SAINT ANDREW update = HOLD the LINE EVERYONE ! – Aug 05 2021

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS, yes the evil bitches are sending some KILL shots to my computer, what do you expect as SATAN’S BANKING/GOVERNMENTAL systems from HELL are going down. Humanity NEVER stood a chance with a DRACONIAN banking systems that were SET-Up to keep these EVIL scumbags WEALTHY so they could DESTROY the GOOD and BLESSED Human beings. SO the evil SCUM are pushing back at us as hard as they can, but GOD WINS. [THEY] will have to get over it, surrender or DIE as EVIL has ZERO PLACE in the HIGHER REALMS. THE DRACONIAN REPTILIAN = CONTROL FREAK PSYCHOPATHS will have NO POWER over US with the new systems as PSYCHOPATHS who are also KNOWN as mentally ILL period and these narcarcistic INTERGALACTIC CRIMINALS are and will CONTINUE to go down just like their insane new world order satanic bs GOALS. WE have REPTILIANS and ALIEN TALL WHITES that secretly control Canada, last I heard and we HAVE these DEMONS that were RUNNING and controlling the humans on earth. Banking systems that were so EVIL, they robbed most of the LIGHT FORCES, even ripped off the Governments etc.

THIS WILL CHANGE, and every BANKSTER SCUM that gets arrested and goes down, gives us a closer STEP to FREEDOM for HUMANITY.

THEY know that the NEW SYSTEM cancels them out of CONTROL so they are fighting HEAVEN and the LIGHT-WORKER’S who are here doing their MISSIONS for HEAVEN etc.

There will come a moment when they will have ZERO POWER, righteously deserved for them.

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