Your Sunday Digest for August 8, the Lion’s Gate Portal [videos] 2021

Your Sunday Digest for August 8, the Lion’s Gate Portal [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture 7-8 minutes

It’s happening, folks. The Lion energy is spreading across the world and igniting the fires of freedom in Humanity. Righteous anger is welling up and overflowing and good people everywhere know we are united and we won’t take it any more. We have to stand up and be the powerful, courageous, and and free Human Beings we were born to be.

Yellow Rose for Texas posted this note on her YT channel this morning:

They still have schumann offline. (Blacked out at the end of the graph)

This war is raging in plain sight with news that The Deep Rig documentary is blocked on Bitchute, Rumble, and Odysee. TRUMP WON! See the whole thing on Telegram. 1:47:23 [= 17 BTW]

Censorship is increasing and in our faces.

WOW. So I went to post a clip from President Trump’s great interview on @ dbongino last night, and lo and behold, Fox News EDITED and CHANGED what President Trump said, censoring out 45 accurately describing the Fake Election.

Here is what President Trump said

Link to Telegram for video.

“No Vaccine Passports” — Thousands Protest Across France Over New COVID Rules


Richard, Citizen Journalist is showing us all the EMPTY hospitals in DC and Virginia while security chases him off and he calls them the cowards they are. Go Richard! Must see video on Telegram. See the other posts on his channel as he documents many different locations.

The People aren’t buying the fear any more. The psychopaths’ articles in London about having to secure additional dead body storage are outrageous. See one woman’s account of their propaganda and terrorism tactics on Telegram.

Richard also shows us uniformed military checking into hotels in the Washington DC area. Link to Telegram.

Mr. Pool posted this on Aug. 4.

He also posted what looked like an atomic bomb blast. His August 7 post…


— looP rM (@1127_113Mr_Pool) August 8, 2021

Queen Romana has interesting posts today about certain activities and guests in British Columbia. Some fire-related. Some not? Link to Telegram.

Blaze ravages Evia island ‘like a horror movie’ on sixth day of Greek fires

Siberia, Greece, Canada and the US are on fire while the People rise up and torch their green card health passes in Milan this weekend. The French are in the streets again and opposing the militant police and outrageous vaxxx and other CV mandates.

Friday afternoon in Michigan, USA…

Hundreds Protest Vaccination Mandates in Michigan

And now this. The tides are turning, folks—even in the Great White Gulag! 13 min. video from Canada.

WATCH | Alberta’s Top Doctor Standing By Decision To Drop COVID-19 Restrictions – VIDEO

Many of us are preparing for what’s coming. We don’t know what that is… but we’re ready.

‘Preppers’ Quietly Stock Up for the ‘Perfect Storm’

Here’s a hectic schedule for this week posted by WhipLash347 on Telegram:

8th to the 11th there are
■ 3 Typhoons heading to Japan [POSEIDON]?
■ BIG Weather Event heading to CHONGQING, WUHAN & Most likely Three Gorges Dam
– 10th [TUESDAY]
■ 3 Hurricanes heading for Florida from Atlantic.

We know the Events planned 10, 11 & 12.
● Cyber Symposium
● Assange Case
● Audits
● National Lockdown 11th?
● EBS Test designed for 11th
● Perseid Meteor Shower
● Eyes on Britney Spears.

Major Events/Scandals are about to break open in the 1st part of the week.


The disgusting nature of our current world continues to leak out.

Pitt Pitty Pit Stop. U of Pitt and harvesting of ORGANS FROM UNBORN BABIES 😡

— WarriorAnjill 🕊 (@WarriorAnjill) August 8, 2021

That somber note calls for a little comic relief.

You probably heard about the Obama’s big 60 birthday bash for Barry at their Martha’s Vineyard estate, where nary a mask could be seen and the cooties were flying.

Twitter locked il Presidento out all night and this morning so the Obama’s dancing video couldn’t be shared anymore…😭🤣🤣🤣I LOVE THE SMELL OF TRIGGERED SNOWFLAKES IN THE MORNING!!! IT SMELLS LIKE… VICTORY!!! 🥳🥳

— il Donaldo Trumpo (@ilSharko) August 8, 2021

“Let them wear masks and eat cake.”

– Barack and Michelle Obama

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) August 8, 2021

BREAKING: The CDC will announce new pandemic guidance now that Barack Obama’s gigantic, maskless, celebrity no-vaccine-required birthday party is over.

— thebradfordfile (@thebradfordfile) August 8, 2021

Simon Parkes updates us on the UK’s currency:

£50 Note To Stick Around…

British old £50 notes which were scheduled for withdrawal to make way for new notes have had their life extended into next year as deep state runs out of money.

With the loss of the printing press the cabal is desperate to keep as much bad money in circulation as possible.

Banks are running short, often cash machines are empty, banks are limiting how much and when customers can draw out and supplies into banks have become random.

With old money reduced it’s become critical for the deep state who want to finance world wide false flags to rake in whatever they can get hold of.

Wendy Rogers has advice on preventing false flag events. We need to maintain situational awareness at all times.

Record suspicious people, #FakeNews crews, and people you don’t recognize.

— Wendy Rogers (@WendyRogersAZ) August 8, 2021

This video, currently on Themtube, invites people to join the lawsuits against multiple corrupt federal government agencies and their cronies for a laundry list of crimes. Learn more about it in the video below. 17 min. [seventeen]

The Miracles Intel Team sent this one. We’re certainly being “wooed” this weekend. Here’s Bo Polny with some more prognostications about what’s in store for Humanity this year in a deep discussion with Jean-Claude on the Beyond Mystic, deep woo-woo show. Summer, FALL, ironically, and then the winter of our discontent? We’ll see what’s in the stars for Humanity. 1 hr 9 min.


Remember this gutsy whistleblower from the lamestream network that got fired?

My independent journalism website is live! So excited for this new chapter directly connecting with the news consumers without the interference corporate interests. Go to

— Ivory Hecker (@IvoryHecker) August 7, 2021

The information about the Rapture continues to surface. The following is from the Jetson White channel on YTube. Mirroring is a common way of “decoding” a message. We understand it is time to evacuate Humanity from this cesspool forever tainted by the putrid activities of Satan and his minions.

Are we gonna take a ride on a tractor beam? A “magic carpet ride”?

The remainder of this year will be quite a ride no matter how it shakes out, won’t it? Man your battle stations and shields up!  ~ BP

August 8, 2021: Now Comes the Pain [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture August 8, 2021

2012 Olympics opening ceremony replete with dancing nurses and rows of children in hospital beds

I wish I were not bringing this news, but it must be made known. I happened upon a video from an Athens attorney about the lawsuit he has spent 13 months preparing; the research, the documentation, the evidence, the proof; dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” so they couldn’t attack him or his work. He did it to seek justice and expose the horrific truth about the plandemic. It’s worse than maybe you know.

This brave and dedicated man who had only an hour or two of sleep, spends almost 60 minutes explaining the suit he has just filed; the why, the crimes, the plot, and the victims. He does very well until the last couple of minutes when he is overcome for a few moments because of the emotional burden—the realization of what these monsters did to innocent, elderly people to prove to the public that a vaccine was necessary. What he put into this task for over a year has taken everything he has, emotionally.

He is speaking in his native language but the subtitles are in English. He says the suit will be in German, as well, when posted on the website. If you only have time for one video today or this week, I recommend this one, and may Nikos Antoniadis and his family remain safe.


I sat reading through the entire video what I already knew; that the Prime Minister and others including the media were guilty of fraud in perpetuating the lies about a non-threatening illness to institute lockdowns, and everything else you, too, are probably already aware of but something kept me reading.

What I wasn’t prepared for were the photos he referenced early on and his final story behind them. We don’t see them. It was his description of the photos as he flipped through them that was so disturbing.

Antoniadis said when it is his time to appear as witness to the crimes in court, he would instruct the judge and law enforcement to look into the eyes of the deceased and see the horror, the confusion, the fear, the desperation, begging for help. He said look at the broken teeth; this 78 year-old man tied to a bed in a hospital, confused and terrorized, wondering how this could be happening to him. No, this wasn’t done by covid, but grotesque bags of bones animated by Satan himself.

This is what these psychopaths have done to untold numbers of people, my friends. I doubt if it was only in the Greek hospitals, which Antoniadis said had been prepared in 2020 before the “outbreak” even happened. They didn’t try to hide their activities because they’ve never been challenged before.

That, in a nutshell, was the Alliance plan all along: allow them to believe they were going to be successful in their end game so they would be careless and expose themselves because the world wouldn’t believe it unless they could see it for themselves.

We knew it was never about the “virus”. It was about the “cure”; the “vaccine”. The dark ones needed death statistics to push their false narrative to the public but they didn’t stop at fudged numbers; they actually killed innocent, weak, elderly people and probably enjoyed doing it. We already know they used Midazolam to slowly kill our seniors in long term care facilities in Britain.

What REALLY happened to dead Midazolam exposer Wayne Smith?

We must now demand to know what else they have done. These murderers are no strangers to torturing Humans. They are the aberrations of Creation that must be flushed out and eliminated from our world. There is no place for them but hell.

If you truly want to find meaning in this process to end evil and bring Light back to our civilization, it would serve you to take the time to listen to this man for the one hour it took to explain; or at least the last 10 minutes so you understand why we are here, and why we must win, and why every “i” must be dotted and every “t” crossed and why timing is everything—because failure is not an option.

This war will be won by the Light, and every one of us must be committed and vigilant every moment to guard the innocent and unsuspecting from these creatures who would stomp on us like a bug without a moment’s remorse for the pleasure and satisfaction of controlling us in every way, from now to eternity—those of us who would be permitted to live.

As Q said, “those who know cannot sleep”—and apparently not only because of the children. Most people have little idea of the “clear and present danger” in their world at the hands of people they see in charge; people of elevated status they may believe were elected and deserve the positions and power they have; never imagining what lurks behind those lying eyes. Certainly not a soul.


These people need to ALL be ELIMINATED.

We need to keep all the heroes in our prayers—like the military, those dismantling the Human trafficking rings, and the attorneys and other White Hats who are helping to drain the swamp and expose the crimes. Lives are on the line every day.

In case you hadn’t heard…

It’s over, folks. The New World Order’s crimes are no longer a secret. We said from the beginning it was a plan-demic and now people in many countries are realizing it, and forcing the truth to be told.

If the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics wasn’t predictive programming I don’t know what was. They always tell us what they’re going to do and to them it’s amusing.

Now, the People are sending the message that they do not comply. This weekend in Milan, Italy the awakened are publicly burning their green passports. Link to Telegram.

In France, they’re not having it.

The Bild in Germany reverses course and denounces Pandemic as a Scam

Government in Ireland Forced to Admit No Proof Covid-19 Exists

Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta! (Updated With Legal Documents)

Richard, Citizen Journalist shows us the empty hospitals in DC and Virginia while security chase him away. Link to Telegram.

Here’s what we have in store for the New World Order and their lackeys.

Nuremberg 2.0 vs 4th Reich for Crimes Against Humanity

There will be more bad news, but positive along with it. This is the “pain” the Q Team spoke of. It is our responsibility to ensure that this can never happen again, and to do that we will have to expose it and face it.   ~ BP


Obama Officials Confirm Sandy Hook “Massacre” was a Drill and NO CHILDREN DIEDJune 14, 2014

SerialBrain2 Analyses of QAnon Posts and Simon Parkes’ Intel for December 1, 2018 [videos]December 1, 2018

Headlines and Updates for August 28, 2019: News from the Fringes [videos]August 28, 2019

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August 7, 2021: It’s Coming… Patriots Ready to Hold the Line and Stand Their Ground [videos]Your Sunday Digest for August 8, the Lion’s Gate Portal [videos]

August 7, 2021: It’s Coming… Patriots Ready to Hold the Line and Stand Their Ground [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture August 7, 2021

As the anticipation and storm tactics expand, we can feel the tension. We know generally what’s coming, but don’t know exactly how it will look. We expect the enemy to press on ever harder in an attempt to compensate for their weakness. We will never retreat and they will have to take us all out to stop the Patriot movement. When you understand their ammunition is lies and false information, you can see right through their smokescreen.

We see evidence of their lack of control and dwindling manpower and resources as agents flip and join the Alliance. The efforts of Germany’s key newspaper, The Bild, issuing a formal apology and stating the pandemic is a sham was huge.

We also see critical revelations concerning the Human trafficking and child sex ring activities of the New World Order being exposed, like this;

AZ Police Have Dem Senator On Secret Audio Admitting He Molested His Teenage Victim For Years

If you think Trump, the Patriots, the White Hats and the Earth Alliance have shown all their cards, you must be new.

Will August 11 be a significant day? In some respects it will, but we’ll see. Julian Assange has a court date, and we also have an EAS test scheduled for 2:20 pm EDT. Might it go live like so many cabal exercises?

Julian Assange’s next court date is on August 11th.
The US Govt’s star witness against Assange recently admitted to fabricating his key accusation in exchange for immunity from pedophilia charges.
If Julian wins in court on the 11th, it is likely he will be released.


Twitter (
Courage Foundation
#AssangeCase: A preliminary High Court hearing has been scheduled for 11 August Join #FreeAssange protest in front of the Royal Courts of Justice

An odd post appeared concerning a weather alert for Hamburg, Germany. Since when do we get warnings about a lightning storm? Do they know something the People don’t about that storm? How can they predict with such detail? Link to Telegram.

Were they accurate? Did it happen? Or is it an engineered scare they can blame on “climate change”?

Germany 🇩🇪 Hamburg / Northern Germany
Severe thunderstorms: Official severe weather warning for Hamburg

The German Weather Service has issued an official severe weather warning for Hamburg, effective immediately until 5.30pm. UPDATE: The warning has been extended until 6 pm. There is a risk of severe thunderstorms of level 3 of 4. There may be heavy rain with up to 30 litres of precipitation per hour and square metre, plus gusts of up to 75 kilometres per hour (wind force 9). Small-grained hail is also possible.

The following warnings apply:

Close all windows and doors!
Secure objects outdoors!
In particular, keep your distance from buildings, trees, scaffolding and high-voltage power lines!
Avoid being outdoors if possible!

Note on possible dangers: There is a danger to life in the event of a lightning strike! Among other things, widespread severe damage to buildings is possible.

Trees can be uprooted and roof tiles, branches or objects can fall. Flooding of cellars and streets as well as local flooding of streams and small rivers are possible (details:


Gewitter und Starkregen: Amtliche Unwetterwarnung für Hamburg | MOPO
Der Deutsche Wetterdienst hat am Freitagnachmittag für Hamburg eine amtliche Unwetterwarnung herausgegeben, die ab 16.08

Our rain stopped a week ago here in the desert but every day there’s still a “weather alert” living on my screen they claim is for a heat advisory or an air quality alert. It’s always something. Whatever.

Next, I am linking you to a Clif High video because he has some highly valuable information to share which I believe will arm the patriots for what we believe is coming. He’s named this video “Wooplosion” but his definition of “woo” is different than mine.

At the link below you can read a synopsis, but I recommend you listen to the whole 52 minute delivery if possible because so much of it is relevant and resonates very strongly with what we’ve been led to believe is coming and it’s quite detailed and gets into the nuances of the mostly information war.

This website also explains a little about how Clif arrives at his prognostications which is unique as far as I know. He may not always be correct, but he’s usually fairly accurate. He also is not privy to any part of ‘The Plan’ the Earth Alliance has to deal with the war and plans of the deep state to try to maintain what little power they may have—which is basically the legacy media for the most part. Click the link below to read/listen to what he predicts for the period beginning around August 14.

Wooplosion – Clif High

Following is a brief lesson on how to win this war. It’s 43 seconds of COMMON SENSE we all need to understand and employ on the battlefield. Link to our instructor, Chris Sky on Telegram.

When you understand the end game is to get us to leap off the cliff, you can refuse to go anywhere near the cliff. Problem solved.

Good news for Americans. Link to Telegram to see the beautiful product. [The first link didn’t work so I added the image and changed the link. ]


Say hello to your new WATERMARKED, SECURE, SELF VERIFIABLE Arizona election ballots.

Coming soon to EVERY state in the union!

Romana Didulo posted the following on Telegram:

Dear Space Force Special Forces and Intergalactic Federation of Lights Special Forces,

Please, extinguish all WildFires in Canada, especially in British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba Canada.

Include, West Coast of US, and the whole World wherever there are WildFires raging.

Please, also create rain for our soil, plants, animals, crops and Lakes.

Finally, please shoot down the DEW technology that is responsible for all these WildFires in Canada, US and the whole world.

Thank you very kindly for your immediate assistance.

She has a number of other interesting posts, as well.

Jetson White is talking about “The Rapture”, which is the biblical or religious theme for our launch out of this matrix and into our new world when our frequency rises to the point that the evil, satanic darkness is left behind because it cannot exist where we are going. We non-religious folks call it “The Event”.

A to Z’s of the Rapture Event

I’m seeing other references to our spiritual evolution, as well. Brad Johnson is saying roughly 1/3 of the population will be moving forward/up soon as we approach The Harvest. 15 min.

Adronis – Shifting into a New Earth

Kryon spoke of the current times we are in, as well as the next few years and what we might expect. 25 min.

As I continue to catch up on the excellent material the crew shares, I can also recommend this top drawer discussion with Gene Decode. This patriot does an excellent job of conducting the interview with one of our very best insiders. If you have never listened to the information from Gene before, you would definitely benefit from listening to this. 2 hr. 17 min. What a coincidence.

Gene Decode Interview #3 – Patriot Underground

I haven’t yet listened to the latest And We Know video from LT but they’re always excellent.


A fiery pastor wanted to share his news with us after he attended an invitation-only meeting. The message is short and broken down into three videos. The crew believes we will want to hear what he has to say. You will need to access Telegram for these clips.

So on that high note, we will take our leave for now. Thanks to the crew for the research and recommendations as it’s not easy to parse through the massive amount of data available out there. Lots more contained in the comments so take your pick.  ~ BP


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