X22 Report — Episode 2503: Patriots are Exposing the Club, Zero-Day is Approaching

X22 Report — Episode 2503: Patriots are Exposing the Club, Zero-Day is Approaching

Monday, 14 June 2021, 22:14 PM 375

Ep. 2503a – The Patriots Are Exposing The Club, See The Difference

Ep. 2503b – The Clock Is Ticking Down, Zero-Day Is Approaching, Time To Take Back The Country

X22 Report
Published June 14, 2021

https://rumble.com/vijk4t-ep.-2503a-the-patriots-are-exposing-the-club-see-the-difference.html https://rumble.com/embed/vfxdzj/?pub=4#?secret=zXo2V1s8iB

The [CB] was put in a tough spot by the patriots, Trump reversed almost everything they needed to do and when the [CB] tries to reverse course this is very easy to spot, especially when you are destroying jobs. The promise of student loan forgiveness seems to be fading away. Trump allows the people to see the club.

https://rumble.com/vijkip-ep.-2503b-the-clock-is-ticking-down-zero-day-is-approaching-time-to-take-ba.html https://rumble.com/embed/vfxedf/?pub=4#?secret=tMp6aQJ9Fi

The patriots are preparing to show the world the truth, the [DS] cheating in the election and lied about almost everything that happened during the pandemic, riots etc. Zero-Day is approaching and the [DS] is preparing to counter this with a [FF]. Patriots are on the ready, countermeasures are in place, think new social media platform, people aware now, people logically thinking.


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