Congratulations = LIGHT FORCES. HEAVEN said WE exceeded their expectations and WE helped HUMANITY evolve whilst keeping the EVIL forces at bay, see in the vids below. WE expanding the HEAVEN’S and the UNIVERSES etc. Sorry I DIDN’T GET AT CHANCE TOP POST IT BEFORE as the CABAL would NOT let me use my own computer and my friends/library signals etc. I finally got a moment to post this but I don’t have time to find the exact video but YOU will find it when you look. For the newbies’ I can show it to you but I can’t understand it for you, Namaste’

Deep Dive and D5 Update 7-28-21

7,462 viewsJul 28, 20216718SHARESAVEYellowRoseforTexas20.2K subscribers


The Two Questions Update 5-20-21

22K views2 months ago29:32NOW PLAYING

Update 3 14 21 Off the Cuff

34K views4 months ago13:15NOW PLAYING

Underworld Extinction Level Events Update 1 28 21

30K views6 months ago19:13NOW PLAYING

Heaven Doesn’t Think the Way a Human Being Does 1-12-21

22K views6 months ago2:29NOW PLAYING

Today’s Top Bonus Pic’s 12-8-20

16K views7 months ago

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