Kryon - LeeCarroll

Kryon – LeeCarroll 17 hours ago

The Galactic Federation invites all STAR SEEDS !!! We the Galactic Federation of Light are calling on all the Seeds of Stars and the creators of light on Earth to raise the vibration and send this message to the dark forces on this planet.

According to the Universal Law, we Galactic Body that oversees this part of the cosmos does not give the dark forces of energy our permission to continue to use the energy of the peoples of the Earth for their purposes. As rulers of the Light, we urge you to leave the good citizens of the Earth alone, after many thousands of years when you are allowed to remain in this plane of existence, just because of the Law of Free Will, which was originally given to this planet. Star Seeds, Lightworkers, and Earth Citizens, please speak aloud: We, earthlings, do not give you, the invisible dark forces, beings, and entities, permission to control us in any form imaginable.

We do not give you permission to wage war against each other, poison food and water supplies, poison us with chemicals that harm the human body, animals, and the environment. We, humans, do not give you permission to hold your sovereignty or to govern us heads of state who profit from people energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and by any other form of vampirism.

We, humans, are once again bringing our planet Earth under our control for the benefit of all the citizens of the planet and demanding that you, the dark forces that are part of the invisible, leave this planet immediately.

This message came out for everyone to see and should be read aloud, copied, reproduced in all domains of the existence of this planet and the solar system in which we live. • Only those entities and energies of positive vibrations and higher frequencies will get permission to occupy this planet Earth. • We, the citizens of the Earth, are now returning home and expelling all the negative energies, beings, and entities that reside here. • The forces and laws of the universe – leave now!

• Earth Gaia is the frequency of light that no longer allows lower, negative frequencies to inhabit the surface or any region below the planet’s surface.

• All beings who do not vibrate at a higher frequency of positive and beloved energy for all – go now – leave this planet alone!

• This declaration of sovereignty for planet Earth is complete.

• Leave the waters of our universe because your presence here is no longer agreed upon.

This is the Galactic Alliance of Light. We thank the citizens of Earth for their endurance through the timeline of Planet Earth in many forms. We love you all and help you get rid of all the negativity you have had to endure. We are sending you a new integrated light energy for the purpose of your healing as a global nation. We express our gratitude for your high determination in this galactic matter and ask you to hold the light briefly and then send it to earth to ground the energy deep in your planet.

All negative frequencies, energies, beings, and entities will pass into another plane of existence in order to experience the set destiny. The planet will no longer carry energy that is not a pure source and that will go through a process of deep healing and return to its original pattern as it was created. We, the Federation, please help bring out this message of declaration and transform all negative forms of thought, emotion, and energy into a source for healing and integration of your DNA codes. We serve the common good and help the citizens of the Earth in this moment of history, as it is destined. Send your declaration messages now – It’s time. – Galactic Federation and the first contact team of the ground team LOVE WON !!!! Dagon Perunov



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