Pfizer Lied about Covid Vaccine Being “95% Effective” – July 14 2021

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Pfizer Lied about Covid Vaccine Being “95% Effective”


(Ethan HuffIsraeli authorities have confirmed that Pfizer’s claim about its Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” being “95 percent effective” is a bald-faced lie.

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Source – Natural News

by Ethan Huff, July 7th, 2021

The Israeli news outlet Ynet reported that the latest efficacy figure for Pfizer’s Chinese Virus injection has dropped to about 64 percent amid reports that vaccinated people everywhere are testing “positive” for the trendy new “variants” that are supposedly now in circulation.

Because the numbers continue to slide, suggesting that the Pfizer vaccine is a fraud, authorities are advising people to get tested – even if they have already been injected – to ensure that they are “safe” against Chinese Germs.

A Pfizer spokesperson reportedly refused to address the new numbers out of Israel, instead choosing to cite company data that claims the injections are still “safe and effective,” regardless of what the latest science shows.

This same corporate mouthpiece says the Pfizer jabs are effective against all known variants, though at “a reduced strength” (whatever that means …).

Some 9.3 million Israelis, or about 60 percent of the country’s population, has now received at least one “dose” of the Pfizer jab. Because of this, government authorities have begun to loosen some restrictions, including mask mandates and social distancing guidelines.

Despite high injection rates, “positive” cases of the Chinese Virus in Israel continue to rise. The number of daily cases reached 344 on July 4, while the number of seriously ill reached 35 – up from 21 on June 19. This would suggest that the injections are causing more illness.

At least half of all Israelis who test positive for “delta variant” are already vaccinated

Back in June, an official leading an expert advisory panel for the Israeli government admitted that the jabs are not working as well as claimed. Among those who have tested positive for the so-called “delta variant,” at least half had already been injected for the Fauci Flu.

What this means, of course, is that the injections do not work as claimed, and are actually causing more disease. Public Health England found that injected people are at least eight times more likely to “catch” the delta variant than non-injected people.

Ron Balicer, an Israeli official, says that roughly 90 percent of all new Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) infections are linked to the delta variant, which was first identified in India late last year.

The mainstream media says the delta variant is highly contagious compared to earlier strains of the Chinese Virus, and that it is spreading rapidly. It is too early to say, however, whether or not it is more deadly than earlier iterations of the Fauci Flu.

There would seem to be no end to the trail of variants that the media is ready and willing to fearmonger about once publicly announced. There is already talk about a new “lambda” variant, which will probably be followed by an epsilon variant, a zeta variant and so on forever.

“I trust the Israeli government even less than our own (which isn’t very much),” wrote one commenter at The Epoch Times. “Of course the effectiveness of the vaccine will be reported as dropping so as to push getting a ‘booster’ shot.”

Others pointed out that if people still have to get “tested” in order to know whether or not they have some scary new variant, then said variant is probably not a risk, and may not even exist.

“At this point, I believe less than zero of what health experts and governments are saying about this virus!” another commenter wrote, summing up how most people probably feel at this point.

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