Lionsgate Leo New Moon August 2021 – Aug 08 2021 & The Energies of August 2021; The Path to Liberation

Lionsgate Leo New Moon August 2021

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On August 8, we begin a new lunar cycle under the presence of the Lionsgate Portal. This makes for some magical, high vibrational energy that will allow all of us to connect with our own inner lion-energy.

The Lionsgate Portal is activated due to the rising of the star, Sirius, which coincides with this time of year. Sirius is considered our Spiritual Sun, and after disappearing from our night sky, it is now getting ready to return.

Many ancient civilizations tracked the rising of Sirius, believing it was a powerful time of rebirth, abundance, spiritual advancement, and a shift into a higher state of consciousness.

While the exact rising of Sirius back into the night sky ultimately depends on the latitude of where you are in the world, August 8 has become a power date due to honor the opening of the portal due to the numerology of 88.

The number code, 88 represents infinity, spiritual intelligence, and DNA activation. It is believed on this day we can integrate the high-frequency energies of Sirius straight into our being.

You can think of this Sirius energy as a key, helping to unlock greater awareness, our destiny, new layers of our soul contract, and light codes that we came to this Earth to explore and work with.

While the Lionsgate Portal happens every year, 2021 is extra special as it happens to coincide with the Leo New Moon. Having a New Moon can amplify the energy of the portal, turbo-charging its effects and our ability to manifest.

New Moons are always a power time for intention setting, but this is even more so when the New Moon falls in the highly creative sign of Leo and alongside the Lionsgate Portal.

Think about what you wish to create in your life, allow this creation to come straight from your heart, and then put it out there into the world so it can be manifested into your reality.

While this Lionsgate New Moon is a magical time for setting intentions, it is also a time of connecting with your Higher Self.

In many ways, moving beyond intention setting and focusing on connecting and merging with your Higher Self can be far more powerful.

Consciously connecting with your Higher Self allows you to reach a new place of freedom and power. Instead of wanting or grasping for things, or telling the Universe your wish list, you are open and accepting of whatever flows your way, and in a state of complete trust that all is unfolding for your highest good.

Your Higher Self – the Divine within you and around you, always knows what is best for you and the journey of your soul.

Working from this state allows you to work in harmony with the Universe and the journey of your soul. By working from this place, you also tend to find that what you manifest is always automatically aligned with exactly what you need.

While the Leo New Moon is a time of high creative energy and a power time for connecting to higher frequency energies, the planet Uranus is also very active.

Uranus is the planet of awakening and change. It can shake things up, and turn things on their head so we are forced to see them in a new way.

As Uranus is very active under this New Moon, we may receive some information that changes what we once knew, or we could find ourselves feeling scattered or uncertain about something that we once felt very certain about.

Uranus likes to bring the element of surprise, so it is not always possible to predict what will unfold. The only thing to keep in mind is that Uranus shakes things in order to awaken us.

It is through shaking up our reality that we can see things in a new light, perceive things from a new vantage point, and experience growth.

Uncertainty is a part of life, and even though it is uncomfortable, it can be a powerful teacher in learning how to detach, stay in the present moment, and open to our full potential. As the saying goes – when nothing is certain, anything is possible.

As the planet of awakening, Uranus is also connected to third eye openings and the rising of our consciousness.

This gift that Uranus brings may be more noticeable under this New Moon, thanks to the Lionsgate Portal and the other high-frequency energies that are stirring at this time.

If things are feeling uncertain or unsteady in your life, use this energy to shift how you are choosing to see things. Where can you view any uncertainty as an open field of possibilities?

You can also use the awakening force of Uranus to meditate, to connect with your intuition, and to work on listening to your intuition.

This energy should also make the veil between dimensions thin, making it easier for our loved ones, and angels or spirit guides to make contact with us.

The August 8 New Moon is definitely a special one for so many reasons. As it activates the lion-energy within us, it is also the perfect time to find our inner confidence, to push our boundaries, and to feel t

he limitless potential of our being.

This Leo New Moon is not about playing small or retreating back to what is comfortable. It is about bravely standing in our true, authentic power. It is about owning all of who we are, being proud of where we have come from, and confident in our journey of what lies ahead.

Leo energy is very heart-centered and heart-driven. So stay out of ego and work with this beautiful energy from that place.

Allow your heart to be your guide.

**By Tanaaz


The Energies of August 2021; The Path to Liberation

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Beloved Ones,

We are finally in one of the most intense months of this year, although the entire year has been indeed a very powerful and transformational one, that has not left anyone indifferent. We are in the culmination of this changing five universal year. A year in which many have begun to awaken, and others have stepped into a new harmonic timeline, for they are ready to begin consciously co-creating, in a new and more illumined way.

As we enter deeper into August, we will feel the need to rest more and take more care of our physical bodies, for the massive integration that they are experiencing is, as guides constantly remind us, is like never before in our human history. We are all different and while some may need healing, others may be already in a more creational phase. Where we are is perfect, for we all have a unique soul plan and our own personal micro cycles.

This month is a universal 4 one. This is a number that indicates order, but also of devotion to create this order in both within and in our earthly lives. Is the number that represents strong foundations and all that we build from a wise, empower, and stable state of being. Everything within Creation reminds us of the importance of building our new lives, during this phase, in which, chaos may seem to reign, but that this is just another illusion for the ones who are completely awake to the mass manipulation that is occurring, at this time of our transitional journey.

After ending this integration phase, we pass now to anchor these inner changes into the physical, which is also the same message that number 4 gives us at this time. The card that represents in tarot number 4 is the Emperor, portraying the image of a powerful presence that has an abundant and firm reality, not because of some miraculous destiny, but because he has done the inner and physical work required, establishing the strong pillars for that to occur. This is an inner task that the Leo energies will help us achieve, if we direct this frequency wisely, for unproperly embodied may result in anger issues and other distortions that come when we do not know how to direct our personal power.
At a cosmic level, this year the Lions Gate coincides with a New Moon at 16 degrees Leo. A Moon that is ruled by Uranus, as it square it. A Planet that is turning retrograde on August 19, and that is going to become the protagonist this month, for it is the one marking the change that is already taking place energetically, and that has descended now into a more physical level.

We are in a time where many benevolent beings apart from our personal guides, are helping us into our healing process, as in truth becoming crystalline beings, which is a very long process, is part also of the healing that needs to take place, through inner alchemy, for us to experience this transformation.

These beings, who have been compassionately, lovingly, and respectfully witnessing our Planet for eons, want to help us evolve, moving on into the next ladder of our evolution, as species. I have been receiving lately a lot of messages, especially in sessions, of our cosmic family the Hathors. For they are also playing an important part in this transition.

The Hathors, benevolent beings coming from another universe, together with the Arturians and Sirians, are helping us greatly to transcend our egoic self and move beyond our limited perspective, by first recognizing the wound, healing, and embracing it, so now we can finally liberate ourselves from it.

During the Lions Gate, the Hathors Sirians and Arcturians, as well as many other beings and energies, are going to be helping us anchoring these new energies not just within our bodies, but within planet earth, for they are also taking care of our planet, as it is a living organism, as you all know, and some of them, as the Arcturians, are Earth’s guardians.

We are in a very important passage of our ascension journey. One that we can honor by being who we are, focusing on our personal healing/clearing path, and be compassionate towards ourselves, for this is a long process in which we shall be patient and loving with ourselves and All.

Expansion and creation come when we first work with ourselves, for this is how we can best help heal All, by remaining whole and in the highest frequency that we can. It is with inner work that liberation, and wisdom, come. With this process of self-liberation, of the many things that keep us attached to who we are not, we will be receiving support, at the end of the month, on August 22, by having a Full Moon in Aquarius that will mark this freedom that many are still working on regaining, for freedom comes with awareness, and courage, as liberating oneself from old thought patterns, habits and all that is dense and that is not aligned, takes devotion, strength and above all, bravery.

We end this fiery month with the Sun in Virgo, the purifier by excellence. We passed from the very intense energies from Leo to be soothed by the Virgo ones, for it is with Virgo that we regain the purity of our being, retrieving our crystalline lovelight being essence, rebirthing into who we truly are.

Virgo amplifies the plasma energy transmissions that we have been receiving for a while, as these energies will not just come for a day on August 8, as the main portal which begins the descension of these frequencies began in the past months with the Pleiadian portal. Virgo will help us to heal ourselves, cleanse our bodies and continue with body recalibration and stabilization, for it is the process that always follows after an integration phase.

With Virgo, it is also a time for us to clear our twins’ energies, relationships, and eliminating the cords that still link us to others and that we shall let free, allowing others to live within freedom, and our own selves, for as long as we are tied to people who have already fulfill their mission with us, and vice versa, we are not entirely free, especially to engage ourselves and precious energy in another conscious and balanced relationship.

On another cosmic perspective, when the Sun shines a Light into Virgo, we are called now to ground ourselves and direct our creative power into our earthly Plane, which is something we have been doing for a while with these powerful and abundant Leo energies. As an Earth sign, Virgo reminds us we are here to manifest our true desires, ones that are always aligned with being of assistance, for Virgo is quite aware of its mission, which is always to be in service to All.

Virgo will bring purification. It invites us to remember that the purity we hold within can also be reflected in everything we do in our dense realm. And even if this sign can seem practical, its main essence is all about remembering that we are here to combine what we create from the inside with what others may need in the physical, for we are here to synthesize and unify both polarities, both planes, the physical and the ethereal – bringing all these inner visions into our tangible realm, as it is only by doing that, that we can truly master ourselves as creators of the physical.

We have ahead a very profound month to work on personal transformation, recalibration, and therefore liberation. It is not until we liberate ourselves of all the old wounds, chains, and delusions that we can truly begin to embrace a new reality. There are many who are eager to change, to see things shifting in their realities, and yet they wait and wait until some outer force comes to save them.

When we embrace our inner creator, and personal power, which is what this month invites us to do, realizing that there is no one to blame for our current reality, and begin to take responsibility for where we are, is that the true path towards freedom and sovereignty beings, for we are now ready to confront our own shadows, creations, and empty ourselves of them to embrace higher truths.

It is not about how long it will take us to reach the next level of evolution, for we are endless in nature. It is neither about others nor outer forces. It is about finally realizing that we can shift all, if we simply move within, rather than continuing perpetuating the old habits and patterns of thoughts that have brought us to an undesired reality.

As always, all choices serve All and are highly respected. It is your decision to begin a free sovereign path, here and now, or to continue dwelling in the illusion of who you are not.

What will you choose?

I wish you all a wondrous and blessed August, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love ∞

Natalia Alba


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