Quan Yin: Intense Energies – August 03 2021

Quan Yin: Intense Energies

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Beloved Ones,

I come to speak with you about the intense energies that are engulfing each of you, the Lightworkers and the rest of humanity on the Earth. There are many wondrous events occurring for each of you. Your gifts of inner sight and inner hearing are being opened. You will be seeing and hearing things that were not open for your viewing before. You will begin to see your guides, teachers and angels as they surround you.

You are entering a period of the receiving of Divine gifts that are rightfully yours to claim. You who are reading these words are ones who have earned the right to claim your gifts of the spirit. To receive these gifts, Beloved Ones, you must go within, in stillness, relaxation and an open heart. There, within your golden heart, your gifts will be revealed to you. Please allow the passing of time for these gifts to manifest in you and though you.

This is a Divine dispensation from Father/Mother God to all the sons and daughters of the Creator to enable you to give greater assistance to your sisters and brothers on Earth. In order for you to do this, you must regain remembrance of what you came to offer. Your great gifts of the spirit will come into manifestation at just the right timing for you, in the areas where you are now situated.

Many of you have noticed Divine guidance and synchronicity at work in your lives. Many wondrous happenings are occurring to you and for you. This is the beginning of the days of wonder and magic. The Golden Age is now manifesting and each of you is helping to bring it in and anchor it firmly into the Earth. You are the ones who are creating your new world, or rather, re-creating your new world, for all is being changed, all is in a state of flux, what some have termed ‘chaos’. It only means the Light comes, Beloved Ones.

Each of the Lightworkers are now being given every opportunity to establish themselves in a secure situation, so that no distracting issues may disturb you from your focus in the days ahead of you. Your focus continues to be acting as the beacons and anchors of cosmic Light, maintaining equilibrium and inner peace no matter what seems to be occurring in the world around you, for you all know or will soon know, your task and have pledged your desire to be of assistance in this way.

Continue to practice feeling and giving gratitude each day, feeling joy and upliftment – for as you do this, these feelings expand out into the world and help to empower those around you. This, of course, happens first on the etheric levels and those around you do not see or acknowledge your gift to them, nevertheless, at the soul levels, they are most appreciated.

Soon there will be many revelations that will be seemingly coming forth at lightning speed and indeed, so it is and shall be. All souls on Earth hunger for positive change and can feel it in the atmosphere around them, and this is where, you, the Lightworkers, are helping each day. Your very presence, at your current station, is enlivening the atmosphere around you with positive frequencies and vibration.

I am saying this, not to stroke your ego, but as a truth from the higher levels. You are each magnificent beings of Light and love, incarnating upon the Earth to help her and all inhabitants upon her transition into the higher dimensions. Let us assure you, that even though all seems chaotic, there is actually an orchestrated Plan at work. You are both the instigators and the witnesses to the exciting changes that are now occurring upon your planet. Love and joy is in the air! It is very needed at this time.

Keep on keeping on, Dear Ones, continue to open to the guidance, inspiration and inner knowing that is unfolding within you. You are all working together in unison on the higher planes; that is why there are so many wondrous and undeniable synchronicities in your lives at this time. Be in joy!

I AM Kwan Yin.

**Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff

Published July 31, 2021 on www.therainbowscribe.com by ©Marlene Swetlishoff, Scribe/Channel, Author and originator of this content. All rights reserved.



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