Latest thing to discredit the credibility of LIGHT-WORKER’S and HEAVEN is people saying that there is NO dimensions, REALLY – go build a 2D house and live in it then… “BE CAREFUL WHO you FOLLOW”…., June 15 2021

I saw GHOSTS in my teenage years, so I ABSOLUTELY KNOW there are ‘other’ dimensions…..

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DREAM ? OR ASTRAL TRAVEL ? DO NOT THINK just because YOU have NOT SEEN or experienced or remember any others dimensions that they don’t exist

This is EXACTLY “WHY” I do NOT post things, just because everyone does….,

Now I LOVE YOU ALL , please don’t be mislead and THINK or do some research before posting.

Not everyone will understand the dimensions or GOD’S or HEAVEN’S – or the SUPERNATURAL worlds, if they haven’t experienced it. If you discredit GOD and dimensions then how do you exist and WHY do you have a spiritual body to astral TRAVEL in your sleep to EXPLORE dimensions then ? YOU humanity have so much more to explore than YOU can even fathom. “MY FATHER”S HOUSE has many mansions, from the BIBLE, I think CHRIST was talking about DIMENSIONS and other PLANETS etc. 4D TIME TRAVEL has already been PROVEN, many times, need I say more.

Many things prove of dimensions, Kirilian Photography, Astral travel, light orbs and photos of GHOSTS just to name a few. If you want to become smarter and wiser then have an “OPEN-MIND” and become what is called TEACHABLE. Many have said that 4D is a NO time zone as well.

Here is just ONE video out of many that explores some things to you.


11 Dimensions Explained (Eleven Dimensions) – What are Dimensions & How Many Dimensions are There

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