Fulford Vacation Backgrounder 7/26 (preview): “How I Got Involved In The Secret War That Is Now Ending” – July 26 2021

Yes, I remember about 7-8 years ago MR. BENJAMIN FULFORD was also telling them [THEY] the cabal/deepstate EVIL forces to “SURRENDER or DIE”, I gave them 3 years as HEAVEN stated that when the ANGELS FELL many turned to the EVIL side. WE won the WAR and THEY refuse to accept it. I gave them 3 years TO RETURN TO the light. i COMMANDED THAT THEY SURRENDER OR DIE. – MANY YEARS ago and SOME returned to THE LIGHT. The KARMICS are PISSED and they want the their EVIL to get going, BUT it’s over, it’s done etc. MANY KARMICS are TRYING to RESIST their KARMA. DOUBLE doses are of KARMA so they STOP playing with people and FIGHTING against the most HIGH. HEAVEN IS not PLAYING GAMES HERE and it’s time. Unfortunately I am NOT allowed to go on VACATION yet, I wish. Anyhow, some of these KARMICS and DEMONS besides being absolutely psychotic and DELUSIONAL. The TOWER will keep hitting them some will get DEATH that is WELL-DESERVED for their “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY” and their CRIMES against “THE LIGHT FORCES” as well. I REQUESTED TRUE DIVINE JUSTICE for THE LIGHT-WORKER’S and LIGHT-WARRIORS working in THE HIDDEN WARS and on THE FRONT LINES to SAVE THIS PLANET and HUMANITY. What WE do here echo’s into THE UNIVERSE ETC.

Imagine charging “SAINT ANDREW” from HEAVEN twice for her income taxes when H & R Block = INCOME TAX was illegal and enforced by the NON-HUMAN demonic DRACO REPTILIAN FORCES when they STOLE our HUMAN BANKING SYSTEM to ENSLAVE HUMANITY and the ANGELIC FORCES. This is WHY HEAVEN had to replace our BANKING system. I did NOT know about the QFS when I made the 10 Commandments for the RV. It is a WONDERFUL thing that they have this as MANY = LIGHT BEINGS and TRUTHERS were ROBBED severely by the SATANIC owned and RUN BANKSTERS – WHO also ROBBED the GOVERNMENTS !!!

WE are the last PLANET to be rescued from the dark forces THAT ALSO HAS TO DO with our PLANET standing up for themselves. KARMIC and DEMONICS are EGO-DRIVEN. The evil ones, = demonic/karmics actually tried to cut me off the “TREE of LIFE”. That is rather hillarious really considering I AM an ENTIRE BRANCH. LMAO. There are some of US that voluteered to be bait. and NO it’s NOT entrapped when I commanded them to surrender to THE LIGHT and they refused. But making ME the cabal’s punching bag, punishing ME for their EVIL CRIMES is NOT going to take away the JUDGEMENT has been sealed, their FATE has been signed and sealed. By US offering to be THE BAIT – these beings stop attacking MY LIGHT-WORKER’S etc. and Humanity etc. KARMICS cannot compare with US so they spread LIES, slander creating and spiritual suicide for themselves. It is what it is. Arrogant beings and Karmics creating KARMA.

NO SOUL ever gets AWAY WITH DOING “EVIL DEEDS” – The KARMIC WHEEL comes for you !

Carry one my precious ones, I will post a GALACTIC SOON, update when I can.





Fulford Vacation Backgrounder 7/26 (preview): “How I Got Involved In The Secret War That Is Now Ending”

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 26-Jul-2021 14:34:43

https://benjaminfulford.net/2021/07/26/how-i-got-involved-in-the-secret-war-that-is-now-ending/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~July 26, 2021How I Got Involved In The Secret War That Is Now Ending

By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 73 Comments

Notice to readers. So that I may take my annual sabbatical in the Canadian wilderness, the next several reports will be pre-written. They will focus on the history of how I got involved in fighting the Khazarian Mafia. Hopefully, this will help readers get a better understanding of what is happening now. Of course, if something really big happens, we will issue an emergency report.

If you are really doing your job as a front-line reporter, it will not take too long before you run into a dark underside of the powers that run the world. In my case, I first ran into the hoodlums who run the world while reporting on the Japanese financial bubble of the late 1980s. Japan was very important at the time because the bubble made the real estate in Japan worth 20 times more than all the real estate in the United States. The stock market too was worth by far more than that of the U.S. With so much money involved, the foreign financial companies and their controlled press wanted in on the action.At the time, I was a rare native English speaker who could read a Japanese newspaper and as a result, was offered many lucrative jobs in the financial industry. I chose to become a reporter instead.

My first reporting job (with Knight Ridder Financial News) involved going every week to the Finance Minister’s (Kiichi Miyazawa at the time) weekly press conferences so I had a front-row seat at the center of Japanese power.My understanding from university and reference books was that the real power in Japan rested within the finance ministry. This was confirmed when, as the first foreign reporter to regularly attend these briefings, I noticed that every time I asked a question, some bureaucrat would whisper the answer into the minister’s ear. It turns out that is because my questions rarely fit into the pre-arranged script he was given to read from. The Japanese reporters, of course, asked pre-arranged softball questions.In any case, after realizing the finance minister was a puppet, I decided to go straight to the source and talk directly to the bureaucrats.

I soon found out they would only give me straightforward answers when I called them at night on their direct lines when no colleagues were present. It was on one of those calls that an exasperated section chief blurted out “if you really want to know what is going on, talk to Nomura Securities.”At the time, Nomura was widely considered by the locals to be the most important power center in Japan. A Chairman and President who both had the name Tabuchi, even though they were not directly related, ran Nomura in those days. They were known as big Tabuchi and little Tabuchi. They always knew before the financial press or the other financial institutions what the important financial numbers were going to be before they were released, and they traded the markets accordingly.It turns out the Tabuchis controlled Japan as follows:They made a list of 5,000 VIPs (journalists, politicians, gangsters, industrialists, celebrities, etc.) and lent them each several million dollars. They then told them which stocks to buy with the money. After this Nomura salespeople across Japan would go to doctors, housewives, small businessmen, etc., and push their list of “recommended stocks.” These would then shoot up in price at which point the VIPs bailed out, returned their loans, and kept millions in profits.What I watched from the front line (although I did not know it at the time) was the George Bush Sr. led CIA…
~~~~~ END OF PREVIEW ~~~~~Check back Thursday for full report


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