencrow says: So that’s some important considerations. How is this affecting the weight of the person who has become magnetized? We know that “vaccine” victim Brittany Galvin is now bedridden with Guillain Barre Syndrome–and cannot even walk to the bathroom. She has said that she fears death as a result of her adverse effects to the ModeRNA shots. “…Many of us will not be around in a few weeks or months…”We will await more commentary from doctors and research scientists on this magnetofection phenomena…as the news of this shocking development seeps up like blood through the floor boards of a murder scene.Blackrock – the Power Behind the Plandemic…and the Coming Economic Collapse?Now, on to yet another arena where the perps are plotting the doom of humanity. The economic meltdown. I have been watching this large investment company called Blackrock ever since some alternative analysts said it was the final stop of the “follow the money” behind the Plandemic/Agenda 21. Blackrock. Hmmmm….reminds me of Black Water. That was the infamous corporation behind the proxy mercenaries that were sent to Iraq during the War for Israel that took place there after the 9/11 False Flag [“seven countries in five years’]. I wonder if there is anything more than a name connection. Anyhooooo. I would recommend readers keep an eye out for articles and information about Blackrock because it seems to be up to some sinister no good…including:THREAD: Blackrock, Worlds Largest Asset Manager, Is Buying Every Single Family House They Can Find… – T-RoomThose who have followed the money behind the Plandemic…including the funding of the “vaccine” production and distribution have discovered Blackrock to be at the end of the money chain. And, finally, I received the following comment to a comment about Blackrock that I left on a Vancouver Sun comments forum [amazingly, one of the very few comments forums that allows anyone to comment].

Peter Ponomarenko replied to you on vancouversun.com in the conversation on COVID-19: B.C. on track for Step 2 of reopening next week as modelling shows cases could dip by the fall:
“Blackrock’s stock has gone from US$355 on
Mar 15, 2020 to US$880 on Jun 11, 2021 and most analysts still give it a very
strong ‘buy’ rate. A great example of how elites are in the know, pulling all
the strings, and cashing in on the pandemic they cooked up.” Sentient humanity urgently needs to find out more about who is pulling the strings behind Blackrock. Knowledge is Power.Stay tuned. Posted by greencrow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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