August 13, 2021: The Honourable Journey from Hither to Yon [videos]

August 13, 2021: The Honourable Journey from Hither to Yon [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture August 13, 2021

Are you superstitious? It’s Friday the 13th. What kind of spells are the witches and warlocks weaving today? Be immune.

It’s abundantly clear from the events unfolding now that this is “the best of times, and the worst of times.” Does it qualify as “the storm”? I’d say it does, but we’ll see what happens. We’ll see and hear things we never dreamed we would.

Yes, the best is yet to come, but first we have to get through a rough spot. We have to be brave, calm, determined, focused, and never back down. We cannot afford to give up any territory, we will only push forward.

We are where we are currently because we capitulated. We backed down, we opened the door and once the cabal got their foot in, they moved in—lock, stock and barrel. The devil’s disciples infiltrated everything; flooding our nations with evil.

They planned their 911 scheme to alter laws and remove our freedoms. How do you like TSA freaks rummaging through your personal belongings at the airport? That is illegal—or was until they conveniently had “the Patriot Act” all written and ready to pass immediately following the attacks on the Twin Towers, Building 7, and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

More recently we had an outbreak of a “virus” that went global in a literally unbelievable span of time, and prompted the “14 days to flatten the curve” so the healthcare-less system wouldn’t be overloaded, and… well, the rest you know.

Fourteen days became fourteen months and still countries are locked down, forcing innocent people to wear masks, close their businesses, avoid their loved ones, and cease to do what life demands while the foremost health advisors at the CDC, the WHO and the NIH all change their advice and directives daily in nonsensical fashion.

The average Joe has lost his mind, continues to blindly comply despite the fact that while we did everything they requested and recommended, they tell us the number of cases are climbing and the only remedy is to wear masks—even in our homes—lockdown again, and then they will begin to cull the herd and remove those in the high risk groups to isolation camps which for some reason FEMA has had built for some time already. It’s like they knew.

The headlines are shocking every day now and Stew Peters tackles it all, unflinching.

Doctor Restrained, Put Into Solitary Confinement After Advocating For Mistreated COVID Patient

BREAKING! Sarasota, FL – Dr. Stephen Guffanti was in the emergency department at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, where he shared a room with a fellow COVID-19 diagnosed patient.

Dr. Guffanti became the medical advocate for that patient, who’s condition was worsening, and made healthcare workers aware of bacterial pneumonia in that patient.

As a result of his advocacy, Dr. Guffanti reports he was removed from the room, put into 4-point restraints and put into solitary confinement by hospital staff for 4 hours before signing out “against medical advice”.

A press conference is scheduled to be held at Sarasota Memorial Hospital on Friday, August 13, 2021 at 12 PM Eastern Time.

Follow Stew on social media.

The Cyber Symposium is a brilliant move to educate the both the public and elected officials in the facts of the 2020 election. There can be no doubt in a functioning mind that it was rigged against President Trump, and that “vote trafficking crime families” planned it in conjunction with foreign nations—including China.

The presentations were riveting and inspiring; enough to garner physical and verbal attacks on multiple parties involved. I recommend everyone listen to at least some of the dedicated experts who put their lives, their jobs, and their futures on the line to bring this information into the Light. They are heroes.

You can take your pick of speakers isolated into many videos on Kanekoa the Great channel on Rumble.

The fallout is palpable. PANIC. Link to video on Telegram. What a witch. “As for the uh allegations at the uh, the the ‘pillow conference’…”


“We are unable to confirm at this time whether the allegations are true.”

HINT: They’re True 🔥

There is so much evidence it takes days to go through it all. The proof is irrefutable.

Senator Wendy Rogers in Arizona is calling upon us to sign the petition to decertify the election results here in AZ.

Wendy Rogers’ Petition To Decertify Arizona Election Reaches 100K Signatures, Gathering Unstoppable Momentum

Dave’s X22 Report quite accurately explains what is happening and why, and gives us a reasonable expectation for the near future.

Canada is also going to learn that their elections have been rigged. To us, it’s obvious, but there are a lot of Canadians who live in a dream world. The situation was equally as dire when the US military stepped in to assist the Canucks.

Now the deep state influencing the Turdeau government wants an “emergency” election. Not happening—not unless the White Hats decide they want to pull the same sting op as they did in 2020 in the US to catch them red-handed. Do the Canadian People need to see that to believe it? Perhaps they do. The Canadian media lies to the degree that trusting civilians have no clue what is really unfolding south of the 49th OR in their own country. They have been brainwashed against the Trump administration like we’ve never seen, and have no idea the USMCA gives Trump and the Earth Alliance jurisdiction over Canada.

Across the world the terrorism continues, in my opinion. Passenger buses don’t just explode. RT reports from Russia, ironically.

NEW video has emerged showing FATAL BLAST – as passenger bus explodes in Russia’s Voronezh.


A female passenger has died in intensive care. 16 people have been injured.

The incident is now under control of an investigative committee, forensic experts and investigators from Moscow have been sent to the scene, a criminal case has been opened.

There’s no official confirmation yet as to the cause of the explosion, but early reports of a possible gas tank blast were apparently proven incorrect.

Subscribe to RT:

This just happened this morning,

DC military base on lockdown after report of armed person

The psychoses on our planet expand in number daily. Do people still just turn away because they don’t want to think about it? They believe it doesn’t affect them directly?

Kids as Young as Four Can Now Change Gender in Scottish Schools Without Parental Consent

Dr. Joseph Farrell addresses the horrific revelations about Humans as commodities that we have been talking about for years.

It’s so disgusting, however, that I almost hesitate to talk about it. There was a time, perhaps, when such a story would have been met with abhorrence and disgusted disbelief.  Unfortunately, times have changed, and while such articles might still be met with abhorrence and disgust among those still managing to hold on to rationality and morality, sadly, they are no longer met with disbelief.

It is almost impossible to come up with anything that can remotely express the feelings we Humans have about these practices used to generate profit. Human babies. Basically a breeding programme for commercial use. Can we sink any lower? How can we turn away and pretend we don’t know about it? These are crimes against Humanity, are they not? Or are we content to be cattle, apathetically chewing our cud while our world crumbles around us? Here’s Joe’s piece at the Giza Death Star blog.

Words Fail…

The world has been taken over by sickos. Psychopathic deviants.

Belgian Poet: People Must ‘Accept that Paedophilia Resides in Each of Us’

Uh—no, it doesn’t.

The censorship continues and I see that the website which hosted the video of the French vaccine posters with the print date of January 2020 is no longer reachable. It does appear here, however, if anyone needs it. It’s compelling evidence of the “plan-demic”.

They probably also don’t want us discussing the fact that Manitoba’s Premier resigned. The crew pasted the following in comments and since time is of the essence, I’ll just reproduce here and you can check it out. You may wish to follow AgentWildRose on Telegram. There’s good stuff there as well as from TerriDahl.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister Resigns! Resigns Stepping Down Retiring Getting Cancer All Code For ARRESTED!! . Scott Moe Says Brian is the “Longest Serving Current Premier” Translation: He Knows the Most!! . Winnipeg is Home to the Level 4 BioLab Which is Coincidently Under Investigation Right Now! We all saw Turdeau Redacted ALL Docs and is Suing the Speaker of the House! . Here is a Link to My Post Regarding the Origin of the Flu coming from Winnipeg! The Vax is a BioWeapon! Teresa Tam is Linked to the Lab! And how the Canadian Gov Helped the CCP Scientists Escape!!! . Turdo Already “Tried” to NUKE Winnipeg, April 23, 2018 (destroy BioLab evidenceW) . This should tell you right NOW Who is in Control! Thank God For White Hats! . Brian Knows ALL About the Lab! And the NUKE! . He Also knows About the DUMBS and the Adren0Chr0m3!! . I am Positive He Knows About Election Fraud, too!!! . See Ya MF!!!

And speaking of resignations… Simon Parkes confirmed the Nazi Pelosi news according to his sources. Thank goodness we won’t have to see or listen to her much longer.

Leader of the House will step down around December time, Nancy Will go before mid term.

What we really want to hear is, ‘Bye-bye Biden”, but the week isn’t over yet.Simon also posted this:

As advised some time ago. Kabul is about to fall to the Taliban (again) US special forces have gone in to get out diplomatic staff before they are all shot dead by the insurgents.

With respect to the odd messages appearing on some screens during the EAS/EBS tests yesterday, the crew offers a very convincing explanation via comments. I do believe, in the end, this “communication breakdown” was about shutting down a cabal system and firing up the one the Earth Alliance is using to replace it. It might also be a glimpse into the depraved world of the controllers, who talk about Humans contracting “viruses” like a computer does. They want us all interfacing with their control technology and many have warned that the frequencies of 5G will be devastating. Check out the terminology. Food for thought, yes?

The computer screen with the “sacrifice child” message shows an Emergency Alert System running Linux that has run out of memory. The messages are the Linux kernel telling us that we can fix this situation by shutting down a process (kill process) called vlc (the media player with the traffic cone logo), or we can shut down one of vlc’s child processes (sacrifice child). This kind of thing happens because the software has a memory leak. Over time the memory fills up the point where the kernel has to step in and deal with the situation.

While memory leaks are fairly common and not cause for concern, the messages from the kernel telling us how it is dealing with the situation expose a darker side to Linux/UNIX: the use of esoteric names/concepts for common operating system elements and activities. Some examples: to run a program, Linux creates a PARENT process that SPAWNS CHILD processes to do the work. On some other versions of Linux or UNIX, instead of parent/child processes the MASTER process uses SLAVE processes to get work done. Do you know how you deal with a CHILD or SLAVE process that isn’t listening to you (stops responding)? You KILL it. Processes that run in the background, quietly doing things without the involvement of the user are DAEMONS. We are surrounded by millions of computers doing this all day, every day, all around the globe, including our phones, tablets, cars, etc. I wonder if the electromagnetic fields emanating from our devices act as carrier waves for the evil generated by these dark micro-rituals?

If the masses understood that you cannot have a pandemic unless there is no way to effectively treat the disease, and that we have many, many safe, inexpensive, and highly effective ways to eliminate “Covid” symptoms quickly, we could end this BS today. The media is the enemy. They are lying to the public hand in hand with corrupt government officials who took huge bribes to go along with this charade. It’s time to end the lie.

Meanwhile in France, perhaps the forefront of the Wu Flu War…

All workers of the Hospital North of Marseille leave their jobs en bloc, including the emergency room and firefighters.
Protests, demonstrations and mass strikes in France, because from September 15th onwards the unvaccinated will no longer be paid by the State.
You won’t see this on the news

Link to video on Telegram

South of the 49th it’s mayhem for the military. Our Texan friends have two kids and a son-in-law in the military and they’re collectively trying to come up with a game plan in response to mandatory vaccines.

Military Prepares to Detain U.S. Citizens, Documents Expose ‘Internment Procedure’

The international news is leading to something big, we think.

“Afghan-India Friendship Dam” SEIZED by Taliban in Herat, after region’s governor SURRENDERS.

Taliban militants entered the Salma Dam, also known as the Afghan-India Friendship Dam after they captured the town of Herat, the third-largest city in Afghanistan.

The overrunning of security forces at the dam came just hours after the governor of Herat and one of the strongest commanders in the country Ismail Khan, surrendered to the Taliban.

The Indian government expressed hopes that the Taliban would not damage the 107-meter high 500-meter long dam that cost $290 million to construct.

The crew has confirmed that it’s really bad in Hawai’i. Full commie. This heartrending video tells one part of the story. How can he breathe with that thing on? It looks thick. This insanity has to end. Link to Telegram.

Honolulu Fire Captain Kaimi Pelekai on Why He Is Against the Vaccine Mandate

On August 8 there was a new crop circle in the UK which appears to be a mercaba, as the one referenced in the process described by Jetson White that will be used to pluck Mankind from this slavish existence in 3D and raise us up: the “rapture” event.

Lion’s Gate 8/8 Crop Circle in 4K | West Meon, Hampshire | 8 August 2021 | Crop Circles From The Air

Mr. Pool posted this, which brings to mind the rapture image where our souls will “stand” on the sounding of the trump when we will be transformed into semi-conductors and “pulled” as she called it from this reality and freed.

The advent of a sneeze…

It is a serious world in many respects but we need our chuckles and the polarized Fox Network brings us surprising comic relief, courtesy of KarliQ. Link to Telegram. The Gutfeld humour never disappoints.

It seems like after Trump’s, “because you’d be in jail” line to Hitlary Clinton, nothing is out of bounds. We still have to get to the really bad stuff so enjoy your laughs while you can.

Be sure to peruse the comments for more from the crew and I hope it’s been a lucky day for you.  ~ BP


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