Danger! Cover Blowing! – Monday, 9-Aug-2021

Danger! Cover Blowing!

Posted By: SpaceCommando [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 9-Aug-2021 15:53:52

By James Kunstler – August 9, 2021 Of all the inane ideas shoved down the nation’s craw lo these years of the Covid-19 virus, “stop the spread” was surely the worst. For one thing, it was impossible, as in not going to happen no way, because the gift from Dr. Anthony Fauci & Associates spread anyway, despite all attempts to hide from it via lockdowns, or social distancing, or the wearing of face masks. All that accomplished was to destroy 40 percent of the small businesses in America. Viruses will spread, especially viruses that are new to a population’s immune systems, because that’s what they do, and eventually they burn out. It’s as simple as that. But our current unsound psychological state of collective techno-narcissism made it easy for the public health authorities to put over the next stupid idea: that a miraculous vaccine could be engineered at “warp speed” to defeat the spread of Covid-19, a virus with a strikingly low death rate. Sunday, August 8, 171 people died of it in the USA, for a seven-day average of 516 deaths (stats from The New York Times), out of 330-plus-million citizens, and Gawd knows how many others here illegally. This has been termed “a surge.” Speaking of people here illegally, the same government officials who bemoan the new “surge” in virus cases are the very ones deliberately allowing an unchecked surge of border-jumpers from all corners of the world to enter the USA from Mexico, many of them infected with new strains of Covid-19. And, if that wasn’t fiendish enough, the regime is putting them on airplanes and buses to towns all over America like fifty-thousand Typhoid Marys. That is, the federal government is doing all it can to worsen the spread of new strains of Covid-19. This is the same outfit, under “Joe Biden,” that is making noises about a national vaccine mandate, for vaccines that are not actually vaccines, strictly speaking. We just call them that to reinforce our techno-narcissistic faith in miracle cures. After eight months of experimenting with these biochemical cocktails, there is very good reason to believe that they are unsafe, especially the latent effects of their main active ingredient, the spike protein, which can insidiously induce damage to blood vessels. No, thank you. This was on top of the proposition that attempting mass “vaccinations” at the height of an epidemic accelerates the evolution of variant viruses via antibody dependent enhancement in those vaccinated, causing the virus to become more infectious and replicate at higher levels — which has happened in every other coronavirus vaccine development program ever attempted — while the efficacy of the vaccines wanes over a few months’ time. Could you paint a picture of a greater public health policy fiasco? Really, the emerging questions about all this must be: 1) Have they done it on purpose? And 2) Is all the messaging confusion the result of Dr. Anthony Fauci desperately trying to cover his ass for his role in developing Covid-19, as well as the so-called vaccines marshaled to heroically defeat it? Perhaps both. You could construct a case that it was done on-purpose and, in this age of manufactured narratives, some have proposed the story that the disease was a mere excuse to introduce a slow-working lethal pseudo-vaccine to reduce the global population efficiently and drastically — so that nefarious “elites” could enjoy life (and its immortal transhuman successor state) on a planet uncluttered by billions of human riffraff. That story has seemed pretty preposterous to me. More likely, the hyper-ambitious and heedless Dr. Fauci just got in too deep with China’s PLA-connected bioweapons lab in his mad scientist quest to be remembered as the man who defeated all coronaviruses with a single silver bullet — enabling a “release” of this virus, with (from China’s point of view) the advantageous weakening of Western economies, and the socio-political destruction of their once-cohesive cultures. If so, well done! At this point, at least half the country now distrusts and disbelieves the incoherent messages emanating from “Joe Biden’s” government about this Covid-19 problem and any attempt to force vaccinations on the “hesitant” public will pull the pin out of the national grenade that has been waiting to go off. The “insurrection” next time will be the real thing, not Nancy Pelosi’s faked-up soap opera. It’s also possible that the hyped “delta surge,” and all the threats prompted by it, are just a manufactured distraction from the slow-moving train-wreck of “the most secure election in US history” narrative as actual proof emerges of, yes, widespread fraud in 2020 . . . [SNIP]



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