SORCHA 7/26: “Massive Global Covid Protests Topple First Government As People Realize Science Is A Filthy Scam”

SORCHA 7/26: “Massive Global Covid Protests Topple First Government As People Realize Science Is A Filthy Scam”

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Date: Monday, 26-Jul-2021 14:42:14

Source: 26, 2021Massive Global Covid Protests Topple First Government As People Realize Science Is A Filthy ScamBy: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western SubscribersA thought-provoking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting that for the first time since early Mayless new cases of Covid have been reported in Russia than over the previous week, says the overall mortality from the novel coronavirus infection is also now declining and currently stands at approximately 2.15%— despite a sharp increase in Covid cases in European countries sees mortality remaining low—and further sees that mortality from Covid is declining in the majority of Latin American countries.This report notes that as the deaths from Covid decrease, however, the world has had it with pandemic lockdowns as protests rock the entire globeepic and massive protests erupting worldwide against Covid vaccine passports and lockdown tyranny—the consequences of which have now led to the first government in the world being toppled when Tunisia’s president sacked the prime minister and suspended parliament a few hours ago in the wake of nationwide violent mass Covid protests—and after ousting the entire government, saw Tunisia’s president warning his opponents that “the army will respond with bullets” if they try to unleash street violence.This report notes that with over 160,000 enraged French citizens marching in unison through Paris protesting against Covid vaccine passes carrying signs reading “Liberty! Liberty! these citizens’ cries for freedom are being ignored by a socialist French government that’s met them with brutal police state force, and sees French President Emmanuel Macron denouncing the “irresponsibility and egoism” of those refusing to take experimental Covid vaccines.While tens-of-thousands of Greek protesters clash with police over these experimental Covid vaccines, this report continues, their protesting by the tens-of-thousand German counterparts have just been met by Chancellor Merkel’s socialist government declaring that “vaccinated people will definitely have more freedom than those unvaccinated”—in Italy,where its socialist government introduced a Covid health pass for those taking experimental vaccines, it sees tens-of-thousands of protesters battling brutal police state forces while holding signs denouncing their prime minister reading “Draghi Like Hitler”—while in London, its tens-of-thousands of protesters battling against brutal socialist police state power and Covid passports “threatened doctors with Nuremberg trials”—and is a threat these doctors should heed, because forcing experimental Covid vaccines on people is in direct violation of the international law known as The Nuremberg Code-Permissible Medical Experiments, that was enacted after World War II when it was discovered what Hitler and his Nazis were secretly doing with their medical experiments.This report next notes that the socialist ruled government of Australia has gone totally insane, because after a single man in his 80’s died of Covid last week, they locked nearly 1-million healthy residents of Sydney in their homes—an Australia having nearly 26-million citizens, of whom only 141 have been diagnosed with Covid this past week, and whose total Covid death toll is 915—which makes it no wonder why yesterday the police in Australia presented a legal document to their government exposing this Covid fraud.In the United States, this report continues, socialist Democrat Party forces and leftist media allies of Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden have begun a new fear-driven propaganda campaign of hysteria because of the Delta Variant of Covidwhich though being more transmissible is much less deadly than the original Covid virus—is occurring at the same the CDC is quietly abandoning its PCR test for Covid because it’s garbage—today sees the CDC “actively considering issuing a face cover advisory for vaccinated Americans”—and sees this lunacy happening just a week after the top Covid advisor to the British government openly admitted that masks are just “comfort blankets” that do virtually nothing.As to what is really enraging Biden and his godless socialist forces, this report explains, can be glimpsed in the leftist Washington Post article “Patience Has Worn Thin: Frustration Mounts Over Vaccine Holdouts”, wherein it states: “80 percent of Americans who remain unvaccinated said they probably or definitely will not get the vaccine…The survey also found 64 percent of unvaccinated Americans have little-to-no confidence in the vaccines working against variants”—after which this leftist Biden mouthpiece published their lying screed “Republicans Unleashed A Deadly Vaccine Skepticism. Can They Now Contain It?”—but whose real truth about those Americans refusing to take experimental Covid vaccines was hinted at in the leftist New York Times article “In Louisiana, Vaccine Misinformation Has Public Health Workers Feeling ‘Stuck’”, wherein it documents Covid vaccine refusers saying such things like: “We should refuse to be tracked, discriminated against, bribed, controlled, threatened, shamed or coerced into compliance”, but fails to even mention the fact that these things are being said by Blacks, not whites or Republicans—and is a fact confirmed as true last week when the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), that’s heralded for having the most up-to-date and accurate information on health policy and as a must-read for healthcare devotees, released their massive stunning study that found while Blacks make up 12% of the US population, as of 19 Julyonly 9% of these Black Americans have allowed themselves to be given a Covid experimental vaccine shot.This report concludes by grimly noting that the socialist leaders in Australia have “vowed to unleash a strike force to track down anti-lockdown protesters”, and has branded them “filthy, disgusting and selfish”—though as to whom is really “filthy, disgusting and selfish”, it is science itself—which is why world renowned Texas A&M University medical professor Dr. Peter McCullough has just declared and warned: “I personally think that something has gone very wrong in the world…The whole medical bio-scientific underpinnings have been broken…We’re off our moorings…We’re not having evidence-based medicine…We’re not seeing reasonable conclusions being made…We’re not even seeing regulatory decisions being followed…I thing we’re in for about a three to five years of turmoil ahead”—a warning now joined by famed British science writer Matthew White Ridley-5th Viscount Ridley, who in his withering open letter “How Science Lost the Public’s Trust” just published in the Wall Street Journal, in part, states:From climate to Covid, politics and hubris have disconnected scientific institutions from the philosophy and method that ought to guide them.The Covid pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the disconnect between science as a philosophy and science as an institution.If you think biological complexity can come about through unplanned emergence and not need an intelligent designer, then why would you think human society needs an ‘intelligent government”?Science as an institution has a naive belief that if only scientists were in charge, they would run the world well.Perhaps that’s what politicians mean when they declare that they “believe in science”.As we’ve seen during the pandemic, science can be a source of power, but conformity is the enemy of scientific progress, which depends on disagreement and challenge.There’s a tension between scientists wanting to present a unified and authoritative voice, on the one hand, and science-as-philosophy, which is obligated to remain open-minded and be prepared to change its mind.The pandemic has, for the first time, seriously politicized epidemiology.It’s partly the fault of outside commentators who hustle scientists in political directions, but it’s also the fault of epidemiologists themselves deliberately publishing things that fit with their political prejudices or ignoring things that don’t.Epidemiologists are divided between those who want more lockdowns and those who think that approach wasn’t effective and might have been counterproductive.It was the alarmist modeling that led to lockdowns in the first place, that presented itself as an entirely apolitical project, but there have been too many cases of epidemiologists presenting models based on rather extreme assumptions.The motivation: pessimism sells.You don’t get blamed for being too pessimistic, but you do get attention.It’s like climate science, modeled forecasts of a future that is scary is much more likely to get you on television.[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.] 26, 2021 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.

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